July 25, 2017

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Michael Kors is going on a Jimmy Choo shopping spree. The American designer has agreed to buy the shoe company for a whopping $1.7 billion, cash. Apparently they watched Coach buy Kate Spade back in May and wanted to get in on the action. This hefty transaction lets Michael Kors diversify itself with shoes, after handbag sales have slowed down. Apparently people are saying “nah” to paying full price for the designer’s bags after department stores have continuously marked them down. Now, the company has decided to close up to 125 stores and give the others a whole new look, in hopes that shoppers will start shelling out money for its totes. Read all of the details here.

Time for a break?
Justin, good luck saying “Sorry” to your heartbroken Beliebers. According to E! News, Justin Bieber has cancelled the 14 remaining concert dates for his Purpose World Tour, after completing over 150 shows. Looks like someone got tired right before the finish line. A rep for the singer announced, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber will cancel the remainder of the Purpose Wold Tour concerts. Justin loves his fans and hates to disappoint them." “Mmhmmm,” said the hundreds of people who waited in cyber line to get tickets. Read the rest of the announcement here.

In it for the fame
DeMario Jackson’s name has been swirling around the web for the past few weeks due to his role in the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, and thanks to a vintage paparazzi video, we now know that he’s always craved his 15 minutes. Nine years ago, DeMario found himself in the same parking lot as Britney Spears, and took advantage of his luck by trying to talk up the singer and begged her to take down his number. “My name’s DeMario Jackson,” he says in the video. “I’m an up-and-coming actor. I want to be like you. I want everybody to see me on TV.” Looks like he got his wish. See the cringe-worthy video here.

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Lena Ott is the mastermind behind some of your favorite celebrity hair hues, and counts models Doutzen Kroes and Elsa Hosk, designer Alexander Wang, and singer Lady Gaga as clients. After gaining praise for her Balayage highlights, Lena decided to channel her inner girl boss and open her own salon, Suite Caroline, in the heart of SoHo. We sat down with the hair goddess to ask our most pressing beauty questions, and learned a thing or two about how to keep our hair healthy after a coloring session.

What are your best tips for how to prolong one’s hair color? 
I recommend clients replace their regular shampoo with a cleansing cream. Tinted hair masks are also a great option between appointments to keep color looking fresh. We love Christophe Robin’s Lemon Cleansing Mask and tinted conditioners. The baby blonde is a godsend for our clients who love a cooler toned blonde. For clients spending time by the pool over the summer, I recommend wetting their hair down with tap water before jumping in. If salt water is in play, add some conditioner to your ends beforehand.

How do our readers maintain healthy hair, especially if they frequently color it?
Regular trims are really important - ideally every three to four months. The less heat styling, the better. If you're someone who regularly curls or straightens your hair, try air drying first instead of breaking out the blow dryer. Deep conditioning treatments once a week are also a great addition to anyones routine.

What are the best ways to prep your hair before coloring it or getting a treatment done?
For double process clients, try not to shampoo for at least two days before a color appointment. The natural oils from your scalp help to protect the hair. I also love Christophe Robin’s Lavender Oil. You can apply this all over from roots to ends as a treatment before color, or use daily just on your ends after showering (Less is more with this stuff! A little goes a long way!) If you’re having stubborn, hard to cover grey, don't go too long without washing before you’re appointment. Overly oily hair is more resistant to taking color.

What are a few things you should never do after getting your hair colored?
Avoid washing your hair for a couple of days after getting color. If you get keratin treatments, plan on having that done before color. If you're a blonde, stay away from chlorine. If you're a brunette, stay out of prolonged direct sunlight. If you have highlights and want a drastic haircut, consider getting the cut first. If you’re a redhead, hold off on wearing white shirts or using white pillow cases until after the first couple of washes.

Can you tell us your favorite memory with a client in regards to coloring or styling their hair?
There are so many fun stories to think back on. Most recently, Dree Hemingway came in for what I assumed was a regular highlight appointment but we ended up making her full on orange. It was spontaneous and fun.

What is the craziest request a client has asked you to do to their hair?
I have a client named Hope who came in last year asking to make her very long hair look like a birds feather. There are parts that are super light blonde and horizontal sections that are almost black. Her hair is so unlike most of what I do on a regular basis, so I have a lot of fun when she comes in.
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