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Abundant Blessings to Many...
In 2020!!
If I could only see you there, wrapped in everlasting grace…
Tear-stained face relieved of struggle; life eternal; warm embrace.
Hidden strength and courage—wisdom learned—lessons lived…
Strokes of beauty brushed on canvas; anointed; appointed you freely give.
Cherished is your legacy—gift of sacrifice—sufficiently shared…
As I think of your compassion; unlike no other, how you cared.
Precious is your smile beaming amid a starry night…
Your kindness fills my being; fuels me with His guiding light.
Peace pouring down from Heaven’s gate; sweet prayers of years gone by…
Still dancing in my heart—visions of you—to gain I die.
On bending knees I watched you seek God’s face; so faithful; true…
Now, blessed to string such valued pearls—and with each one I honor you.

Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc.
Proudly Honors the Memory of

Margie Faye Davis Webber
October 19, 1936 - April 11, 2001

Our Founder's Heart
Grace and Greetings H.O.M.E. Family,
During this testing time in world history, my deepest thoughts remain steadfast for families whose loved ones have succumbed to the Coronavirus.  My heart aches for thousands infected and fighting to win the battle over such deadly disease.  And, certainly, my fervent prayers linger for our first responders who carry the dreaded fear of contracting this contagion of atypical proportions. While we the people look high and low for cause and cure through science, medicine, psychology, theology and technology, my greatest concern lies in whether we have overstepped, overlooked, or perhaps, underestimated the quintessential model and means to survive, heal and protect the Land we love.
These are days of awkward quietness.  We sit still and preoccupied by the clock's tick-tocks wondering if we’ll lose our jobs; how long before we can return to our jobs; can our businesses endure this nervous economic break down; will food and basic necessities become scarce; have we saved enough money to sustain our lifestyles; how will this cataclysmic event impact the education of our children; when will life return to a sense of commonality and normalcy.  The truth of the matter, ALL of us have become captive, in some way, to a worldwide crisis—a plague for which we ultimately have no control.  Our hope of peace and reassurance can only be redeemed in believing that, with God’s grace, this too shall pass.  If anchored by a greater force behind the scenes who is orchestrating the universe He created, we can also be confident that every instrument He plays in the symphony of divine harmony is for the greater good of all humanity.
Recently, I received a unique gift from my bestie, Carolyn.  It was a modestly petite gray and white book filled with 95 powerful pages entitled—‘LOVE: The Words and Inspiration of Mother Teresa.’  What pierced me to my very soul about this humbled servant were her extreme measures to disassociate with the likes of fame, fortune, affluence, politics, riches, power and prestige—all in the name of LOVE. For you see, unlike Mother Teresa, the poorest of the poor are almost invisible to many of us.  Thus, to go back to “life as usual” is to return to our own self-fulfilling prophecies; which will ultimately produce the worst pandemic civilization has ever seen.  If through the devastation of COVID-19 we’ve missed the lesson of how fragile every life is… how deserving every person is… and how critical every day is to helping others survive, heal and be cared for—then our love and our prayers will have failed us all.
Lovingly and graciously,

Carolyn A. Watson
Pearl of the Quarter
A Nigerian native who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, Deborah Evbuomwan is an attentive mother to her only son, Rae’l-Malachiii.  Born prematurely, this gentle and kind kid has endured his share of bullying.  Yet, he is a budding eight-year-old who loves math, soccer, basketball and climbing.  Deborah became acquainted with her child’s father in high school.  They later began dating during her first year of college.  “This was a dark place for me… I’m just happy I made it through it all,” she stated as the memories of physical, emotional and psychological abuse flooded her mind.  “He promised me the world; marriage and everything—I fell in love with him.”  Like so many other domestic violence survivors, Deborah explained how, as a young woman, she didn’t recognize the signs of domestic abuse. “He began to break things; he was controlling and isolated me from everyone.”  She further went on to recall how he would hit her so hard that she saw her own blood.  Deborah’s courage, strength and desire to prevail led her back home to live with her parents, which unfortunately, didn’t work out.  They were strict in their beliefs of ‘marriage before children.’  As such, they did not approve of her situation and she eventually moved out.  Deborah worked three jobs to make a life for herself and her son in the absence of his father.  After three years of living in a rat infested apartment complex, she’d had enough.  “I was just tired and broke… I couldn’t do it anymore.”  She lost her job, and eventually, her apartment.  With no help or emotional support, she slept in her vehicle for three weeks until she was finally accepted into a shelter.   
Determined to move beyond this hardship, Deborah stayed focused and remained faithful to God.  With help from an agency she found a suitable apartment, but had no furniture or beds— nor did she have any viable resources willing to assist.  “I just prayed and asked God to show me somewhere or someone who could help us with furniture.”  She called another agency who referred her to H.O.M.E.  When asked what if felt like to now have furniture, Deborah bubbled over with joy, “O’ My God, this was the brightest light at the end of the tunnel…” she cheered. Deborah was concerned about the quality of furniture she’d receive.  Once we decorated her apartment all she could muster was… “My furniture is sooo FLY!”  She went on to say, “I cried when you guys left… I just felt whole.” In closing, Deborah leaves us with this, “If things don’t go as planned its okay; if you plant a seed and it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t mean that God won’t someday have a whole garden waiting for you.”  

  On Behalf of The H.O.M.E. Team
Congratulations to

Ms. Deborah Evbuomwan
for Being Our
Pearl of the Quarter
Changing Lives Through the Gift of Furniture...
One Truckload at a Time!!
God Bless America

Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc. takes pride in acknowledging and saluting the courageous men and women who extend their hearts and hands, not just during a global pandemic, but stand willing and ready on the front lines each and every day.  ‘THANK YOU’ for sacrificing your lives—to save the lives of the American people.  
Our Children ~ Our Future
H.O.M.E. strongly believes, ‘When Mothers are empowered … So are their Children.’  It is this principle that gives us a platform to build upon the foundation of the youth we serve—by simply lending a “hand up” to the mothers we serve.  It is our hope that through the efforts of H.O.M.E. the children that have been, and will be blessed with warm beds, many for the very first time, will remember the love, comfort and care that we provided through playful rooms, colorful beds and inspirational walls of encouragement.  Today, you too, can invest in their future by making the tiniest wish of a bed—a reality.  What an ideal way for a child to pay-it-forward and become givers of their communities by what you’ve done on behalf of love.  When you give to H.O.M.E., you will supply the gift of a beautiful memory for a child AND sustain our work for generations to come!
God Turns Little... Into Much
No Turning Back
More than ever before, H.O.M.E. is in need of your gently used furniture donations.  While we make plans to re-open and resume our donation pickup/delivery services when public health conditions improve, we hope you will ‘save-the-dinette’ just for H.O.M.E.  We are prayerful that H.O.M.E. will be back to business much sooner than later.  And when we do… We’ll Need YOU!  Most of our sofas, dinette sets, dressers, bedding, towels, plate sets and cookware have all been depleted and many single mothers are desperate for help.  We’re looking forward to filling our inventory to fulfill an even greater mission.  So, when is the last time you’ve looked around your home, garage or attic in the name of spring cleaning?  Well, today is as good as any!  You’ll be surprised to know how much value your unused cherished items can be to someone who has nothing.  Together, let’s forge ahead to a brighter tomorrow and make plans to Save-the-Dinette!
Quarantine Corner
Sheltering-at-H.O.M.E. has given our staff the opportunity to renew, relax and reminisce on the lives that have been changed by the ministry and mission of Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc.  In the midst of putting our hands to the plow by loading furniture, folding towels, waxing tables and spot cleaning sofas, we sometimes miss seeing the fruit of our labor and the impact H.O.M.E. is making on single mothers facing hardship.  Below we’d like to share a few heartfelt sentiments from our clients to say ‘THANK YOU’ for doing the ordinary to create the extraordinary…

Pause 2 PRAY
Especially during these uncertain times, the most important weapon of our faith that’s essential to the success of H.O.M.E. is Prayer!  Each quarter, our dedicated Prayer Warriors simply pray for the specific needs of our organization in the privacy of their own space, own time, for 7 consecutive days each quarter.  Are you passionate about intercessory prayer?   Join the anointed team that covers our H.O.M.E. with the invaluable gift of—PRAYER. 
Time 4 Taxes!
Over the past two years, H.O.M.E. has received a generous donation from H & R Block at just the mention of our name!  With the extended tax deadline, you now have more time to file your 2019 return.  And when you visit any location for tax preparation, H&R Block will contribute $20 to our cause if you desire to support Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc. as your charity of choice.  After all, it will cost you absolutely nothing to take a moment and kindly say—there’s no place like H.O.M.E.!!
Are YOU the Next
Super Hero?
Become a H.O.M.E. Hero by signing up to be a monthly financial donor!  Visit today!  Not interested in giving monthly?  Consider making a one-time contribution of any amount or signing up for corporate giving through your employer.  Little becomes much… when it’s placed in the Master’s hand!!
H.O.M.E. On Your Mind
While making your list on-line keep H.O.M.E. in mind during these days of cyber shopping!  Many of us are purchasing food, clothing, and just about everything through on-line goods and services.  Here’s a chance to ‘give back’ by making a small contribution to H.O.M.E. when you buy from Kroger and Amazon Smile.  Click the photo to sign up!!
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Thanks for being a blessing! Together, WE are helping hands … helping others!

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