This Week's Must See Art Events in LA

July 23 - July 26 

Ida Ekblad: Madam is fucking Madame, Sir
at Karma LA
 Karma International is a visiting gallery from Switzerland and they have set up shop at four six one nine in Mid-City. With their next exhibition they bring to LA the Norwegian-based painter/sculptor, Ida Ekblad.
(Mid-City, Thursday 6-9pm)
Blocking at Martos Gallery "In the exhibition space as makeshift theater, works begin to perform roles as functional structures." Curated by Jesse Stecklow and featuring the work of Hans-Christian Lotz, Vivian Suter, Henry Deposit, Brian Khek, Mathis Collins, and Lin May Saeed. (Mid-City, Thursday 6-9pm)
Plagiarist of My Unconscious Mind! at Château Shatto In 1936 at the first public screening of Joseph Cornell’s film Rose HobartSalvador Dalí made a scene. He accused Cornell of plagiarizing the film from an idea Dalí had previously drafted in his mind. The exhibition expands on this theory with works by Peggy Ahwesh, Cécile B. Evans & George Egerton-Warburton. (Downtown, Friday 6-9pm)
Madison East: Elbow Room in Paradise
at Chin's Push
"The geisha inhabits a separate reality, yet she is revered by all in her society. The devil is a manifestation of all unwholesome impulses. Both figures entertain, one through seduction or prudence and subtly and the other with temptation, until the geisha as victor proceeds to cast the devil out of paradise."

(Highland Park, Friday 7pm)
#foodporn at Jai & Jai We've all done it... Sometimes you just can't resist, and it's ok.
A group show about our fascination with showing off our meals to strangers via instagram and facebook. The exhibition will be accompanied by a one-hour comedy set. 

(Chinatown, Friday 8pm-12am)
5 Every Day CARWASH at Cinefamily 
Both 5 Every Day and Cinefamily are two 'institutions' we hold dear to our hearts. This Saturday they join forces to bring you a screening of the 1976 classic, CAR WASH and a summer foam party to follow with a DJ set by Beyondadoubt.  (WEHO, Saturday 4pm)
Easton Miller: I’m Already Dead In Dog Years
at CES Gallery
 Are we already dead in this over-saturated world of over-sharing?  Turning the banality of an ever-expanding digital era into carefully crafted minimal abstractions, Miller presents a new series of works that incorporate the ready-made into visceral and tactile windows.  
And who doesn't like a title like that? 
(Downtown, Saturday 6-9pm)
Katherine Bernhardt: FRUIT SALAD at Venus Over Los Angeles Just in time for the end of summer, a 100ft LA-inspired mural of watermelons, papayas, cantaloupes, toucans, and cigarettes.  This Sunday, join the gallery and the artist for an unveiling of her first public work and a BBQ to celebrate. 
(Downtown, Sunday 4-7pm)
DREDGERS ON THE RAIL at Freedman Fitzpatrick A group exhibition curated by Tyler Murphy featuring works by Mathis Altmann, Das Institut & Allison Katz, Rochelle Goldberg, Juan Jose Gurrola, Julien Nguyen, Margaret Salmon, and Oscar Tuazon. 
(Hollywood, Sunday 7-11pm)
Zuzanna Czebatul: Songs of Convenience and Melancholy at Bad Reputation Her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Zuzanna is a NY-based multidisciplinary artist who primarily works in installation and sculpture.
(MacArthur Park, Sunday 6-9pm)
WOAH Last-Look:
Martin Basher's A Guide to Benefits at Anat Ebgi 
Entering the NY-based artist’s solo show, I am immediately self-conscious of things I forgot to buy: hand sanitizer and mouthwash are set in front of the first crisp gray gradient that greets me.
Like the pristine carcasses of consumerism and the mall hungry psychology Basher alludes to, the message here is discreet in it’s double-sided irony and imitation of cosmetic constructs. Closing Saturday (Culver City).
>> Read full review
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