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INTERACTIONS - A newsletter informing students and donors who believe that protecting our valuable natural resources is an essential investment in the midst of a growing human population and associated environmental issues

Welcome to the first issue of INTERACTIONS – a semi-annual newsletter that provides you with information on how college students are receiving assistance in meeting their financial needs while majoring in natural resources and land use planning.
You are receiving this newsletter because either you are working in the field of natural resources now, or have in the past or are a concerned citizen who wants to help conserve our nation’s valuable natural resources.
Each generation gets pushed further away from nature while the cost of education continues to rise, but the need for trained natural resource specialists has never been higher, therefore this scholarship fund plays a crucial role in helping college students meet their financial needs. 
To meet this goal the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund (link) was established in 2010 by Rollin Geppert as a component fund held at The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound (link).

Read a published news article about Rollie and the Ecosystems Scholarship fund (link)

E-mail Rollie Geppert here.

The Ecosystems Scholarship Fund is a new scholarship established through the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound in Olympia, WA.

This scholarship fund is unique in that it provides a systematic process for assisting students with their college expenses in pursuing careers in natural resources and land use planning.

Also, donors who employ people in natural resources and land use planning can have confidence that this scholarship will ultimately create a pool from which they can hire future employees.

Students Eligibility Requirements - Criteria will be considered for a scholarship up to $5,000:

  • Major in natural resources or land use planning
  • Sophomore status or above currently enrolled at one of the following institutions:
    • University of Washington
    • Washington State University
    • Western WA Univ. (Huxley College of the Environment)
    • The Evergreen State College
  • Recipients may use scholarship funds to attend any four-year degree educational institution located in the United States as long as they pursue studies in natural resources or land use planning.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 in their college level courses.
  • Positive attitude and passion for nature demonstrated through involvement (volunteer or employment) in an environmental organization or hands-on work.
  • Three letters of references providing information on the applicant’s academic, work ethic, and social attributes of the student.
To apply for this scholarship -- If you, or someone you know, are interested in applying for this scholarship, please visit the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund web site at

To support this fund -- To donate to the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund, contact: The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, 212 Union Ave. SE, Suite 102, Olympia, WA 98501, (360) 705-3340  Or click here.
Each issue of INTERACTIONS will feature one of the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund recipients.  In this issue you will meet Julia Dolan, who is the 2013 scholarship recipient. 

Julia is a senior at the University of Washington.  She is pursuing a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, as well as a certificate in Geographic Information Systems.  Julia is interning with the City of Tacoma Department of Public Utilities in the summer of 2014.  She plans to work toward a career in environmental consulting. 

“Because of the financial assistance from the Ecosystems Scholarship, it has allowed me to be more successful in my classes and has given me more time to participate in research and other exciting opportunities.  I am very appreciative that I was selected and I am proud to represent to Ecosystems Scholarship Fund.  Thank you for your support!” - Julia Dolan
Here are some of the our region’s leading experts in natural resources who believe the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund is essential in the 21st century:

Bill Ruckelshaus, Director, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1970 and 1985; Chairman, WA State Salmon Recovery Funding Board 1999-2008; and Chairman, Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council
* Kaleen Cottingham, WA State Recreation & Conservation Office, Director
* Phil Anderson, Director, WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife
* Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of Public Lands, WA State Department of Natural Resources
* Don Hoch, Director, WA State Parks and Recreation Commission
* Ralph Munro, WA Secretary of State 1980-2001
* John Mankowski, Coordinator, North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative
* Martin Raphael, Team Leader and Senior Scientist, US Forest Service Forestry Sciences Laboratory
* Chris Maser, Author and Lecturer, Social - Environmental Sustainability
* John Dodge, Columnist, The Olympian Newspaper
* David Workman, WA State Government Executive Manager

See leadership endorsement statements here.
From its inception in 2010 to 2014 the Ecosystems Scholarship Fund as awarded five scholarships totaling $15,000.  Past recipients include:
  • Ian Keene, Western Washington University
  • Dan Gusset, The Evergreen State College
  • Julia Dolan, University of Washington
  • Dylan Quinn, Western Washington University
  • Sydney Schlotterback, Western Washington University
  • Ian Keene, Western Washington University
The next award will be made in May 2015.
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