July 29. 2022


Get low. Here’s 5 low bun looks for when the heat won’t get off your back. Did we use gel to slick it back? No, that’s just sweat…


There must be some sena-toros in the atmosphere

CLIMATE: Surprise!!! No, it’s not a birthday party, it’s actually a good Senate climate deal. The package—with a price tag of $369B—would be the most ambitious climate change legislation in American history. (Love it already.) So what’s in it?! For one, billions of dollars of tax perks to invest in clean energy (think: wind, solar, geothermal, etc.) in the coming decade. There are also financial incentives for companies to keep nuclear plants open and to capture and bury CO2 emissions underground before they can contribute to global warming. It’s not just for corporations, though. We’ll see tax credits and rebates for individuals who buy electric vehicles or make their homes more energy efficient. These changes would, according to Senate Democrats, enable the US to cut emissions to 40% below 2005 levels by 2030. This is all incredible, but the most shocking part is Sen. Joe Manchin was involved; you might know him as the guy who just said he wouldn’t support a climate bill, or as the one who hid from protestors on his yacht. Don’t you just love surprises?


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BEAUTY: Stress, stress, go away, our skin needs a break today. Considering how anxious we’ve all been lately, it’s a no-brainer where these new zits are coming from. The culprit hormone’s name is cortisol, but lucky for us, there are ingredients that may help combat its effects. Introducing: microalgae oil (like this one), which protects skin by absorbing UV rays. Or try adding a gentle toner (here ya go) that’ll balance the pH of the skin barrier. Vitamin C and SPF are key, too, with a Daily Dose here to give you the best of both worlds. So before you go picking, why not go shopping instead?
EDUCATION: It’s a California miracle. The days of getting up before the sun for school are coming to a close in the golden state. IYDK, preteens and teens need a lot of sleep to function, and getting up at the crack-of-dawn wasn’t helping. Now, CA is setting the earliest start bell at 8 A.M., so over 3M students can snooze longer. Some early birds argue that when winter comes, kids will head home in the dark, which may affect after-school activities. But considering street lights exist, they’ll probably be alright.
FOOD: How char-cute-rie! Forgot a basket, the “Snackle Box'' is the perfect picnic partner. The TikTok trend uses a tackle box (yes, like the ones for fishing) to organize your fav cheeses, nuts, crackers, and fruits to make and take a board whenever, wherever. And of course, you should probably buy one that is made from FDA-approved plastic. Another cool tip: Keep it refrigerated before heading out, cause no one likes warm prosciutto, apples, and gouda.

Today’s R/W/L is an incredible foray into (the cute parts) of my mind. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view! —Reina, editor

READ: Prison by Any Other Name: The Harmful Consequences of Popular Reforms by Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law
This is one of the best nonfiction books I’ve ever read. It illustrates the ways in which incarceration and punishment are pervasive in our society outside of traditional jails and prisons. I’m constantly sharing stuff I’ve learned from this book with anyone who will listen.
WATCH: Daily Gua Sha Massage Routine by Tina Engeo
I’m famously bad at meditating, but I can get as close to inner peace as possible through certain self-care rituals. Recently, this has meant slathering facial oil all over, then using a gua sha to work it into my skin. I forget how to do it every time, though, so I follow along to this vid and probably account for 1k of the views.
LISTEN: Renaissance by Beyoncé
TBH… I haven’t even listened yet. I am just that confident that Beyoncé’s new album is going to be spectacular, so I’m recommending it. And if you see me dancing on the subway today, mind your business.


1. All the delicious deals to get during National Cheesecake Day tomorrow. 😋
2. 18 years, then you’re out!
3. Daxton has arrived.
4. Who wants to be a billionaire? Ya know, before taxes.
5. This is what we really really want!
Avocado is having a huge sale (aka putting their entire site on discount), and they’re getting their gardening on while they’re at it. The eco-friendly brand will plant 1 avo tree for each purchase during its annual Avocado Big Sale, which runs through August 1st. Plus, you can score 15% off sitewide (an extra 5%!) with our exclusive code NEWSETTE. Not sure what to #AddToCart? Here’s what Maria, The Newsette’s branded content director, and Ale, our branded content writer, are scooping:
1. Snoozy Bath Soak with Magnesium Flakes: Taking magnesium every night is crucial for my sleep health, but I recently replaced the pills with this bath soak. Its magnesium flakes are perfect for relaxing my muscles before bed—especially when I’m beat after hot yoga.
2. Supercharged Reishi Body Melt: When I’m not melting on my mat, I’m using this hydrating body melt. It turns from a balm into an oil as I apply it, leaving my skin ✨glowing✨ and moisturized for days.
3. Alpaca Long Cardigan: For ultimate coziness, I finish my self-care routine with this cardigan and a cup of tea. It’s made from 100% ethically-sourced alpaca fiber, and the Camel color matches practically everything.
1. Wood Entryway Table: My partner and I are moving into a new apartment with a gorgeous entryway, and I’ve been eyeing this table to place right beside our front door. It’s visually interesting and is also the perfect spot for keys and a flower vase.
2. Organic Cotton Roll Sleeve Tee: My wardrobe is already full of white t-shirts, but the soft organic cotton of this one makes it a clear winner. Plus, its roll-sleeve design means I don’t have to worry about my sleeves unrolling during the day.
3. Organic Latex Pillow: Listen, I’m now solidly in my 30s, so if I sleep on a sub-par pillow, I wake up with a stiff neck. I love the sound of this latex pillow, which is perfect for back and side sleepers (🙋‍♀️) because it offers more support. That way, I can catch Zzzs without needing to call my acupuncturist.*
Welcome back to Flying Solo, where I—brand development editor Kennedy (peep the promotion!)—chronicle my travels. Since we last spoke, I’ve spent 2 glorious, albeit linguistically challenging months in Costa Rica. So, without further ado, here’s a recap of my time in the land of pura vida.
Dispatch from Costa Rica
1. Used hiking shoes because my old sneaks were not giving ankle support.
2. New sunnies I immediately bought after half my fav influencers sported them on IG.
3. An app that can translate text through your camera (a necessary feature for museum visits).
4. Travel-sized jars so I don’t have to bring full-size skincare on weekend trips.
5. The same bag Issa Rae carried in Insecure’s final season. #ForTheCulture

Mile-High Moments
June 2, 2022: Guys… monkeys are wild. The capuchins at Manuel Antonio National Park (a must-see, BTW) are so used to people, that they all came out jumping and whooping at once. I thought it was cute until the tour guide explained that they put on this routine to distract visitors while other monkeys steal their stuff. I admired the hustle, but still held my fanny pack tightly while recording like 19 videos.
June 5, 2022: My aunt (a different one than last time) visited for a week of adventure sports when we weren’t lounging at the all-inclusive resort. We went canyoning for the first time, and while I thought repelling down a waterfall was the definition of vibes, I got completely soaked… several times. We also parasailed, ziplined, and rode ATVs, but screaming my head off as the instructors dropped me down a hole was the biggest adrenaline rush of the trip.
July 23, 2022: After settling into my apartment in the capital city of San Jose, I met a local girl on Bumble BFF. I ended up joining her birthday trip to Santa Teresa with 6 other girls: 2 Germans and 4 Ticas (Costa Ricans). We clubbed and beached, but the best part by far was having discussions about our different cultures over dinner every night—sometimes in 3 languages at once.
What I Need to Unpack
Look, I’m a talker. Many Costa Ricans don’t speak English, and even though I don’t know Spanish, I never doubted that I’d find a way to be the social butterfly I’ve always been. I was wrong. Nine times out of 10 I was fending for myself with 10th-grade level vocab, and I quickly went from queen of gab to meek Hill.
I know this sounds very “woe is me” for people who live in a country with a different official language than their native one, but it’s the first time I’ve ever been a linguistic minority. I spent so many nights holed up in my room. It was baffling that I couldn’t even muster the confidence to order food at a soda, but it was also irritating how quickly I rested on my economic privilege to continue being a wuss. Meaning, when I couldn’t find the courage to deal with the language barrier, I spent my way out of the issue—whether that was transport, ordering food in, or going to the private hospital where someone readily spoke English. It took weeks before I got out of this hermit-crab existence. 
This whole ordeal seriously rocked my self-perception. I thought I knew who I was back home, but I didn’t realize how dependent that was on my surroundings. Maybe I’m not as extroverted or as brave as I thought. Maybe I’m someone who easily retreats when things don’t go her way—which is something that has also come up in my life coaching sessions, so I’d say yes.

Solo Survival Tip
Always ask your Airbnb host/concierge/hostel receptionist safety questions first. I try to limit the number of people who know I’m traveling alone, and sure, this person could also be sus, but they already know I’m a party of 1. So, I go to them for questions like, “Should I use public transportation at night?” or other things related to my solo status.



Peter Thomas Roth hydrating mask



Paula’s Choice hydrating overnight mask



Put on my fav lipstick.

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