VOLUME 8 Number 6
July 2022

(Southern Pines)……The word Summertime. Summertime, is there any word in the English Language that brings to mind a better time, more fun thoughts, and fonder memories than when we hear that word in mid-January? Thoughts of summertime can immediately put a smile on your face and transport us thousands of miles in our mind, to the beach, to mountains, to parties, to sitting on a porch sipping a cool drink while a ceiling fan twirls its slow rotation as we read a good book. See, this isn’t hard. 

As we leave July and prepare to ease into August, we enter the slowest two months of the year for NCCIA and for that matter most trade groups. There is no hurrying to annual conferences, the individual in the next office is on vacation, the halls of the legislative building are quiet and the congress is in recess, leaving the country to be run by the bureaucrats who seem to run the place anyway.

Here at NCCIA, we’re celebrating the passage of the premium tax holiday for captives who want to redomesticate to North Carolina. Take a few minutes and call Lori Gorman and her staff at NCDOI and find out what is in such a move for your captive or client. Hey, we helped draft the bill so we know you’ll like it! In September the Annual Conference Committee will begin work on the 2023 conference to be held in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Then in January, the legislature returns and we’ll all be fully engaged. 

So keep that word in mind. Summertime, it will come in handy about then. We hope by now that you are building up a store of memories to get you through the winter. Nothing will be more pleasing come January that to close your eyes, lean back, and remember Summertime!

Jackie Obusek, Chief Deputy Commissioner of NCDOI

Changes at the NCDOI

There are a couple of changes at NCDOI we want to share with you. Michele Osbourne, Deputy Commissioner has made the decision to return to academia as Dean of the Insurance Department at Campbell University. Michelle has been a regular presenter at the NCCIA Annual Conference in past years. In her new position, hopefully, she’ll be able to encourage her students to consider careers in the captive industry.

Jackie Obusek Senior Deputy Commissioner in the Department has succeeded Michelle as the Chief Deputy Commissioner. Her position is the number two post in the department and bodes well for the captive industry. Congratulations Jackie!

Lastly, Leane Rafalko, Chief Captive Analyst in the department is leaving to accept a position in  Hylant’s North Carolina operation. We wish her well and will look forward to seeing her at future NCCIA meetings.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. That cold January day will be here before you know it!

Best regards,

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