Dead.FM, House Rulez, Dorkness Rising BluRay, Demon Hunters, & Starr Mazer!
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A DG Valentine for you. We're Busy making content!

Many projects on the horizon, and yeah, we'll be at Gen Con!

Try clicking that image up there for Dead.FM. If you haven't checked out our monthly podcast, give it a listen. We have been busy making a lot of stuff lately, and as a result we have a lot of projects to tell you about. So keep reading! Also, you need to listen to this, written and performed by Brian Lewis: Valentines Day Jewelry Commercial

Our crazy foray into reality television has come to its finale with a surprise ending. You can binge watch the whole show at or click the image above. The DVD is currently being created with loads of extra features. They are on track to deliver to the Kickstarter backers on time! 
By the end of this weekend we may have a draft of the rules that is suitable for playtesting. A playtesting packet will go out to the backers of the Kickstarter and we would LOVE to get constructive feedback as soon as you can take it for a spin. We'll provide instructions for that when we send it out. If you missed the Kickstarter but would like to get in on the Preorders, click on the image above. By the way, Jimmy McMichael has been working some serious writing magic on fleshing out this amazing world we love. Kudos Jimmy!
Episode 9 of Dead.FM is out! Just click on Oscar the Skull up there to give it a listen. We have settled on a monthly release for the podcast. We release around the second Wednesday of the month. Subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher or RSS and never miss an episode.
Speaking of Jimmy and Demon Hunters, the Demon Hunters comic is rapidly closing in on the end of its first story. After which, Jimmy and Ben (Honeycutt) are taking a break from the comic to work on the RPG, and to iron out the direction of the comic after the hiatus. Until then, every Tuesday is Demon Hunters Tuesday. Check out our Patreon campaign if you love the comic and consider supporting us. Even a dollar a month helps.
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is getting a facelift! Coming towards the middle of March is a Dorkness Rising BluRay Kickstarter! Ben Dobyns has upgraded the movie to 1080p, and we're getting a new DVD poster/cover designed by Conner Marx. Our next newsletter will feature this announcement and a link to the Kickstarter.
Starr Mazer! Have you seen this yet? This game is crazy awesome. Our own Scott C. Brown, Trin Miller, Andy Dopieralski, and Brian Lewis lend their voices to this cast! This game must be made. Seriously consider backing this! You can click the image to go right to the kickstarter.
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