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While we've mostly stuck to written research notes for the last three years, the really positive feedback we received on our video on diversification has us exploring some alternative media options.

This week, we've adopted a podcast interview format.

If you weren't aware, we actually host our own podcast – Flirting with Models – which is an interview-based deep dive on quantitative investing topics.  We've historically released a season per year and then things largely sit dormant.

But his week, Nathan joins to host and interviews me all about rebalance timing luck.  Our goal is to continue to illuminate the subject, but hopefully through conversation make it more approachable than our more technical research notes.

You can find the podcast on most major platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Android, or Spotify) or listen to the episode directly on our blog.


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SALUTE YOUR SHORTS: "This paper makes a breakdown of common equity factor strategies into their long and short legs, and finds that (i) most added value tends to come from the long legs, (ii) the long legs of factors offer more diversification than the short legs, and (iii) the performance of the shorts is generally subsumed by the longs." When Equity Factors Drop Their Shorts

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