Learn how to get the best quality audio in your Skype conversations.
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Five tips for perfect audio quality in Skype

Are you suffering with sound quality issues in Skype? Did you know that there are lots of things you can do ensure you get the absolute best sound possible? Here's our top five tips, courtesy of the team at Skype Voice Changer:

  1. Use a headset. Although you can use Skype with the built-in microphone and speakers in your laptop, you'll get the best results if you purchase a headset. Using a headset cuts out background noise which means that the person you are talking to gets to hear what you are saying more clearly. But it also helps you avoid distracting noises, so you can focus on what the other person is saying.
  2. Set your levels. Did you know you can adjust the microphone level in Skype to get the best level? It's easy to do. Just select Options from the Tools menu in Skype, and then select Audio Levels. Here you can check that Skype is actually using your headset for recording and playing sound, and also make sure you have a good recording level (the green bar should go about three quarters of the way when you speak).

  3. Stay in Range. Using WiFi on your laptop for Skype? Make sure you're in an area with a good strong WiFi signal. Poor WiFi connectivity is one of the main causes of low quality Skype conversations. This might mean moving the laptop downstairs or inside to be closer to your router while you make the call.
  4. Reduce the bandwidth If you are still suffering from stuttering or dropouts in your Skype calls, then make sure nothing else is competing for bandwidth on your internet connection. Make your calls at a time when others in your house aren't also using the internet, and particularly make sure no one else is streaming videos at the same time. You can also save on bandwidth by turning off video in your Skype conversations and making an audio only call.
  5. Test it out first. Finally, if you're planning to use Skype Voice Changer to change your voice and replay sounds to a friend, but want to be sure it's all working fine first, then the best way to do this is to make a test call. You  can do this easily from the audio settings screen by selecting the "make a free test call" option, or simply search your contacts for the "Echo / Sound Test Service" user. This service will answer your call, record what you say and play it back to you. It's a great way to find out what the person on the other end will actually hear when you call them. 

So if you've been having troubles getting the best sound quality possible in your Skype conversations, why not give these tips a try? And if you've still not bought a license for Skype Voice Changer, then make sure not to miss out on our 40% off sale. Hurry though, this offer is ending soon!


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