This Week's Must See Art Events in LA

Nov. 12 - Nov. 15 

Julie Weitz Touch Museum at Young Projects 
For this exhibition, Weitz combines a number of new video installations with original binaural recordings and a live YouTube channel based around the concepts of ASMR
(Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Weitz has created a wholly-immersive, darkened space within the gallery, which is punctuated by vivid, colored projections and screens.
(West Hollywood [#B230], Thursday 5-9:30pm)
Studio Cooking at the Armory Organized by Arden Surdam and Meghan Gordon, Studio Cooking is an exploration of how artists feed themselves while they are working. Each day of the week (Nov. 10-15), a different chef-artist, writer, curator, or performer will present a unique meal-event  in the Armory's Mezzanine Gallery. (Pasadena, Various times)
Genevieve Gaignard Us Only at Shulamit Nazarian Gaignard creates site-specific installations dominated by the photographic medium to evoke a nostalgia of place and identity that recall specific geographies and histories. In this new body of work, Gaignard uses video, collage, photography and ready-made objects to build upon her practice of character based self-portraiture and explore the complexities of race and gender. (Venice, Thursday 6-9pm)
Shaun Johnson #Portraits at Visual Artists Group Loops, reflections, and cast images spread across the exhibition space as inhabiting specters. Johnson’s presence in the video tussles between presence and removal, articulation and obfuscation. The push and pull slows down the video installations’ sense of time, a temporal quality directly related to portraiture.
 (Hollywood, Friday 7-9pm)
Jen Denike If She Hollers at Anat Ebgi 
Mining Hollywood filmic archetypes and the cult of masculinity, Jen DeNike presents a series of three vignettes that challenge static notions of gender, race and sexuality. 
(Culver City, Saturday 6-8pm)
An experimental video screening and installation by (1) 3. 
New works by Emily Jane Kuntz, Johnny Woods, & Jenny Sayaka Nono.  
(Downtown, Saturday 6-10pm)
CARLA Issue 3 Launch Party at Fahrenheit 
LA's most loved art review magazine celebrates the launch of their 3rd issue with an all-star crew of writers. The party is in conjunction with Fahrenheit's current exhibition Everyone’s Heart is Full of Fire and the opening of Mitchell Syrop Niza Guy at Ghebaly Gallery
(Downtown, Saturday 7-10pm)
Meat Raffle at BBQ LA Meat Raffles are an integral part of community building and a valid fundraising effort for the local church group or youth hockey team. The element of chance is a strong theme within the Meat Raffle: What will you win? Will you get the veal or the kielbasa? What's Mom going to cook with that venison? How long has that meat been sitting on that church pew? Curated by Thomas Linder with works by Timo Fahler, Erica Mahinay, Kyle Roberts, & Mary Weatherford. 
(Los Feliz, Saturday 8pm-12am)
Aaron Curry STARFUKER at David Kordansky STARFUKER, the exhibition’s title, is a red herring: Given the artist’s long-standing connection to Los Angeles and the fact that this show is taking place here, it would seem to point to the spastic and unsavory mixture of sex, celebrity, and power that are part of the city’s reputation and allure. But the stars that appear in this show are of the cosmic variety.
(Miracle Mile, Saturday 6-8pm)
Kate Hall and Jason Yates Dragging the Sky to Shore at Roberts & Tilton Both artists transform experiences – as either materials, themes, and motifs – into a highly personal visual language through usage of mythological and archetypal imagery, adopting objects including furniture, tools, plants, animals, body parts, gestures and paint to symbolize the psyche, the face, and the landscape-as-portrait. 
(Culver City, Saturday 6-8pm)
Simone Forti On An Iron Post at The Box 
"The show’s got lots of parts, like a day of experiences with different energies, lyrical, abrasive, adding up to something complex but without closing in on any particular meaning. There are videos, objects, there’s even a small oil painting of a sink." Performance at 8pm 
(Downtown, Saturday 6-9pm)
WOAH Last-Look:
Manuel Scano Larrazàbal Inexorable Acephalous Magnificence or How the Shit Hits the Fan at MaRS  Inaugurating the gallery's first artist in residence, Manuel Scano Larrazàbal's exhibition spans over 15 works and a large-scale drawing accumulating over the course of six weeks. The tracings of a site-specific drawing machine made on-site utilize oscillating fans to animate hundreds of suspended multicolored markers, blotting ink constellations on sheets of paper strewn on the floor. Closes Saturday, Nov 14th. Regular hours Tues-Sat 12-7pm. 
>>Read full review 
Jordan Sullivan Celestial Railroad at Downtown Photoroom Drawing on the past to picture a present, Jordan Sullivan presents two projects where fragments combine to create an open-ended whole. Inviting us up-close and to the floor, images of decay, death, renewal, the natural landscape and the female form assemble impressions that intertwine and intermingle, yet simultaneously remind us to step back and suspend a desire for fixed belief or meaning. Closes Saturday, Nov 14th. Regular hours Wed-Sat 12-5pm. >>Read full review 
WOAH – We Open Art Houses is a Los Angeles based artist agency and idea hub connecting open spaces through unique collaborations and experiential projects. Every Thursday we take a last-look at closing whoa provoking shows we think you won't want to miss!  Visit for our latest project news and happenings.
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