This Week's Must See Art Events in LA

July 30 - Aug 4 

VideoSonics at Cinefamily  Brought to you by WOAH and Tigerbeat6, the audiovisual remix series returns with live-scores from XIU XIU (VS Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees), Pod Blotz (VS Funeral Parade of Roses), & Live For Each Moon (VS Crocodile) and cinematic re-cuts combining avant-garde aesthetics with grind-house shocks. More info. Buy your tickets here.  (West Hollywood, Thursday 10pm)
HOT IN HERE at Sunday
But it's on a Thursday... A summer show with a whole slew of young, virile artists. It's sure to be a good party with DJ sets from Honey Power and Claras Cakes + free beer.
(Silverlake, Thursday 6-10pm)
Regional, International & Extraterrestrial at MaRS Week one of a series of film screenings, live performances and BBQ's. Tonight Lisa Jugert performs "Making Her Work", a scripted dialogue that is partly lecture performance, partly visual entertainment followed by a screening of works by David Rych, Sadaf H Nava, Danielle Dean, and Hanna Bergfors. 
(Downtown, Thursday 7-10pm)
A one night group exhibition that takes place in a former accounting agency located on the 20th floor of the only office tower along Santa Monica’s Ocean Ave. Curated by Shyan Rahimi and Cédric Aurelle. *Suite 2050*
(Santa Monica, Thursday 6pm)
Dorian Wood: Actiasdeathpalace III at WUHO
Dorian Wood will orchestrate an evening of adoration and transfigurative mourning. Join them as they observe the Ceremonial March of the Moths, the traditional period of Lying in State, and the Saturniidae Grand Aria climax with a second line parade and dark cocktails. 
(Hollywood, Friday 8-11pm)
Reagan Babies at Ms. Barbers
The 13 artists in this exhibition have an ingrained affinity for awkward physicality, for objects, for clutter, for the honesty of reality that these things represent. 
(Mid City, Saturday 6-10pm)
Metaphysical Cops at Dilettante
A video installation event by multi-disciplinary music and art ollect COLLAPSING SCENERY. Immersive environments built from Ideo projections, otherwordly foliage props, and experimental music performances. 
(Arts District,  Friday 8pm)
Reza Monohan Grimm's Aged Pill at Monte Vista
A multimedia installation involving water-jet-cut and laser-etched marble, text, and light sculptures. The work stems from a recent photo and video pilgrimage to Manhattan and Brooklyn.
(Highland Park, Saturday 7-10pm)
A Man of Average Means at Human Resources
A group exhibition featuring works by Peggy Ahwesh, Keren Benbenisty, Jakob Brugge, Fiona Connor, Lucas Knipscher, Charles Mayton, Viola Yesiltac, Yoni Zonszein with a performance by Dawn Kasper at 5:30pm. 
Sunday 4-7pm)
Variations VII: John Cage Experiments in Art and Technology at LACMA Documenting the work of artist John Cage for 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering, this film shows the series of innovative dance, music, and theatre performances held at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City in October of 1966.  
(Miracle Mile, Tuesday 7pm)
WOAH Last-Look:
Lovely Dark at Regen Projects The recent works by Yale's 2015 MFA Photography Program grads vary in form and content but share a journalistic sense of 'shaping metaphors out of the real.'  Highlights are photographs and books from Polish-born Ilona Szwarc's series in which she explores the sequential transformation of the other.  Augmenting her cast doppelganger through theatrical make-up and cinematic archetypes, Szwarc manipulates the photographic frame to uncover the fluidity and imperceptibility of identity. Closing Saturday (West Hollywood).
WOAH – We Open Art Houses is a Los Angeles based artist agency and idea hub connecting open spaces through unique collaborations and experiential projects. Every Thursday we take a last-look at closing whoa provoking shows we think you won't want to miss!  Visit for our latest news and happenings.

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