October 2020

The First Meeting Of 2021 Annual Conference Committee

(Southern Pines)….The 2021 Annual Conference Committee of the association held it’s first meeting to kick off planning for the NCCIA 2021 Annual Conference scheduled for August 30 through September 1 at the Washington Duke Inn on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.
David Littlehale, Committee Chair said that the Committee is “excited to be back in planning mode for our 2021 Conference. We all missed being together in in 2020 and are ready to get started organizing an educational event that will allow us to bring our members together for an outstanding educational and networking event.”
“While the committee reviewed panel submissions from 2020 and found a number of them to continue to be pertinent, we believe that given the many changes in the industry during this Covid lock down year, that we would open a new program submission process for 2021.” He continued, “We want to be sure that our program contains up to date information that will be helpful to you in your business, including the impact of Covid on the industry.”
Committee member Mike Meehan told the Newsletter that the Committee is looking for submissions that deal with issues such as:

  • A Case Study in How a Captive Supported My Business During a Pandemic, Emerging Trends in Captive Management,
  • A Case Study on Managing Diverse Consultants Remotely Under Lock Down Operations and other topics you feel may be of interest to the industry.
  • Growth of 3rd party risk in captive insurers; how are captives incorporating 3rd party risks?  3rd party risk in captive insurer vs. traditional insurer and what is the difference?
  •  Status of the Risk Retention Group Industry:  growth/decline? Lines of business? Issues they face?
  • Insurable risk vs business risk?  (Example we were recently contacted about -  Are punitive damages an insurable risk as punitive damages are to are awarded only if there has been proof of intentional bad acts, is insuring this risk a way for the insured to intentionally commit acts that were hurtful to others and evade financial penalty for doing so?)
  •  Lessons learned from COVID and steps taken to be better prepared for a pandemic.
  • A discussion of the pros/cons of the Pandemic Risk Insurance Act, “PRIA”?

If you are interested in proposing a panel presentation please use the electronic submission form by clicking the blue button below. Submissions are due NOT LATER THAN NOVEMBER 30, 2020. Littlehale concluded by saying “If you have ever thought you might like to make a presentation at a captive conference now is the perfect time to submit a proposal. With all of us having been in at least a semi lockdown situation, now is a great opportunity to take the time to submit a proposal. The submission process is easy. Click on the blue button below and take a look. We look forward to having everyone together again in August.”

Submit A 2021 Conference RFP

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has now scheduled The CIC Insurance Service v. IRS Case For Tuesday, December 1

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has now scheduled the CIC Insurance Service v. IRS case for oral arguments in front of the Justices on Tuesday, December 1. No determination has been made whether the court will hear the case in it’s Supreme Court Hearing Room in Washington or via some type of electronic means. According to the Court the question before it is; ”Whether the Anti-Injunction Act’s bar on lawsuits for the purpose of restraining the assessment or collection of taxes also bars challenges to unlawful regulatory mandates issued by administrative agencies that are not taxes.”
NCCIA continues to follow this case closely and will have observers at the hearing to report the tenor of the hearings in a Special Edition of The Newsletter. The CIC case will be one of the first cases heard by all nine SCOTUS Justices since the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the addition of Amy Coney Barrett to the court.

Congratulations to NCDOI staffer Kait Chase

Congratulations to Kait Chase, an “Emerging Talent” at the NCDOI who has been recognized by Captive Insurance Times for her achievements.  Kait is the NCDOI’s Risk Retention Group Analysis Manager, responsible for the oversight of the licensing and ongoing regulation of risk retention groups licensed by the state.  “Kait is an important member of our team, and we are so fortunate to have her”,  Debbie Walker, Senior Deputy Commissioner of NCDOI told the Newsletter.

NCCIA extends it’s congratulations to Kait for her achievement and commitment to making North Carolina the best domicle it can be.

It Is That Time Of The Year Again. Annual Dues Investment

It is that time of the year again. Annual dues investment statements will be mailed to all NCCIA members the week of November 16. Payment is due not later than December 30, 2020 for the next year. Thomas Adams said, “I am pleased to announce that for the seventh consecutive year NCCIA will hold the line on annual dues. Dues for captive members continue at $500 for the year and $800 for associate members.” Continuing he said that “the association is cognizant of the strain that the Covid virus has placed on our industry and is pleased to help by continuing dues at their present levels for another year.” The association encourages you to please remit your payment in a timely manner to help eliminate the need for additional billings.

Lastly, North Carolina Continues It’s National Reputation As A Bell Weather State

Lastly, North Carolina continues it’s national reputation as a bell weather state in the national elections next week. If you have not yet voted, please take the time on election day Tuesday, November 3 to vote!

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