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    Feb. 20, 2015
Thing to try today
Layer without looking two times your size
1.Start with a cami or tight long-sleeved shirt (this is a great way to keep you warmer without adding bulkiness).
2.  Wear a sweater that’s made of cotton, wool, or cashmere, because they’re the easiest to layer a big coat over.
3. Choose a coat that is a simple color (black, navy, camel, or olive) and it is imperative that you can zip or button it without almost ripping it in half. Why? Because if you feel like it’s too tight, it will look too tight.
4. The last and most important step, pick a scarf that makes a statement. If you chose a plain sweater, then this is your moment to add some color and designs! If not, then stick with prints and hues that won’t make you look like your stylist is a clown.

Things to know

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Five Minutes with Jessi of The Darling Detail

Meet Jessi Afshin of The Darling Detail, and our newest blogging obsession. This 22-year-old fashion and inspiration blogger has a thing for attainable and fashionable details, making most of her wardrobe not only stylish, but affordable. We caught up with this accomplished blogger (she’s been featured in The Everygril and Huffington Post) and she told us all about her style essentials, how she started, and how she built her massive following. 

5 style essentials:
  1. A white silk button down that you can layer under just about anything. I purchased mine from Everlane, and I continue to style it under blazers, coats, sweaters and more. It also looks transitions effortlessly to the summertime too!
  2. Ray-Ban Aviators. I have aviators in 4 different colors, and I’m about to snatch up another (I know, it’s a problem!). They definitely put the finishing touches on an effortlessly chic outfit. Plus, they’re super photogenic on blog posts too!
  3. A pair of comfortable (but still chic) loafers. I hate wearing flats, they usually just end in a whole lot of blisters. Loafers, on the other hand, are a girl’s best friend. Recently, I’ve been debuting a pair of steve madden snakeskin loafers and I’m smitten.
  4. A pair of skinny jeans. As long as they’re comfortable, I’m a fan. As you can tell, comfort is key to dressing stylish in my book. 
  5. A pair of classic studs. These are an everyday go-to when it comes to my daily dress. Wearing big, dangly jewelry just gets so uncomfortable when you’re a busy bee like myself!
Why did you become a fashion blogger and when did you realize that you could turn it into a business? 
I started my fashion blog in February 2013, mainly as a creative outlet to have freedom to style outfits. Being a fashion major at UT, I was constantly feeling the urge to experiment with fashion, and also take a stab at the online world, particularly pinterest, tumblr, and wordpress. Thus, The Darling Detail was created! It took me about a year and a half to realize that this little hobby of mine could be a business. It was fun to have it as a not-taken-so-seriously creative outlet that I just had fun working on. Halfway through 2014, I realized that I had potential to really monetize. Thus, the business aspect of my blog was born.
How did you initially build a following, and was it hard initially to stand out in a world where fashion bloggers are constantly popping up?

I built a following by collaborating with anyone and everyone that would collaborate with me. I constantly pitched collabs to brands for the first 6 months, and slowly but surely the pitches started coming to me. Now, I receive about 5-10 brand collabs a day! It wasn’t so hard to stand out in the very beginning when fashion blogging wasn’t “cool” yet. I remember a few of my friends looking at me like I was absolutely crazy when they heard I was standing in front of a camera tos how off my latest #ootd. Now that fashion blogging is in fact very, very cool, I strive to stand out by posting classic, chic, vintage-inspired and timeless outfits that never go out of style. I also strive for affordability, and I try to stay away from mainstream trends. My readership and market belongs to college-aged girls and young professionals, we’re some stylish girls on a budget!
What is your favorite collaboration?
Probably my collaboration with Neiman Marcus. I got to twirl around in a stunning Nha Khanh dress and work with one of the biggest high-fashion retailers of all time! Not too shabby, eh?

What is your inspiration and how do you try to convey that to your readers?
That’s a tough one, because I call myself an inspiration blogger, not just a fashion blogger. I’m personally inspired by excellent writing, stellar fashion photography, and anything I find darling (this could include anything quintessentially french to something vintage and timeless). How do I convey this? I make a point to focus each posts’ editorial copy on relating these clothes to the reader. I like to inspire my readers through gorgeous photography; pretty pictures that they want to look at and relate to. I also strive to stick to a darling and chic theme on all my social media feeds — including pinterest and instagram. 

What is your favorite trend right now and an item you're lusting for?
My favorite trend right now is pointed toe pumps, loafers, flats, anything. It’s so chic, vintage, and fashion-friendly. Swoon!

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