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Cheers to a Brand New Year H.O.M.E. Family!
With each New Year of H.O.M.E.’s existence, a vision is cast to remind us of God’s faithfulness to HIS ministry, and our mission to helping families in need.  This year was no different: New Mercies We See… in 2023, was placed in my heart as we continue to trust God for greater things to come! 
If you know me personally, you also know that I believe nature has a way of teaching us spiritual life lessons—if we can be still and silent long enough to listen.  Last week, as I stood meditating through my kitchen window, my eyes quickly became focused on a grey squirrel high up in a tree, which swiftly ran back and forth across the branches.  She took the same route every time and never deviated from her path.  As I looked closer, I realized that on the way back, each time, she held in her mouth the very resources that would eventually construct and create her nest—a winter resting place. 
It was quite impressive to learn that squirrels are very good mothers to their young.  As such, their drays are built tucked between tall tree branches for stability; this also provides the best protection from predators, wind, and rain; and the nest is always located near their food source.  Just then… it hit me!  I was awakened to the reality that if God has given, even a squirrel, the ability and awareness to stay on the path to fulfill its purpose, how much more does he expect you and me to do the same?
You see, when we know the depth of God’s mercy and love for us, and His unfailing plan for our lives, we’ll understand why we mustn’t deviate from our path.  We must stay on the course where there is stability; we must abide high in the Tree of life where there is safety; and we must remain close to the One who is our everlasting source.  In doing so, we’ll see new mercies in our own lives as we extend love, compassion, and mercy to others—that may just be in need of a winter resting place.

As always… lovingly and graciously yours,

Carolyn A. Watson

Pearl of the Quarter

Born and raised right here in Metro Atlanta, Ms. Stephanie Walker has seen her share of good days and bad.  From her early years, she was raised by loving Grandparents who were very influential and created a stable home in the absence of her biological Mother who, unfortunately, battled drug addiction.  Neither was her dad in her life, so she was grateful to have the support of a grandmother and grandfather.
However, after they passed away, at age thirteen she moved in with her older sister, Sheronda, who continued to be there for her in every way.  She credits her big sister with making sure she had everything she needed.  Only five years apart in age, Ms. Walker explained how hard it was when her older sister literally became the only ‘mother figure’ in her life.  “We were so close… she was my best friend,” she recalled and then added, “I could go to her for anything; and I want her to know that I truly appreciate her because it was something she really didn’t have to do.” 
Ms. Walker remembers being a teenager in high school and feeling awkward because she only had a big sister to talk about, and not a mother, like other students.  As a result, she went through a rebellious stage while desperately trying to adjust and figure things out.  “I only had three people in my whole life that I could depend on; I just didn’t trust people.  I was lost after everyone died.”  Although Ms. Walker’s big sister Sheronda is still living, she was diagnosed early in life with a blood clot in her brain, which left her in a childlike state.  She could no longer take care of her little sister.  As such, Ms. Walker ventured out on her own with her two intelligent sons: Jaden (age 14) who is an aspiring Band Director; and Jayceon (Age 7) who loves science and math. 
Although Ms. Walker is a working mother, she bounced from apartment to apartment, and even went two years without having furniture in the home.  In 2022, she finally landed on her feet and secured a place to call home.  And while she wasn’t used to asking for help, she found H.O.M.E. and decided this would be a good fit for her family.  “It felt good to sit at the table together and watch TV together…” she graciously shared.  Jaden offered loving comments about how brave and strong his mother is.  And Jayceon followed by sharing how his mom takes care of him and prays for him.  He then took an unexpected bow—at which we all laughed.

On Behalf of
The H.O.M.E. Team
Ms. Stephanie Walker
for Being Our Pearl of the Quarter
Pearls are Priceless
Our 2022 H.O.M.E. for the Holidays Luncheon was intimate, elegant and a soul-stirring occasion to remember!  By far, this was one of H.O.M.E.’s most memorable events laced with tears, laughter, singing, testimonies, and a powerful keynote message by the outstanding actress and vocalist, Ms. Maria Howell, best known for her role in The Color Purple.  A special thanks to songstress extraordinaire Nicole Denae who truly blessed our hearts, as always.  Hats off to Chef Cordel of Season Bay for a delicious meal made with a taste of love.  And a tremendous thanks to The Red Door who sponsored the beautiful venue and décor.  Finally, to H.O.M.E.’s Distinguished Gentlemen who rolled out the red carpet of hospitality to welcome, escort, and serve our guests—you gentlemen are the absolute BEST!!  To all who participated we deeply appreciate each of you for capturing the essence of love, support, healing, and beauty of sisterhood.  
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
Blessing upon Blessing
Compassion is a reason in EVERY season and our 2022 Adopt-A-H.O.M.E. Family Program proved to be a blessing to many struggling families during the holiday season.  We are still feasting off the love and compassion that was shown by those who truly made Christmas bright for those less fortunate.  Big thanks to realtor TEAM THORP LLC, and organizations like T.W.I.N.K.S. and Sisters By Choice for adopting families in need.  Kudos goes out to the Georgia Film and TV Production Initiative (GFTPI), for stepping in to provide Christmas trees for our families.  And we were deeply touched by the kindness of individual donors who purchased food boxes, gifts cards, toys, blankets, and so much more!
Thanks for Being a Valuable Gift!
For All You Do in Royal Blue

We at H.O.M.E. can’t say ‘Thank You’ enough for the many contributions made by the “beautiful ladies in blue!”  To the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., Sigma Mu Zeta Chapter of Stone Mountain we extend our sincerest gratitude for your heart, hands, and financial aid to help fund our Adopt-A-H.O.M.E. Family initiative, as well as your support of our tireless efforts to assist single mothers and children facing hardship.  Thanks for being a sea of awesome blue that H.O.M.E. can always depend on.

You Ladies ROCK!
Giving is First Rate
Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure was so very pleased to receive a generous donation made possible by First Rate, Inc. on behalf of Mr. Leotis Watson II.  Thanks to the National Christian Foundation of North Texas and The First Rate Living Fund, we can add fuel for the mission of serving, supporting, and satisfying the needs of families who often must choose food over furniture.   We thank you so very much, Mr. Watson, for caring and sharing with others our labor of love through H.O.M.E., Inc.

Together, We are Changing Lives through the Gift of Furniture… One Truckload at a Time!

To God Be All the Glory!
Over, and over, and over again God keeps on doing great things for H.O.M.E.!   We are proud and so very pleased to announce that Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure was awarded Congressman Hank Johnson’s 4th Congressional District of Georgia 2022 Small Business ‘Pinnacle’ Award.  We are indeed grateful for grace, and thankful to Congressman Johnson and staff, for bringing awareness to meaningful nonprofits and small businesses that serve the community in big ways.  Click here to see our founders acceptance speech and a sneak peak of H.O.M.E.'s Warehouse!  (Begin at 3:00!)
There’s No Place Like H.O.M.E.!
Extra Extra Read All About H.O.M.E.!

The H.O.M.E. Team is always ecstatic when asked to share our mission and vision for moving forward and impacting lives.  Shout out to Gale Horton for featuring H.O.M.E., along with other wonderful nonprofits in the New Year's issue of Champion News!  

Honoring MLK Day with a
Cool Coat Giveaway!
L.O.V.E. in Action 2023 was in full bloom for MLK weekend as we warmed hearts with warm coats just in time for the chill of winter.  A HUGE thanks to Pastor Marlin D. Harris, Executive Director Mr. Michael Bryant, and the entire New Life Church and Community Center staff, whose phenomenal outreach provides an array of services to the community at large, for welcoming H.O.M.E. again this year to join forces as we distributed more than 250 coats at our annual ‘Love Out-Loud Voyage Event’ giveaway!  Over the past four years, our collective partnership with Delivering Good, Burlington, and Good Morning America have afforded H.O.M.E. the opportunity to collect and distribute close to 5,000 warm coats to those who need it most.  It’s only one thing we can say to terrific partnerships like these…
Ohhh What L.O.V.E.!!
Lend a Hand Up
H.O.M.E.’s ‘Pearl in Her Purse’ Fund provides financial assistance to relieve the stress of mothers who are oppressed and unable to meet immediate needs such as: groceries, gas cards, bus passes, or an overnight hotel stay when they have nowhere else to go.  Your monetary pearl of any amount will help H.O.M.E. help moms who truly need a ‘hand up.’
‘When Mothers are Empowered … So are their Children’
'Pearl in Her Purse' Fund
Tax to the Max
Start the New Year off rich by giving!  Maximize your refund by planting a seed of any amount to help a family in need.  When we pay it forward, our gifts will surely bless us, as we bless others.  Consider donating today on behalf of a loved one; to honor someone special; or in memory of a precious loss.  No amount is too small… when you use your tax to the max!!!

Come H.O.M.E. Friends….

“The harvest is plentiful… but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:27

Don’t have spare furniture? Consider helping with a gift of financial support of ANY amount.  All donations are tax deductible.  Together, let’s sew in love and give as we have been blessed to those less fortunate.  Here’s how:

  • Make a monthly contribution or a one-time financial gift of ANY amount
  • Donate new or gently used furniture and home décor
  • Purchase our featured item(s) of the quarter:  Drinking Glasses & Cookware (Pots, pans and Skillets)
It takes A Village to Raise a Child and
a Community of Givers to Help Single Mothers in Need
Remember H.O.M.E. at Checkout
Shopped at Kroger lately?  Allow H.O.M.E. to receive the benefits when you register at and enter our code 'BI860.'  Just by shopping you can donate a percentage of your spending to support a great cause. 
Thanks SO Much!!

H.O.M.E. Hero to the Rescue!

Become a H.O.M.E. Hero by being a monthly financial donor.  Visit our website and sign up today.  No contribution is too small because little becomes much when it’s given from the heart.


Have gently used furniture, home furnishings or small appliances you no longer need?  Contact us!!  We'll be happy to pick it up!

678-964-4328 ~

Donations are tax deductible!!

 To learn more about H.O.M.E., Inc. (Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc.)


‘New Mercies We See… in 2023!’

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