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October 5 & 6, 2016

The conference this year focuses on recognizing and articulating the mental health needs of LGBT peoples of color through the collective strength and wisdom of clinicians, consumers, academics and advocates to confront the issues affecting these communities, which are often compounded by shame and stigma.

The call for abstract submissions is effective April 1, 2016.
                 Deadline for abstract submissions, May 31, 2016


The Conference program consists of two tracks:
    Education and information on mental health issues relating to LGBT peoples of color
    Wellness, innovations, treatment options/choices for LGBT peoples of color

Using the suggestions below as a guide, from last year’s conference, please indicate the track to which your abstract relates; each abstract must be related to a specific track.

    Education/Information on mental health issues:    
  • Masculinity/Femininity/gender expression – sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Homophobia/transphobia in faith communities
  • Aging – Baby Boomers – ageism
  • Youth – Millennials, Generation X, Y
  • Illnesses, access to healthcare, mental health care
  • Family rejection/Acceptance
  • HIV and mental health
Wellness, innovations, treatment options/choices:
  • Culturally competent primary care professionals, mental health professionals
  • Activism/changing the system as a healing force
  • Healing through communities of faith
  • Meditation/Wellness/Mindfulness
  • Exercise, art and mental health – including fine art, dance, artistic expression
  • Sexuality as a healing force
  • Making connections – creating, recreating networks, finding community, belonging
  • HIV/Undetectable status for healing
About Conference Tracks
Education and Information on mental health issues relating to LGBT peoples of color:
Workshops and panel discussions in this track focus on challenges and difficulties experienced by LGBT peoples of color, paying attention to the emergence of issues attributed to social (family, school, work, church, community), civil and government acts, which include innovative and/or effective interventions and research that address and educate about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of LGBT POC, as well as explore difficulties in capacity-building, and examining best practices.

Wellness, innovations, treatment options/choices for LGBT peoples of color:
Workshops and panel discussions in this track examine the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of LGBT POC, as well as treatment of various states of illness and dis-ease facing LGBT POC communities. Workshops and panel discussions are encouraged to be innovative and creative in highlighting the latest research findings, complexities related to the prevention, diagnosis, natural history and management of both physical and mental health issues that affect LGBT POC communities. Creative and innovative presentations can include methods such as dance, word expression, and meditation.

About Workshops and Panel Discussions:

Panel Discussions: Panel Discussions will be a 75-minute session and intended to provide an overview of the topic area, highlighting some key issues needing further exploration, and subsequent policy and program intervention.
Workshops: Workshops should be designed to serve as 75-minute information sharing and skills-building sessions. Handouts, use of audiovisual materials, and participant interaction are highly encouraged.

Participants in each session (workshop or panel discussion) will be encouraged to complete evaluations that will look at presenter’s knowledge and grasp of subject matter, presentation, and although subjective, listener’s comprehension and sense of applicability.
Abstract Submissions DEADLINE:  Midnight May 31, 2016.

NOTE: Late abstracts will ONLY be considered in the event there is some breaking news or an issue with a significant impact on the mental health of LGBT peoples of color emerges; a presenter would then be selected and invited to submit an abstract.  
Submit abstracts here: SUBMIT ABSTRACT

Abstract Selection Process
Abstract selection criteria will look at and include topic relevance to the mental health of LGBT POC and related services, level of interest expected in the proposed session and the overall clarity of the abstract.

The abstract review team will make selections and recommendations; the conference programming planning committee will make final selections and approvals. All decisions by the conference programming committee with regard to abstract selections and the program are final. The conference programming committee reserves the right to reject any abstract, even if recommended by the review team, and also reserves the right to formulate and populate the conference program according to need, applicability, relevance and timeliness.

Late and or incomplete abstract submissions WILL NOT be reviewed or considered. To ensure abstracts are accepted and considered, below is a check list of requirements:

 Checklist of Abstract Submission Requirements
 Please use the checklist below to ensure that you are properly following the abstract submission guidelines. Please complete this checklist before emailing your abstract. It may be necessary to prepare a draft on a separate Word document, to ensure you comply with the required word count.
_______ Abstract submission here: SUBMIT ABSTRACT
_______ Abstract title – should be catchy, creative and interesting
_______Abstract introduction (will be used in conference journal), maximum 150 words
_______Abstract description – maximum 200 words
_______ Use 12-point font size (Times New Roman/Arial)
 _______The first person listed on the abstract, with email and phone number, will be considered the principal author/presenter
_______ All co-authors are listed and aware that their names appear on this abstract
_______ Abstracts received after midnight, May 31, 2016 will not be accepted  

Notification of abstract status, acceptance or rejection, will be sent no later than the first week of July, 2016.
Notification of abstract acceptance and rejection will be sent to first author ONLY. If the abstract submission consists of more than one author/presenter, the first person listed on the submission is responsible to notify co-authors/presenters. The decision of the Programming Planning Team regarding abstract selection is final. Due to the overwhelming response and submission of abstracts, planning team members will not be able to respond to enquiries.

 All presenters must be registered for the conference through the link below:
 Since the conference is being held in a federal building, there is no registration fee. Presenters, coming from outside the NYC area/region, are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.
About DBGM:
DBGM, Inc. is an organization dedicated to recognizing and articulating the mental health issues of LGBT people of the Black diaspora through the collective strength and wisdom of professionals and supporters, to address the issues affecting these communities.
Copyright © 2016 DBGM, Inc., All rights reserved.

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