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God Bless the Dream… in 2019!!
Our Founder's Heart
Summertime Greetings Family!
As I traveled home over the weekend I began listening to some radio commentary that was quite interesting.  It was a news story about commuters grabbing flying cash after an armored truck spilled $175K onto a highway in Atlanta.  Some people felt justified by this “finders’ keepers” situation—and others felt compelled to return the boatload of cash (well, at least some of it, lol!), in fear of being exposed.  After hearing the mindset and opinions of countless individuals, I felt the itch to ask a personal question.  What Motivates You?
While I truly understand bills and obligations, certainly we all could use some “extra” dough, especially when it appears out of nowhere and land right into our hands.  However, my inquiry regarding your heart posture over free money is whether stolen funds would be your ideal way of receiving the help you need—even if the need is met unlawfully.  I too must ask myself the same question.  And, quite frankly, my first thought would be the excitement that comes to mind when I think of how many people I could help outside of myself and family.  Yet, on the other hand, knowing the money belongs to someone else I would feel convicted about keeping it for myself.  Just thinking upon whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report—I personally, would not want to commune at the table of God with unclean hands and expect to walk away with a clean bill of spiritual health.  You see, to be rich is one thing… but to be wealthy is a gift that encompasses all things!
So, as you ponder the answer to the question from the depths of your authentic self, I’d like you to carefully consider whether you desire a bigger barn to fill—OR do you trust that the grace of God is sufficient enough to provide whatever you need day-by-day in an honest way.  For some of us, undoubtedly and unapologetically, it’s definitely ‘all about the benjamins.’  But, for others who may choose to wait on the Lord to provide in an honest way, that’s perfectly okay too!  Every man must be fully persuaded within himself and believe wholeheartedly that everything that can be obtained in life can be done honorably and truthfully.  For it is so, when we seek to bless the lives of others—we will carry the peace of knowing that abundant blessings for ourselves will surely follow.  To this, I shall end as I began with this thought-provoking question.  What Motivates YOU?

As always… lovingly and graciously yours,
Carolyn A. Watson
“LOVE is the fuel that ignites the flame to Living YOUR Best Life!”
Pearl of the Quarter
As a child, Dorrisa Brown moved from Ohio to Atlanta with her mother and brother.  Growing up in her brother’s shadow was difficult to handle and life eventually took a drastic turn.  Dorrisa would later discover that the lack of attention she received created deep feelings of being unloved.  She then turned to alternative means to cope and by the time she was 15 she began using drugs.  Raised by a single mom, who was also a user, caused Dorrisa to look for love and attention to fill the hole in her life—which lasted for more than two decades.  This vicious cycle led her into abusive relationships, jail time, and eventually, the loss of her children to the court system in 2015.  “I just remember sitting in a cold, dark, apartment with a pipe in my hand…” she recalls.  “They had taken my kids away—and my older children just left—I was all alone.”

While self-medicating and trying to function on a daily bases proved to be a daunting task for this single, 45-year-old mother of seven, Dorrisa had to hit rock bottom and endure hardship to build strength and courage to fight.  She has an optimistic attitude towards life and spoke candidly about the time she was raped at age 25.  “I had heard a story about forgiveness; so when this happened to me I felt forgiveness instantly in my heart for him.”  Understandably, many of us would be devastated over such personal violation.  However, Dorrisa, who displayed love and affection from the moment she called H.O.M.E., embraced her experiences—and we could see her heart far above her need.  We knew she was special with a remarkable story to tell.

It was in this dark and lonely place, both physically and emotionally, that Dorrisa realized there was only one way out of this dismal situation.  Finally, she cried out… “God help me!”  She looked up and saw a bright light and began to cry.  Two days shy of making her next court appearance she prayed that they wouldn’t take her kids away—but they did.  She now admits this was the best thing to happen for them AND for her.  That very day, Dorrisa received help from her lawyer who introduced her to a shelter.  Since then, she’s been clean and sober for one year this October.  “God works through people…” she explained.  “I’m glad I went through everything I went through because I see that God was always with me,” she continued.  We couldn’t help but to express love for Dorrisa—because from our first encounter she was consistent in expressing her love for us!
  On Behalf of The H.O.M.E. Team
Congratulations to
Ms. Dorrisa Brown
for Being Our
Pearl of the Quarter
A Long Walk H.O.M.E.
The sun will come out tomorrow… so let’s get ready to take A Long Walk H.O.M.E. today!!  Due to the pouring rain our NEW run/walk-a-thon date is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th, on the peaceful trail of Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve.  For those already registered, can’t wait to see you there!  For those who have not, we’d love to see you there!  Together, WE CAN ‘Be the Change’ for single mothers and children facing hardship, because any of us could fall on hard times.  So, thanks in advance for supporting H.O.M.E. and for making a difference.  
Joyful, Joyful, LORD We Adore You!
Excitement is in the air so join us for a cause to care!  Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc. is presenting its first Gospel Benefit Concert at New Life Church in Decatur, to raise the roof, raise awareness and raise financial support for the sake of the call.  Our five-year anniversary and milestone for impacting hundreds of lives all around metro Atlanta is certainly something to raise the praise about!  Trust and believe this is A H.O.M.E.Town Celebration you don’t want to miss!  Click Below for details or to reserve your FREE ticket to attend while supplies last!!
Concern, Commitment & Community
H.O.M.E. would like to give a special “shout out” to the Administration and Teachers of Marbut Elementary School for inviting us to share our passion of serving others with the future leaders of tomorrow!  For the past two years, we were honored to spend Career Day sharing the good news of how H.O.M.E. is changing lives for the better as a 501(c)3 nonprofit who’s concerned and committed to the communities we serve.  It certainly takes a village… so Thanks to ALL for allowing us to be a small part of something truly BIG!!
Senior Day at the Y.M.C.A.
H.O.M.E. is not just about serving Single Mothers, but we’re equally supportive and ready to assist Single Grandmothers who find themselves with the task of raising young grandchildren.  We deeply appreciate the wonderful team at Wade-Walker Y.M.C.A. for making H.O.M.E. a part of their annual Senior Expo!  While the struggle is real for all of us, for Senior Citizens, it can be a weight that is extra heavy to bear.  Thus, Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure does not only provide resources to single mothers, but we’re also here to lift the load for Single Grandmothers as well!!
In the Spotlight!
Getting the word out is one of the many ways H.O.M.E. helps people in need.  Hat’s off to Trish Standley for welcoming H.O.M.E. to her new set to be interviewed on an upcoming episode of Style with Trish T.V.  Stay tuned for details and major love to her and others for being faithful supporters of H.O.M.E. since day one!!
So Much 2 Be
Grateful For
During this time of year countless children return to school with little to no school supplies, book bags, and for some, they lack sufficient shoes and clothes.  While H.O.M.E. cannot supply these items to all who are in need, we kindly encourage you to connect with a local school, church or community center and contribute in some way to a child who has no other way.  
H.O.M.E. Hero’s Unite!
Become a H.O.M.E. Hero by being a monthly financial donor!  The work in indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few.  We also need committed volunteers, movers and in-kind services.  Visit and sign up today!  As always, no contribution is too small because little becomes much… when it’s placed in the Master’s hand!!
Remember H.O.M.E. at Checkout
Think “H.O.M.E.” when you shop at Kroger and Amazon!  Allow us to receive the benefits when you spend your dollars at Kroger and online at Amazon.  Just by searching for Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure  on Amazon and registering at Kroger Community Rewards (BI860) you can donate a percentage of your spending to a great cause!  We Are Changing Lives Through the Gift of Furniture…. One Truckload at a Time!! 
God Turns Little... Into Much
Changing Lives Through the Gift of Furniture...
One Truckload at a Time!!
Come H.O.M.E Friends…. We Need YOU!

“The harvest is plentiful… but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:27

Become a Volunteer, Create a Group Service Project

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