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I've been called "obsessed."

And it is probably true.  Studying the impacts of rebalance timing luck has been a huge passion of mine for the last half-decade.

But I truly believe it is one of the three axes of diversification (including what, how, and when) and a massively under-appreciated source of portfolio risk.

This week, I study the empirical impact of rebalance timing luck on smart beta portfolios, including value, momentum, low volatility, and quality.

Here's the spoiler: the evidence suggests that comparing two managers who do not neutralize timing luck, or comparing a manager against a benchmark that does not neutralize timing luck (of which I am aware of none), is a completely fruitless endeavor.

I'll say that again: the impact of timing luck can be so large, performance comparisons are almost meaningless.

If you read one article from us this year, let this be it. (PDF)


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