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2. Cities and States Prefer Public Banks to Wall Street
3. Ellen Brown (podcast): North of the Border, Up Canada Way...
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Cities and States Prefer Public Banks to Wall Street

by John Lawrence, San Diego Free Press | posted by PUBLIC BANKING INST | 0gb | March 09, 2017

Alarmed by the corruption and greed of Wall Street, many US cities and states are studying the feasibility of establishing public banks.
Graphic: Washington Public Banking Coalition

Public banks are owned by cities, states or other jurisdictions and serve to keep funds local instead of being deposited on Wall Street. The funds are then used to support local economic activities like small business loans and student loans.

Washington State has already cut its ties with Wells Fargo because they funded DAPL. Now they want to get rid of Wall Street as a place to park their money making use of the local economy and profiting the people of Washington instead of the bankers of Wall Street. Bills were introduced on January 18 in both the House and Senate of the Washington State Legislature that add Washington to the growing number of states now actively moving to create public banking facilities.  READ MORE

North of the Border, Up Canada Way......

Canada is an envied destination for some to get away from it all , but you can't escape the global banking cartel regardless of which continent you're on.  A handful of Canadians are waging a noble fight to return their central bank, the Bank of Canada, to its chartered role as a low and no-interest financier of government projects and the public interest. That case is at the center of a new book called Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism.  We speak with author Joyce Nelson about how the global debt cartel of international finance is creating a permanent trap for citizens the world over.  And we visit with economic strategist Mark Anielski about his book The Economics of Happiness - a different way of measuring wealth.
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