May 20, 2016

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Turn green (with envy). Click here to take a tour of Miranda Kerr’s closet. 

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Resume, please?
If you’ve just realized that “finding yourself” doesn’t pay by the hour, we’ve got good news. Glassdoor has just published its annual list of the best cities to find a job, and they might not be where you think. Surprisingly, big cities like New York and LA didn’t make the cut, with San Jose, California taking first place. Translation: Start ups in Silicon Valley are hiring, and willing to invest their seed money in your lifestyle. The city boasts over 60,000 job openings and a median base salary of $112,000. Should you hand in your two-week notice, or should we? The site ranks the cities based on how easy it is to get a job, work-life balance, and cost of living. See if your city made the list here.

It looks like Kesha will be singing at the Billboards Music Awards, after all. The singer was granted permission to perform by Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, after the label initially suspended their approval. Kemosabe explained in a statement to Us Weekly that they had only told Kesha she could not perform after they learned that the singer would “use the performance as a platform to discuss the litigation.” Then, after Kemosabe received assurances that Dr. Luke would not be mentioned, they let her sing. All eyes will be on the 29-year-old singer to see if she actually follows through on her promise, or mentions the ongoing legal battle during the live show. Popcorn, ready. 

It’s time to take a trip down the veggie aisle. Olivia Munn has just revealed the secret to her bombshell body for the latest X-Men film: The 80/20 Method. Basically, 80 percent of her meals consist of fruits and vegetables, and “the other 20 percent is whatever.” But we’re assuming eating a donut before scarfing down a fruit cup doesn’t cut it. Miranda Kerr, as well as power couple Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, are also advocates of the diet. Read more about her health routine here. 

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Kristina Rodulfo is an NYC-based journalists, whose current gig is the Associate Editor at Job envy, anyone? Her work has been published on top sites like &, and she’s an editorial regular on, where she writes about everything from health trends to Emilia Clarke’s latest nude scene on GOT. We asked the busy editor to give us the scoop on what her day looks like after the office, and she broke it down below. 

6:30 P.M. At this hour, I’m typically still at the office wrapping up work! My evenings are pretty unpredictable, but lately I’ve been trying to be more mindful about cutting off and prioritizing work-life balance. The internet never stops and, as someone who writes for a website, it’s tempting to keep going until late in the night. My biggest trick for forcing myself to break away from my computer? Book a workout class.

7 P.M. I am at Bari studio in TriBeCa, most likely bouncing up and down on a trampoline, pulling on resistance bands, working my core to exhaustion with planks, and toning my whole body with small weights and what feels like 1000s of repetitions. Since part of my coverage is health and fitness, I have the privilege of trying out a ton of different studios across the city. Bari is, by far, one of my favorites. I've been consistently going about five times a week for a month now and no two classes have been the same.

8 P.M. After my workout class, I have a one-hour trek home. I fill the time by catching up on all the hundreds of articles I saved on my favorite app, Pocket, or listening to podcasts like Longform or Another Round. This time period is often when I have my “lightbulb” moments for story ideas. No matter how unformed or random, I immediately jot them down in my “notes” app.

9 P.M. Finally home. While I always pack post-workout snacks (almonds and an apple, or celery and carrots with hummus) soI don’t go hungry on the way home, I still have to make dinner. I'll usually bake salmon and sautee some asparagus to put on top of brown rice for a quick meal. In total it takes only 20 minutes to whip up! While eating, I’ll watch an episode of whatever I’m binging (I’m so behind on TV shows. Case in point: I just finished all 9 seasons of The Office last month. Late, I know.)

9:45 P.M. I try my best not to do work before bed (because then I’ll just never go to sleep) but, inevitably, I always get sucked back in. All of my coworkers are often online working as well (like I said, the internet never stops). Sometimes, a news story will break and start trending that night, so I’ll write it up to go online as soon as possible. Yes, even at almost 10pm!

10 P.M. I am a huge beauty buff. Because I get beauty samples often, I’m always switching products up but lately, I’ve been a devotee of Gwyneth Paltrow’s organic skincare line goop. I wash my face with the goop cleansing oil, then use the goop face oil, night cream, and eye cream. I really love the products that much! 

11P.M. This is my typical bedtime. I'm working on getting it earlier, but always end up staying online seeing what’s going on on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in case there are any stories we could do in the morning (we start at 7am!) Eventually, I finally knock out for the day.

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