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Above:  Below:  Wayward Bill added 27 new photos — with Dawn Blackman and 2 others at Green Labs.
February 14Denver, COannalovers Singles Brunch. Doing it right on Valentine's Day in the Smile High City. A Very High Society Affair.

I get a lot of shares. That's humbling. Shows that I am fulfilling one of my roles as Chairman, USMjParty. Sharing and spreading the truth. I read about a book's worth of cannabis media a day. Plus other subjects that peak the cerebral in me. Archeology, Space, Grateful Dead, Obituaries, Weird News, Celebrity Blurbs, Politics, plus anything that catches my interest. Not to forget your posts and comments. You, my audience, see the cannabis side of me. I'm more than that. I dwell in diversity.  Wayward Bill
Wayward Bill

March 16 at 2:06pmJust got the heads up from Andrew James Hashman. I am the third "Celebrity" judge for the The 1st Official Colorado Cup on 420. I want to THANK EVERYONE OF YOU ONE AND ALL FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE IN ME. BLUSHING HEAVILY!

Charitable Work,
Wayward Bill to CPPIF March Feed the Homeless- Breakfast

March 20 at 12:29pmDenver, CO"Enjoyed the brisk morning and all the new people I met. Great to see a few folks I hadn't seen for a few too. Had more than enough food and clothing for the homeless. We collectively made a good show of the Canna - Community. Give yourselves a well deserved pat on your backs. Peace, Pot, Politics aka pPp"... Wayward Bill

Upcoming Events,

4th Annual Connecticut Marijuana March - cyndi MAE DAY  May 6 at 3 PM to May 8 at 6 PM in EDT

"Yesterday I received a phone call from Cindy Harvesthoney Day event organizer asking me to emcee Friday and Sunday. I'm speaking Saturday. Of course I said YES. I love my life... " Wayward Bill

Wayward Bill shared Wayward Bill's post.
March 15 at 12:43pmWell, It's official. The 47th Annual Smoke-In will take place on Monday July 4th, 2016 in Washington DC. Please visit our website for further updates.

This will be my second speaking engagement of the year plus I am Grand Marshal for the 46th Annual Smoke-In Pot Parade.

An archived site of Waywards show which aired in 2013.  Since the general discussion still is an issue today I decided to include it in this Issue of the Newsletter to allow more people the chance to view it!

What's Next with Wayward Bill

Published February 26, 2013
News with Crystal. & Bill and his guests, Robert J. Corry, Jr., Attorney ,Chloe Villano of CloverLeaf Consulting, & Max Montrose, Cannabis Activist, discuss the DUID (driving under the influence of Drugs) and Max's expose of the Fox News Driving under the Influence of Marijuana Report.

This is just a few of Wayward's adventures since last November.  You can keep up with him online on Facebook at: 
  Wayward Bill's Profile
  Wayward Bill's Fan Page
  USMjParty of Colorado Page


I am the "Organizer" of the U.S. Marijuana Party!

In this Spring Issue of the Newsletter I want to introduce to you an article which was written in October of 2015.  It explains how Agenda 21 fits into the drug war and how it seeks to be the single control over all of our plant resources.

“Rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to purposes and principles of the United Nations.” HOW THE UNITED NATIONS IS STEALING OUR “UNALIENABLE RIGHTS” TO GROW FOOD AND MEDICINE THROUGH THE U.N. CONVENTION ON NARCOTIC DRUGS AND AGENDA 21.

I hope you will take the time to view it and submit your thoughts on the subject via the Site or through email.

Let's keep fighting for the Freedom from the Prohibition of Your Freedoms!


Through this LINK you can find several articles on prohibition repeal.  I invite you to view them and then decide for yourself....Legalize or Repeal?

Comments can be sent to
Take a minute to browse thru the articles on the USMjParty Blog!


It is time that we learn from the past and start our own VICTORY Gardens!

This is how the FDA can instantly criminalize any vitamin or plant extract

A short list of Candidates to choose from for the 2016 Presidential Race…

From Organizing America to Operation Chronic Problem, How Cannabis Prohibition Ruins Lives

We have to just say NO, to “drug testing”…

Marijuana Party Politics
Above: Photo. Wayward Bill
February 28 Freshly found photo... — at US Marijuana Party of Colorado.
On March 17th 2016, the PA House passed 2 Bills related to Cannabis
SB50 - Hemp Farming Bill by 49-0
The bill now goes to the House for further action.
Members of the House Agricultural and Rural Affairs
Committee previously passed a companion version of
the bill, HB 967, also by a unanimous vote.
This act will allow for establishing an industrial
hemp industry in the Commonwealth.

SB3- Providing for the medical use of cannabis passed 149-43
As this is a big jump for Pennsylvania, it is watered down.
NO SMOKING!!! Thats right.....Senate Bill 3 will allow doctors to prescribe
marijuana to patients in pill, oil, and liquid form, but no smoking, and
the only people allowed to grow, are the licensed growers.

Pennsylvania is now set to become the first state in the
country to explicitly stipulate autism as a qualifying
condition for medical marijuana!

SB3 will now go back to the House for a Vote, and if it passes it moves on to Gov. Wolf, who has stated time and again, he would sign the bill. And that would be good for him, because he might be able to use Cannabis to treat his own Prostate Cancer.

Shawn Patrick House, the CEO of HEMPZELS is now running for Joe Pitts seat in the 16th Congressional District in the Commonwealth!!!!

A BIG Thank You to the Keystone Cannabis Coalition,
Campaign for Compassion, PA for Safe Access, NORML and all the Amazing People that hounded the State Capital for YEARS and forced them into submission. I strive to be like you.

Tom Johnson
Jeffrey Kabik

Saturday,  March 19, 2016,  with Senator for Congress Raskin in D.C.
Jeff Kabik

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You can DONATE to the USMjParty through this LINK to the website.  Your contribution helps to support the websites and other expenses!  PLEASE Be advised that this donation is not Tax Deductible!

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