October 2014
National Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Month
25th is Make a Difference Day
Fall Family Fun

National Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month

Do you find that you misplace your child's field trip form,  forget to cc' clients on high importance emails, AND always seem to arrive late -  even though you set your clock 15 minutes ahead?

Time Management Issues? or Adult ADHD?

As an adult, one is expected to be attentive, calm and consistent on a day-to-day basis across many different environments. It is suspected that ADD/ ADHD is over-diagnosed in children and under-diagnosed in adults. At times, many of us exude traits that are reminiscent of ADD/ ADHD symptoms. Therefore, what allows for a valid diagnosis to be made in adults? -- A common cluster of symptoms can include:
A comprehensive clinical evaluation, self-reported symptoms and mental health testing are all taken into consideration when making a diagnosis. Even if you were never formally diagnosed with the disorder as a child, it's possible to diagnose adult ADD/ADHD.
Due to the nature of this condition, ADHD can negatively affect adults and how they're perceived on multiple levels within numerous environments. Therefore, it is crucial to seek treatment to learn strategies that can help enhance one's strengths, monitor and decrease weaknesses, communicate with others appropriately, and advocate for oneself more effectively.

Treatment Options: Psychoeducation, counsel -ing, medication management, behavioral intervention, coaching/mentoring, cognitive remediation, and couples/family therapy. A MULTI-MODAL approach is most effective!

What's New?

MTC is now offering an
ADHD Assessment Package

The unrelenting challenges of life can render a person hopeless and feeling alone. MTC may be able to help you over come these feelings and improve your relationships and your life. Whether it's dealing with a specific mental health concern, navigating a family transition, or needing parenting support - the qualified service providers at MTC can help you manage the symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD identify your strengths, develop a plan, and get back to having a more peaceful, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

To find out more please call our office at 847-816-7200 or contact Jasmine Sauls, Director of Child and Family Services, at

Upcoming Events

Oct. 1st- Nov. 26th

Ongoing Fall Speech & Language Screenings- Ask your center directors or contact MTC for more information

Nov. 13- Now. 15

CHADD's Annual International Conference in Rosemont, IL



Famous People with ADD/ADHD
Walt Disney
Terry Bradshaw
Michael Phelps
Justin Timberlake
Michael Jordan
Ed Hallowell
Jim Carrey
Will Smith
John F. Kennedy
Richard Branson
.... and many more....


Family & Child Counseling
Adult Home & Office Counseling
Speech-Language Therapy

“When I examine myself
and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge,”
- Albert Einstein

..believed to have ADHD

Fall Family Fun

When the leaves begin to fall and the temperatures begin to drop, what's a family to do? Research indicates that family time can foster a preschooler's identity, enhance the parent-child connection and increase a young child's self-esteem. Family time is an interactive time where family members focus on sharing feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Click this link for some seasonal ideas on how to be interactive as a family, whether it be during a game, conversing at the dinner table, or singing in the car. 

Make a Difference Day

In 1992, USA Weekend Magazine created 'Make a Difference Day' to promote community service across the country. This day is now the largest single-day for volunteering in the country. Join the millions of volunteers nationwide who will unite with the common mission of improving the lives of others. Regardless if your part of a project that helps one person or an entire community, don't hesitate to give back, help out and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Start improving the quality of life for others by searching for community service projects near you
in Illinois OR investigate the wide-variety of volunteering opportunities across our nation.

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