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Below:  Rimrock Music Festival Stage, Sept. 11th.
Right:  August 15.  Photo:  Wayward with Casper Leitch at Seattle Hempfest..
Above: Photo. Wayward Bill at Seattle Hempfest, August 8th.

S P E C I A L    N O T I C E

Heidi Grossman
October 23 at 2:00pm · Sacramento, CA ·It is official. Rev. Eddy Lepp will be home July 25th, 2016.


Wayward Bill with Dana Beal and Chloe Villano on October 25th, " Dana's presentation on the History of Marijuana was enlightening. Worth coming to the next time around." said Bill. The presentation was held at Clover Leaf University in Denver, CO.

Wayward will be attending the Drug Policy Alliance Drug Reform Conference on November 18, 19, 20, & 21 at Arlington, VA., thanks to the DPA waiving the registration fee for him.
"Yeah baby! Just received phone call from the West Coast Director of the Drug Policy Alliance. They have waived the registration fee ($489) for me to attend their once every two years Drug Reform Conference".  They will also refund my transportation costs. I have to pay for highly discounted hotel expenses. Their conference being international in scope is one of the best up to date learning sessions that any drug reform policy activist can attend. As Chairman, US Marijuana Party I am in a constant learning mode. I live by the motto of, "What you don't know - learn. What you do know - teach.". said Bill.
2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference
November 18-21, 2015
Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway • Arlington, VA 22202 • USA
Phone: (703) 920-3230 • Reservations: 800-228-9290

I have been fighting against the wind all my life. These past months with two close deaths plus being diagnosed with cirrhosis I am finding I need to bend some in order to survive. Not the happiest camper but I will prevail. I owe it to myself and I owe it to you...Wayward Bill

I want to add here that William A. Chengelis, aka "Wayward Bill" has been a great asset to the USMjParty and without him the USMjParty as we know it would not be in existence. He "hit the ground running" when I asked him to take over as  "Head Chairman" in 2011, and hasn't stopped since then.  He works hard, every day, to keep up the Facebook Group as well as all the events he has attended and helped to promote. I am very grateful to have him as a Chairman and I could not promote the USMjParty effectively without him!  He has been a steadfast part of the USMjParty since 2010 when he first started with Colorado, and I thank him for everything that he has done!  God Bless You, Wayward!

Bill stays busy all the time.  This year he has made quite a few trips back and forth across the Country visiting many places including Seattle Hempfest in August.

RimRock Music Festival is a 2 day music festival on beautiful mountain space in Conifer, Colorado where Bill attended on September 11th and 12th!

On August 30th, Bill was at the Memorial Fest for Jenny Kush in Washington Park, Denver.

September was a stressful month after he had went through the death of his Mother in August and then decided to apply for and take advantage of a VA benefit. " With my Mother's passing I have decided to cave in to VA's Hep C program. I have been scheduled for Mental health and substance abuse program. Besides doing it for me it's something my Mother always wanted of me" said Wayward on August 31st.

45th Anniversary Smoke-In Saturday July 4th, 2015 in Washington DC
"Victory Day Over Marijuana Prohibition"

Bill attended the Annual Smoke-In at the Whitehouse on July 4th,  "Happy 4th of July Today is the day of speeches and our yearly march for cannabis. Fun and music too. Had Chinese last night. Watched a bootleg of Jurassic World. Phantastic with a phatty! 👌 If you are in the DC area please join us at Lafayette Square at HIGH NOON for the 4th Annual SMOKE - IN @ the White House!"
"4th of July 45th Annual Smoke-in. Networked awaiting photos. Kept to guns and delivered Whole Plant v.s. CBD speech."

This is just a few of Wayward's adventures for the past six months.  You can keep up with him online on Facebook at: 
  Wayward Bill's Profile
  Wayward Bill's Fan Page
  USMjParty of Colorado Page

*Be sure to click on the "Where's Wayward Been" icon above to see more information and pictures about "Wayward's" travels!
Marijuana Party Politics - It’s a practice that has certainly given Vermonters exposure to a colorful range of views. In one 2012 Senate debate aired on C-SPAN, United States Marijuana Party nominee Cris Ericson introduced herself by displaying her Native American Indian accessories, family heirlooms she said she wore “to remind me to tell you tonight that we have to take care of Mother Earth.” Above:  Ms Cris Ericson will again run for Senate and Representative under the USMjParty in 2015-2016. CONTINUE READING
Marijuana Facts The Government Does Not Want You To Know The purpose of this article (a 20-minute read) is to expose the numerous facts about marijuana and hemp that have been suppressed--facts the government does not want you to know. Above: Gatewood Galbraith hands out copies of his book "Last Free Man in America", in Lexington, Ky on May 2, 2010, the weekend of the "Worldwide Marijuana March"...CONTINUE READING
You can support and join the USMjParty through this LINK to membership on the website.  Your contribution helps to support the websites!

I am the "Organizer" of the U.S. Marijuana Party!

This basically means that I am the one behind the scenes administrating websites and blogs and posting information in an attempt to get the most important subjects noticed and talked about. 

I am also the one who writes the controversial topics such as "REPEAL PROHIBITION" vs. "Legalize" which explains why we have to fight for repeal of bad law vs. initiating the use of MORE bad law through legalized control of this "God given" plant. Legalization as it stands today will mean control via the "Controlled Substances Act", IF the Federal Government were to allow it.  However, since prohibition is tied up with the United Nations the U.S. Federal Government cannot "legalize" this plant on it's own.

Repeal would mean freedom for Cannabis and everyone who wishes to consume it either for food, medically, or for recreational purposes.  That does not mean that anyone should drive intoxicated and "driving under the influence" of anything which could cause serious accidents to occur will always be illegal.  However, there has been no science to indicate that just because THC is in your blood that you are driving intoxicated.  Until there is  the science to back up the claims, and a way to measure that intoxication, it is imperative that everyone polices themselves to prevent this from happening. 

What law should be repealed?  And how should the use of marijuana be controlled?

The U.N. 1961 Convention on Narcotic Drugs amended in 1972 states that not only Cannabis, but Peyote, and Psilocybin and Khat must remain Schedule I "drugs" along with other narcotics which are not to be used in medicine or for commerce.  These are natural plants found in nature. Plants are not drugs.  Drugs are created in a lab using plants that have been synthesized by pharmaceutical companies.  Plants are grown in the garden.

Genesis 1:29 states, Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.  This statement alone should be enough to have these plants removed from U.N. Treaties and the CSA.

Probably the best thing we can do right now is to demand cannabis sativa and any naturally growing plant removed from United Nations control and the Controlled Substance Act in the U.S.  As long as they are being used in natural form and not being made into a chemical substance they should not be illegal in the first place.  We should be able to grow them in our gardens without fear of repercussion. 

Since the U.N. has the greatest control it would be repealed from there first, which would mean they can then be removed from CSA as well without violating any International Treaties. 

Because of the nature of the Beasts which we are dealing with in regards to the “War on Drugs” in general, but additionally because the Beasts are taking control of plants, food, medications and plant medicines worldwide at will, I feel it is imperative that we confront this issue now. CONTINUE

Through this LINK you can find several articles on prohibition repeal.  I invite you to view them and then decide for yourself....Legalize or Repeal?

Comments can be sent to
The Marijuana movement in Pennsylvania. has been making incremental progress, only to be met by others that want to halt the process. I have to thank the organizations outside the USMjParty that keep rising up to meet the opposition head on, and making that progress happen.

After a year of decriminalization in Philadelphia, the Marijuana arrest rates have gone down from 3000 from the previous year, to around 400 in 2015.

As always, I stand for Liberty, the freedom of choice, and continuing on the spirit of our country that our lawmakers never take into account when making laws, thereby violating the rights of the people since 1937.

For this is what we are truly fighting for, Liberty.

Wishing You, Peace & Love
in Amerijuanica!

Tom Johnson,
USMjParty PA

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