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Winter is coming!

Read all about the adventures of the Australian Juniors and what is coming up in the next few months. Let us know if you have anything you would like to see published.
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The June ratings are available and many Juniors have made some massive improvements! Check out the full list on the ACF website:
Rest In Peace - Marcus Porter

It is with sadness we let you know that Marcus Porter sadly passed away in a car accident at only 17 years of age. You were much loved as can be seen by some of the tributes that have been coming in. 
“Recently I learnt the sad news about Marcus Porter passing away in a car accident. This is tragic at such a young age – a curse seems to be afflicting Australian chess in recent times. Personally I knew Marcus pretty well, probably better than most adults in chess who are not from Queensland. While he was always cheeky (most chess kids are to me!), I liked him and got along very well with him. He was a nice kid with a good sense of humour, and passionate about chess. I will always remember him fondly, especially his love of the game as shown by the many games of blitz and transfer he played in tournaments where I was the arbiter. Rest in peace Marcus; you will be sorely missed.”
Charles Zworestine - President AusJCL

"We are still reeling up here from the tragic loss of life of 17 year old chess player Marcus Porter, who came 4th in this year's Doeberl Cup Major tournament. I clearly remember how much enjoyed analysing games at the tournament and the ensuring games of transfer with fellow players.There was much laughter and fun in the Analysis room! He died in a car accident early Saturday morning and was planning to play in the Wendy Terry Memorial that very same day. He loved playing chess and his enthusiasm for chess was infectious amongst the boys. He will be sadly missed by the Brisbane chess community."
David Jones - Chess parent
This event will be held in Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece from 24 October to 6 November. There will be the following age group divisions (open and girls): U/18, U/16, U/14, U/12, U/10 and U/8. The tournament brochure is at…h_2015_Inv.pdf and the tournament website is

Applications for this event are now open. If you wish to apply, please email me by no later than 5 July 2015. No other forms of application will be accepted (please do not use the AusJCL website). Note that it is permissible to apply for more than one division, although it is only possible to play in one division.

In an application please provide the following information:
Full name, date of birth, postal and email addresses, phone number, FIDE rating and ACF rating, the division(s) applied for, and confirmation of whether the player is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

You may also choose to include further supporting information if you wish, but this is not required. All applicants must retain a copy of all emails they send and are responsible for ensuring that their email has been sent and received by the deadline.

If you wish to see the selection procedure by-law or have any other questions please email me. If you wish to speak to me by phone, please email me and I will respond with my phone number.

Kind regards
Tristan Boyd
AusJCL Selections Co-ordinator
It's really awesome when chess makes its way to the big screen, especially when it is about a player as famous as Bobby Fischer! Check out the trailer for Pawn Sacrifice, which is coming out in September. 

How is a coach for an International Tournament selected?

  • Selection of coaches for International tournaments is up to each individual parent.
  • Having a coach, while recommended, is not mandatory.
  • Internet access is sometimes unpredictable at various tournament locations and timezone differences can make Internet coaching problematic.
  • Flights, accommodation and tuition for a private coach is prohibitively expensive for a lot of families so it is recommended that the team consider selecting a team coach. If a team coach is selected you do not have to participate. It is advisable to get clear agreement from everybody before making a final selection.
  • Some events provide free accommodation for one team coach. If multiple coaches are coming then the financial benefit of free accommodation should be distributed to each coach on the basis of number of students. For example in the scenario where there are 6 players, 1 coach for 4 of them, one player has their own coach and another uncoached then the coach with 4 students will be attributed with 80% of the financial benefit, the coach with one player with 20% and the uncoached player no financial benefit from the free accommodation.


On the AusJCL website you can find information on a variety of questions:

Chess as part of the Curriculum!

Earlier this month an interesting article by political reporter,  Anna Henderson was published about economist John Adams  who called for chess a part of the national curriculum. John Adams has now been appointed as government relations director with the Australian Chess Federation and over the next year plans to conduct a research project drawing on a large international body of work into the positive impacts of the game on brain development. Since this news was released a variety of articles have been published - here are some of the links:
Round two of the 2015 Gold Coast High Schools Teams event was held, for the first time, at Kings Christian College today. An excellent venue. Many thanks to Steven Cooke for all the work he did in preparing for the tournament. 162 students participated. Somerset College won the Premier Division from Kings and the second Somerset team came third.

2015 Gold Coast Junior Chess Champion

....1996 David Smerdon (now Grandmaster, and has represented Australia on board one at the Olympiad)

,,,,2003 Arianne Caoili (now Womens International Master and has represented Australia on board on one at the Womens Olympiad

....2015 HENRY SLATER-JONES. Congratulations Henry, you have earned it, very well deserved

Chess in Queensland is very well attended:
122 Players at the Wide Bay South tournament in Maryborough.
111 Players at the Wide Bay North tournament at Walkervale SS in Bundaberg.

New South Wales
Coming Up:

The NSW Junior Championships is the premier event for juniors to compete for the title of NSW Junior Champion.  The Under 18s is a 5 day event from 6-10 July and the Under 12s is a 3 day event from 8-10 July.  Post-game analysis by GM Ian Rogers is available throughout the tournament. For details on entry see

The usual holiday events are occurring in Sydney (one day 1 July, two day 2-3 July) and Orange 9 July. 

The next open/adult tournament is on July 28, the NSW Rapid Championship to be held at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club.  Relevant to players with a NSWJCL rating of 600+, registration can be made at

Report on the NSW Open
The highlight of the tournament was defined in NSW Juniors winning both events. IM Anton Smirnov continued his run of good form to tie for first with IM Max Illingworth.  Anton was strong all through the tournament losing once to IM Richard Jones and beating IM Max Illingworth and then finally GM Hrant Melkumyan in the penultimate round.  Both games are below for further study. Other juniors in the open division were Kevin Willathgamuwa who despite playing less over the past 6 months, managed 3.5/7 along with fellow junior Raymond Li.  David Marsh finished with a healthy 2.5/7 and Anthony Fikh managed 2/7 after a strong start to the tournament with a draw with NSWJCL Vice President David Webster in the first round followed by a second round win.  Michael Gong also finished with 2/7.

In the minor event, final round draws and losses from the joint leaders resulted in a single winner, Paruni Ranganathan with a score of 6/7.  Paruni had to beat 2 other juniors who were also contenders in Luke Watson and Thomas Johnston.
Other top performers in the minor event included Fiona Shen who tied for second on 5.5/7, Luke Watson, Thomas Johnston and George Morgan who tied for 5th on 5/7.  Luke Watson was on a tear at the start of the tournament winning 4 consecutive games against opponents with 1500+ which should be beneficial for his own 947 rating.  Luke also picked up a rating prize. Ryan Lane and Luke Marsh ended with 4.5/7, Ryan earning himself a rating prize. Sterling Bayaca and Yifu Wu ended with 4/7; Maxie Dalkin travelled from the mountains to play and earn himself a respectable 3.5/7 along with fellow juniors Deniz Sen, Harry Wu, Anshika Jain, and Kevin Shen.

The tournament again showed the enthusiasm of the junior players enjoying a weekend of chess amongst friends.  Open tournaments are a great way to improve your chess and take the challenge of playing against people of all ages and abilities.
Western Australia

After the WA Junior Championships in April it's been relatively quiet on the
junior scene. In the WA Reserves Championships in April/May 2 of our juniors,Sri Dharmapuri the WA under 14 champ and Iganatius Yap the WA Junior champ came equal second a half point behind the winner. 

Upcoming Tournament
Primary and Secondary Students Championship
Presented by the Chess Association of W.A. INC.
Venue : Leeming Primary School ,Meharry Rd. Leeming

Enquiries:     A/h 94099579
Format ; Primary Students : 7 Round Swiss / 20 Minutes each on the Clock
Date :  Monday 13th July 2015    10.00am start  [finishing between 4-5pm]
Entry Fee : $15
Format ; Secondary Students : 7 Round Swiss /60 Minutes each on the Clock
Dates : Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th July  2015    10.00am start both days [finishing between 4-5 pm] Entry Fee : $20
Closing date for entries  Friday 10th July 2015
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In this edition of the newsletter - two impressive wins by IM Anton Smirnov
Two impressive wins by IM Anton Smirnov

[Event "2015 NSW Open"] [Site "Sydney NSW"] [Date "2015.06.08"] [Round "7.1"] [White "Smirnov, Anton"] [Black "Melkumyan, Hrant"] [Result "1-0"] [ECO "C91"] [PlyCount "177"]
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 O-O 8. d4
d6 9. c3 Bg4 10. Be3 Nxe4 11. Bd5 Qd7 12. Bxe4 d5 13. Bxh7+ Kxh7 14. dxe5 Qf5
15. Nd4 Qg6 16. f3 Bd7 17. Nxc6 Bxc6 18. Nd2 Rfe8 19. Nb3 a5 20. a3 Bd7 21. Nc5
Bf5 22. Qd2 a4 23. Rad1 Rad8 24. Qf2 Kg8 25. Rd2 Bf8 26. Bd4 Be7 27. Be3 Bf8
28. Bd4 Be7 29. Rde2 Be6 30. Kh1 Qh7 31. Rg1 Bh4 32. g3 Be7 33. Qe3 Bxc5 34.
Bxc5 d4 35. cxd4 Bd5 36. Rge1 Re6 37. Kg1 Qh3 38. Rf2 Rde8 39. Qd3 c6 40. Qf1
Qh7 41. Qe2 Rg6 42. Qd2 Qh3 43. Re3 Ree6 44. Rg2 Rh6 45. Kf2 Reg6 46. Ke1 Qf5
47. Qc2 Qg5 48. f4 Qg4 49. Rf2 Bb3 50. Qe2 Qf5 51. Qd3 Be6 52. Kd2 Rh5 53. Qxf5
Bxf5 54. Kc3 Rh3 55. Kb4 Rgh6 56. Ree2 R6h5 57. Be7 Bd3 58. Rd2 Be4 59. Bh4 Kf8
60. Kc5 Ke8 61. Rde2 Bd5 62. Kd6 Rh6+ 63. Kc7 Rg6 64. f5 Rg4 65. Rd2 Re4 66.
Kd6 Rg4 67. Rf1 g5 68. fxg6 Rxg6+ 69. Kc7 Rg4 70. Rf6 Rg7 71. Rdf2 Rg4 72. Rd6
Rhxh4 73. gxh4 Rxh4 74. Rd2 Rh3 75. Kb6 Rb3 76. Kc5 Ke7 77. h4 Rh3 78. Rh6 Rh1
79. Rh8 Kd7 80. Kb6 Ke6 81. Rf2 Ke7 82. h5 Rh4 83. Kc5 Kd7 84. h6 Kc7 85. Rh7
Kc8 86. Rf6 Rh2 87. Rxc6+ Bxc6 88. Kxc6 Kd8 89. Kd6 1-0
[Event "2015 NSW Open"] [Site "Sydney NSW"] [Date "2015.06.07"] [Round "4.1"] [White "Illingworth, Max"] [Black "Smirnov, Anton"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "C07"] [PlyCount "114"]
1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 c5 4. Ngf3 cxd4 5. Nxd4 Nc6 6. Bb5 Bd7 7. Nxc6 bxc6 8.
Bd3 Bd6 9. Qe2 Ne7 10. e5 Bc7 11. Nb3 Ng6 12. f4 Bb6 13. Be3 Bxe3 14. Qxe3 Qb6
15. Ke2 Rc8 16. Bxg6 hxg6 17. Qc5 Rb8 18. Rab1 Bc8 19. Kf3 Ba6 20. Qa3 g5 21.
Nc5 Bc8 22. fxg5 Rh4 23. b3 Rb4 24. Nd3 Qd4 25. Rhe1 R4b6 26. g3 Rb5 27. Kg2 g6
28. Re2 R8b7 29. Rd1 Qg4 30. Nf4 Rb4 31. c4 Qxg5 32. Nd3 Qg4 33. Rdd2 R4b6 34.
Nf2 Qg5 35. Qc5 Qe7 36. Qe3 Kd8 37. Ne4 Bd7 38. Nd6 Rb8 39. Qf4 Kc7 40. cxd5
exd5 41. Nxf7 Rb4 42. Qf2 c5 43. Nd6 d4 44. h4 Rf8 45. Qe1 Qe6 46. Kg1 Bc6 47.
Kh2 g5 48. Rf2 Rbb8 49. Rc2 Qd5 50. h5 d3 51. Rcd2 Rxf2+ 52. Rxf2 Rf8 53. Qa5+
Kd7 54. Qxa7+ Ke6 55. Kh3 Rxf2 56. Qh7 Rh2+ 57. Kg4 Qd4+ 0-1

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