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• 5 Items to Keep Out of Your
  Recycling Bin

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“If I look at the masses, I will never act; if I look at the one, I will.”  -Mother Theresa

Join us for a
Master Recycler Tour

Wednesday, March 18 at 11:30am

Have you ever been to one of the two Bottle Drops in Salem and wondered what happens when you put in your bottle or can for recycling? Come see how they sort the different types of containers and hear about how the Bottle Drop program works at a special behind the scenes tour on Wednesday, March 18th at 11:30. We'll meet inside the Bottle Drop on Lancaster between Sunnyview Rd. NE and Market St. NE (1917 Lancaster Dr. NE, Salem 97305). If you can attend, please respond by Sunday the 15th to  Bailey ( 503-365-3191). Hope to see you there!

5 Items to Keep Out
of Your Recycling Bin

Mixed recycling makes it convenient to divert valuable materials from the garbage, but it’s important to make sure only the right stuff goes in. One of the challenges to single-stream recycling is the increase in contamination. Folks tend to get a little recycling happy, tossing additional items into the bin. But sending non-recyclable materials can get tangled in machinery, makes recycling harder, and sometimes even hazardous.
Please help make single-stream recycling a success by keeping these materials out of the recycling bin.

1. Plastic Film and Bags

Keep the pesky plastic films and bags out of your mixed recycling cart. They get tangled in machinery and stop the important work of sorting. Instead, drop them off at your local transfer station or grocery store. For a complete list of drop off locations visit

2. Textiles
Old clothes can be donated to your favorite charities, or if they are beyond repair, look for textile drop off sheds around the area. You can also use warn out clothes for rags or material for your next sewing project, but please keep them out of the recycle bin. 

3. Food
Did you know that almost 20% of our garbage is food? So what can you do? Food or food contaminated paper or cardboard should not be added to your mixed recycling bin. If you live in Salem or Keizer, you can add all solid food discards and food contaminated  cardboard or paper in the yard debris bin. If you live outside of Salem or Keizer and have a yard debris roll cart available, you can add fruits or vegetables to the yard debris bin. 

4. Stryofoam - Please don't add stryofoam to your mixed recycling cart. Instead drop off your stryofoam any 
Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m at the Fresh Start MarketThey accept clean (no stickers or tape) styrofoam that snaps when folded. Colored foam is ok too, but not if it bends without snapping. Construction related foam & foam that bends without snapping is not able to be recycled. Meat trays, egg cartons, coffee cups & takeout containers are not able to be recycled. The Fresh Start Market does not accept styrofoam peanuts, but most mailing stores accept them for free if they are clean and dry. For a complete list, type in the word "peanuts" in our recycling guide.

5. Household Hazardous Waste- Did you know that most cleaners, solvents, pesticides and fertilizers you may have around the house are actually considered hazardous waste when they’re no longer needed? Don't put household hazardous waste in your mixed recycling bin. Instead drop them off for free Thursdays, and 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Household Hazardous Waste Disposal located at the Salem/Keizer Transfer Station at 3250 Deer Park Dr. SE, Salem. Please bring your household hazardous waste in the original containers, if possible, with good fitting lids. Please place the material into a box to keep it from tipping over and spilling in transit.

Small businesses can use the facility, however they will be charged $2.50 per pound of hazardous waste ($100.00 minimum). Businesses using the facility must make an appointment by calling the appointment hotline (1-800-444-4244).

And as always, if you have an item that you're not sure how to dispose of, visit the online Recycling Guide to find out how and where to dispose of the item. Thanks for your help to keep contaminates from the recycling stream. 

Volunteers Needed

Woodburn STEM Festival
Thursday, March 12th  

Students, teachers and community members in Woodburn are teaming up for a night filled with activities, demonstrations and exhibits related to STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It will take place from 5-7pm at Heritage Elementary in Woodburn on Thursday, March 12. One of the activities will be making paper and crayons from recycled materials. We're looking for two more Master Recyclers to help run the activities with students and their families. For more info you can check out The Woodburn STEAM Festival online. Interested in helping out? Email Erika Breton.

Upcycle Oregon
Saturday April 11, Oregon State Capitol

Marion County would like four Master Recycler volunteers for the event: 2 spots, Noon to 2pm and 2 spots, 2pm to 4pm. If you can volunteer, please let Jessica know (503-365-3180).

Upcycle Oregon highlights statewide reuse, reduction and upcycling efforts through an art show, “upcycled” fashion show, hands-on activities, and information booths. It aims to raise awareness about waste reduction and reuse by highlighting Oregon artists and innovators, providing waste reduction education, and encouraging the reuse of a variety of materials in new, different and creative forms.

DIY Studio is organizing the art and fashion at Upcycle Oregon. To enter upcycled artwork or fashion, please visit to fill out an application before April 1st. 

Earth Day Fair 

Saturday April 18,
Oregon Gardens, Sliverton

Six volunteers needed for each shift:
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Come join in on all the fun at THE environmental event of the year at one of Marion County’s most beautiful attractions. We are celebrating Green Footprints this year with presentations, demonstrations, music, food, and fun.... oh yeah, there's a garden to walk around in, too. Volunteers will staff our display &/or help with some of our hands-on activities, and more. P
lease contact Alan ( 503-365-3188).

Oregon Green Schools Summit
Friday April 3, 2015, Western Mennonite School in Salem

Master Recyclers Needed at the Oregon Green Schools Summit If you are available to help at the upcoming Oregon Green Schools Summit, we would love your help anytime between 7:30am - 2:45pm. If you can help at this fun day of activities, please contact Bailey ( 503-365-3191).

The Head Start Program

Master Recycler Needed to do Short Presentations to Pre-school/Kindergarten Classes The Head Start program in Salem-Keizer is looking for a Master Recycler to come give a 20 minute presentation to children about recycling. There are several classes, some in English and some in Spanish and they'd like to have the lessons sometime in March or April but the dates are flexible. We have some activities already prepared. If you can help, please contact Bailey ( 503-365-3191).
Green Community Calendar
Do you have an environmental education event that you'd like to promote? Email Jessica or give her a call at 503.365.3180. And be sure to add the Green Community Calendar to your google calendar as well!

Recycling 101 
This ONLINE certificate class is noncredit, self paced and low cost and gives a comprehensive in depth look at waste and recycling in Oregon.  For more information, visit Recycling 101 online. 
2014 Program Data

Thanks Bailey Payne for putting this report together to share with Master Recyclers. 







According to 2014 numbers, for every pound of incoming latex that we receive (including weight of buckets but not pallets), we recycle 58% of it (down from 72% in 2013).  Of all the paint we received in 2014, approximately 20% came from the curbside collection, but this estimate is pretty rough.

In 2013 we collected…        
Utubes: 385    
Compact Fluorescent Lights: 24,700    
HID Lamps:  945    

Tons of Styrofoam Recycled: 10
Tons of Metal recovered at Covanta WTEF:  8,449.94 tons
Tons of Metal recovered at NM:  1,512.1 tons
Tons of appliances recycled at SKRTS & NM:  349.53 tons
Tons of Tires collected at SKRTS & NM:  223.06 tons (approx. 19,159 tires)
Tons from Browns Island Composting: 3,320.09 tons
Master Recycler Volunteer Hours:
The graph below shows how many hours are volunteered each year.  In 2014 we had volunteers report 505 hours.  Looking back at the last 12 years, the classes average paying back 37% of the hours that they committed to serving.  23% of the people that take the class become official Master Recyclers by completing the 30 hours of payback.  Over the years we have record of volunteers contributing a total of 7,884 hours.
Total Annual # of Hours Volunteered

The chart below shows the amount of glass that is recycled back into glass containers or fiberglass versus the amount that is used as roadbed at Coffin Butte Landfill or Kerr Contractors in Woodburn.  Both are considered “recycling” by the DEQ, however the higher use of this material is to recycle it into new bottles rather than “downcycle” it into roadbed.  I anticipate that much more of it will go into recycling in 2015 because more of it is now being sent to the e-Cullet Glass-to-Glass facility in Portland.

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