The falling apart. The breaking down. The return to elements. Out of the realm of recognition to simply matter. 

And then, to not matter at all.

This week's post, The Elegance of Decay, is about change, undoing and breaking down.

The kind of change that British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy celebrates in his sculptures and novelist Penelope Lively welcomes into her garden.

The breaking down and building up are natural elements of human life and equally necessary. 

That they arrive in well-proportioned cycles, however, would be too much to ask.

Oddly, I'm experiencing both simultaneously. Pregnant with our second child (hullo!) and thus frenetically 'building'; and simultaneously trying to 'decay' a few well-formed habits, routines and even space to make room for this wonderful little nugget. 

Things simply cannot remain as they are. Decay is an elegant part of that truth. 

I'll be spending August working on the Site, the Library and directing timely maintenance on my cerebral and uterine engines.

May you endure all manner of cycles with agility and open-heartedness.

Until September,


Decay happens when time throws itself against nature. This photograph in Notting Hill is from a series I call "The Breaking Down of London" taken on the hottest day ever recorded and the day Boris Johnson became PM. The patina reflects both, no?
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