December 19, 2016

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Lighten up. Click here to see Rihanna’s first photo as a blonde.

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This may take longer than just your coffee break to solve. The New York Times has released its special section of all things puzzle related, including a 50x50, 738-clue crossword puzzle. Dubbed “Puzzle Mania,” the new section features interviews with puzzle makers as well as several number and word games. According to Jake Silverstein, the current editor of The New York Times, Puzzle Mania is the newspaper’s latest attempt to “explore the potential and possibility and all of the capacities of print as a medium.” In other words, skip the Netflix binge and test your crossword puzzle skills instead. See what the special section looks like here.

Chyna - Rob
It’s time to give you the rundown on the latest Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian drama. According to Rob’s Snapchat, Blac Chyna decided to pack up her stuff and move out of his house with their new daughter Dream over the weekend. Surprising, since their relationship has been a rainbow ride up until now. Not. Rob posted a video of Dream’s empty nursery, and explained how heart broken he was after they left him alone. This comes after Blac revealed that her Instagram had been hacked, and someone had posted several alleged DMs from her account. One conversation talked about her plans to trademark the Kardashian name, and another allegedly showed her calling her fiancé “lazy” and “fat.” Not very loving adjectives. Shortly after Rob’s Snapchat sob story, Blac responded with her own version of what happened on her new Instagram account. See the snaps and Instagram caption where she explains why she left him here. 

Bey-utiful Christmas

Beyoncé wants you to get in the holiday spirit. The singer took to Instagram to show off her Christmas decorations and stayed slaying (or should we say “sleighing”) along the way. The singer posed alongside her three Christmas trees, one of which was Lemonade themed (because, why not). In the video, she wears a navy blue dress with a plunging neckline and cute reindeer antlers. Beyoncé has been known to showcase her “Flawless” decorations before, and this year is no exception. Check out her Instagram post here.

Natural beauty
Hailey Baldwin is going back to her roots. The model posted a photo of herself on Instagram, sans her signature blonde locks. Instead, Hailey was sporting a brunette ‘do with wispy bangs—making her almost unrecognizable. Hailey’s hair stylist said, “Hailey came to me saying she wanted to change her color to something closer to her natural for the time being and wanted to add a wispy fringe, as well." Looks like Santa’s not the only one granting wishes this season. See Hailey’s new color here.

Another one bites the dust. Marc Anthony has confirmed that he is divorcing his wife, Shannon de Lima. The ex-couple released a short statement saying, “After much consideration, we have mutually and amicably decided to end our two year marriage." Shannon is Marc’s third ex-wife (his second was Jennifer Lopez). Marc and J.Lo have remained close since their separation in 2014 and he’s even producing her album that is set to be released in 2017. Hmm…wonder if there will be any rekindling love songs on the new record. Get more details on the divorce here.

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Samantha Edwards is the Creative Director and co-founder of The Charles, a digital agency that produces cutting edge native ad campaigns and websites for top brands. Their client list includes the likes of Cartier, Intel, Bloomberg Media, and more, and they're even responsible for the award-winning digital design of Cocaineconomics through the WSJ for the Netflix show Narcos. Samantha founded the company with her brother, Aaron, after working at GQ, Abacus Media, and Global Point NY. So what does this creative goddess (and new mom!) do before heading into the office? She takes us through her morning routine below. 

4-430 A.M. I’m a first-time mother and my almost 6-month-old son James usually wakes me up for his pre-breakfast feed. In the beginning, it was a shock to the system – but I’ve really come to treasure the stillness and “just us” time that this ungodly hour of the morning brings. 

6:00 A.M. I’m usually awake and ready to roll, husband leaves for work and while feeding/playing with James – I’ll watch the news, get his clothes ready for the day and check email on my phone. Multi-tasking on a whole new level. I usually down a glass of Kefir or if I’m really lucky a bowl of oatmeal to gear me up for workouts.

6:30 A.M. Priscilla is James’ nanny and she usually arrives at 6:30 A.M. at which time I promptly run downstairs to the gym to meet my trainer. I hired Marlon to kick my ass and help me get back to my pre-baby weight. Working out also really knocks the cobwebs off and helps me get focused for the day. We do a mix of interval training and boxing to keep things fresh – treadmills and elliptical machines are just unbearable for me. 

7:30 A.M. It’s usually at this time that it’s a race to beat the clock and get to the office. As our HQ is in New York, I keep all clocks on Eastern time (much to the annoyance of everyone who steps foot in the door). I’m pretty quick in the shower but have a pretty rigorous skin/body care routine. Whole Foods Charcoal Soap for the body, followed by Sabon’s Delicate Jasmine Body Scrub, for face I use Clinique’s liquid facial soap. I’m obsessive about moisturizing so for body I use E45 Spray (I buy boatloads of it when I’m in the UK) and if I’m low on that I use Vaseline Intensive Care’s Cocoa Spray and & Go moisturizer, and then Cetaphil or Vanicream on drier parts of my body. I know this sounds insane but I’m obsessed with good skin and keeping it moisturized/hydrated. All this usually takes 15 minutes after which point I’m ready to go back to bed (kidding). I then apply “face” (Nars Dark Cacao concealer and Make Up Forever lipstick No 43). I usually try to smother the baby in kisses before I apply makeup and then cover him in red lippie again when I’m running out the door. 

8:00 A.M. I’m usually at the office by 8:10/ 9:10 EST - we just opened our Chicago office (yay!) at Industrious Chicago, which is a 10-minute walk from the apartment. I usually call my brother (and business partner) on the way to work to discuss anything standout that’s upcoming or our strategies for the day. It’s awesome working with my brother - we don’t fight which is annoying and surprising to many - and have the same goals “to succeed,” so it’s a win/win for the business. I grab coffee at the free coffee station before getting to work and responding to emails and writing my to-do list. Aside from the 4/4:30 A.M. beat, this again is my favorite time of the day as I get to really focus on JUST work and outline what I need to do/achieve that day. Prior to the office rental, I was working from home at my desk, it was the same routine but there’s something about leaving home and going somewhere that you just can’t beat! 
8:45 A.M. We have daily standups at 8:30/930 EST with the creative team, so by 8:45/9:45 I’m taking calls with clients or talking to the designers about their designated tasks on projects. I love my “job!"
9:00 A.M. I give Priscilla a call to see how James is doing and then almost always a quick 5-minute call to my Mum back in the UK (it’s usually towards the end of her work day) so we’ll chat for 5 minutes. Then it’s usually meetings and feedback sessions. We’re working on some really cool initiatives at the agency including an online zine that’s been months in the making. Launch is in December so a large chunk of my mornings is usually designated to dealing with the multiple components tied to it. 

9:30 A.M. By now I’m usually in my groove, so I’m either playing the latest I-D mix on Soundcloud or as the case maybe right now - playing A$AP MOB’s - Crazy Tapes Volume 1 - definitely a change from the Baby Einstein’s Lullaby compilation that’s on steady rotation at home.

10 A.M. It’s funny because 10 A.M. usually feels like 1 P.M. for me as I’ve usually had 1 or 2 meetings and delegated numerous tasks to the team by then - in addition to Facetiming with James for a quick 2 minutes. I wouldn’t have it any other way - being a working Mum has its downsides and its perks and I’m lucky enough to be able to “kind of” balance it all.

See The Charles’ eye-catching work here. 
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