Wild Mushrooms 101

TUES, MAR 22  5:00-9:00 PM
Join us for this rare opportunity to learn from a 30-year veteran of wild mushroom foraging! This is a classroom session covering the 'three rules + one' and the 'safe six': Morels, shaggy manes, hen of the woods, chicken mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and puffballs. Topics include tree identification, ethics, safety, storage and preparation. Poisonous mushrooms will also be discussed. Your instructor is a certified expert by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and owns Tavis's Mushrooms. Location: Shell Lake High School. REGISTER WITH WITC: 1-800-243-9482, ext 5045 or www.witc/edu/search  Class Number 26784. Cost: $17.34 or Senior Fee $4.50.

Mushroom 3: The Genus Russula

MON, APR 25  6:00-9:00 PM
The Genus Russula includes some very beautiful and interesting species of forest mushrooms, and many are very hard to distinguish. Because russulas are typically fairly large, and because they are often brightly colored, amatuer mushroomers are frequently interested in identifying them. We will learn about the edible and toxic species and also look at closely related and similar looking mushrooms. Relationships with trees and other plants and fungi will also be discussed. As a follow-up to the Wild Mushrooms 101 or 201 classes, we can start narrowing our identification searches down as we become familiar with this common group of mushrooms. Location: Shell Lake High School. REGISTER WITH WITC:
 1-800-243-9482, ext 5045 or www.witc/edu/search  Class Number 26787. Cost: $17.34 or Senior Fee $4.50.

Serving on Groups

MON, APR 11  5:30-7:00 PM
Have you ever considered joining a committee or group but resisted participation because you weren't sure if it was the right 'fit' for you? Serving on Groups is for individuals who want to make a difference in their community by serving as a member of a decision-making group. Serving on Groups That Make Decisions: A Guide for Families is an informational tool for all decision-making groups, not just in education. Pat Rynda, Lead Family Engagement Coordinator for CESA 11, will provide an overview of the Serving on Groups Guidebook covering the following topics: Opportunities to get involved; Types of Groups; Processes groups use; Tools groups use; Tips and strategies for groups; Understanding data as information; The role of families on groups; and Skills for serving on groups. Minimum 5 participants. Cost: FREE. Register by April 1st HERE. Location: Shell Lake High School

Registration Closes 3/29

Click on the image above to register your T-Ball, Youth Softball, and Baseball players! Register all of your youth athlete’s at the same time! Registration closes at 6 PM on 3/29 to build team rosters. Teams include:
T-Ball, 3-4th Softball, 5-6th Softball, 7-8th Softball, 3-4th Baseball, 5-6th Baseball, U-14 Babe Ruth Baseball


Wanna coach?! Sign up or Apply to coach a team on your child's registration form!

Hunter Education

The course will instill knowledge, skill and attitude to be a safe, ethical and responsible hunter. Classes will cover firearm safety in the home and afield, knowledge of firearms and hunting equipment, basic shooting and hunting skills, wildlife identification and management, hunting preparation and survival skills.
Classes will be held:
April  5:  6:00 p m to 8:30 pm
April  7:  6:00 p m to 8:30 pm
April  9:  8:30 am to 12p *Range
April 12:  6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
April 14:  6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Students should be at least 12 years old, or turn 12 in this calendar year. Parents, guardians and other adults are encouraged to enroll and participate if they have not completed a hunter education course. Any person born after January 1, 1973 must have a hunter education certificate to purchase any type of Wisconsin hunting license. Registration is limited to the first 45 students. To pre-register call John Haack at 715-468-2066. All students will need a DNR customer ID number for class. Location: Shell Lake High School

Social Security: Strategize to Maximize

WED, APR 20  4:30-5:30 PM
Did you know that there are hundreds of options associated with your Social Security retirement benefits? Join us for a presentation hosted by Thrivent Financial Representative, Jason Kohl, MBA to explore how to sort through the choices. Help ensure the decisions you make are ones you can live with—for the rest of your life. Minimum 4 participants/Maximum 12. Class cost: Food Pantry Donation. Register by April 13 HERE. Location: Shell Lake High School

Retire Wisely

TH, APR 28  4:30-5:30 PM
Will you have enough to retire? Will your retirement income last?  Are your assets protected?  Join us for Retire Wisely – A Thrivent Financial representative Jason Kohl, MBA will share how to manage six risks all retirees face: outliving income, inflation, unpredictable events, market volatility, income taxes and rising health care costs. Minimum 4 participants/Maximum 12. Class cost: Food Pantry Donation. Register by April 21 HERE. Location: Shell Lake High School
 SATURDAY, APRIL 9th 9:00-11:00 AMThis workshop​ is open to adults of all ages and abilities so plan to spend your morning with us! ​​The Chi Walking & Chi Running method of movement will teach you to move from your center, your core, and not ​relying on​ your legs​! You'll learn proper body alignment and movement techniques that will give you a powerful sense of balance and stability, as well as relaxation and spaciousness in your body and mind. ​The workshop ​will not ​include ​a lot of walking or running ​(contrary to what you might imagine), so no matter what condition you are in, this workshop is suitable for you.​ ​The workshop time will be spent alternating between demonstration and participation that focus on technique. ​The nature of the day will be relaxed, inspiring​, and accommodating to all. Minimum 10 participants. Class cost: $35.00 Register by March 26 online at  Location: Shell Lake High School.

Mar 24-28: No School
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June 7: Last Day!


Mar 23:
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May  3: HS Pops Concert
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