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New Master Recycler Class

Sometimes we like to change things up so others can participate. So this Fall we've scheduled the Master Recycler Program 8am to 4pm on Thursdays in hopes that folks who can't attend evenings and weekends can get involved.

The course, runs for five weeks and starts September 10 through October 8, 2015. If you know someone who is itching to take the class, please forward the
application (pdf).

Also, believe it or not, some folks don't even know that there is such as Master Recyclers. Be a dear, and help us spread the word through social media. It's free, and we'd really appreciate the share. 

Please note, the registration deadline is Sunday, August 9, 2015 and time is flying by, so take the time today and tell family and friends how you've benefited from the program. We really appreciate your help and your commitment to conservation and community!

Master Recycler Spotlight—Carla Jeanette 

Carla Jeanette has been putting her Master Recycling pay back hours to work at The State of Oregon Surplus Property program. Here's what she's been up to. 

"The State of Oregon Surplus Property program has been a leader in recycling and reuse of property from state and local governments. More than 99% of the items send to Surplus are reused or recycled. In the past year, the Surplus Property Program has handled over 27,000 individual items, returned $3.5M to agencies, and saved state and local governments and eligible non-profits $5M."
"Since completing the Master Recycling program most of the changes made were refining and simplifying processes to make recycling of items and packaging materials easier. I implemented seemingly small changes by observing material flow and putting containers for metal, wood, mixed recycling, and garbage at each doorway and staging area. To increase use, I clearly labeled each container with a bilingual poster and chose posters with visuals to help with sorting. These simple changes allowed the removal of a 30 yard mixed recycling container that was routinely contaminated garbage. With better sorting, I was able to replace it with a 2 yard garbage dumpster that is rarely half full when picked up. One significant addition is the collection of stretchable/pokable which used to be added to the garbage. Since implementation, we have conservatively recycled 12 gaylords worth  – in excess of 12 cubic yards of material. " - Carla Jeanette, Class 27


Calling all Master Recyclers

Save the Food Squad

We are putting together a Save the Food Squad of foodies and overall super heroes to help table booths, reach out to family and friends, and spread the word about reducing food waste. Below are some events we'd like help with. Super capes optional! Please contact Griselda (503.566.4159) to help. 
  • Berry Festival, Saturday, June 13th, Salem Public Market
  • St. Paul Parade, Saturday July 4th

Marion County Fair— Oregon State Fairgrounds

Come be a part of the coolest county fair in Marion County as we engage Joan Q. Public on ways to reduce, reuse, and...whatever that last one is.  We're going to place a special emphasis on reducing Marion County's Public Enemy #1...Food Waste. MR volunteers will also spin the wheel of waste, give recycling and composting tips, and introduce the fair-goers to the Save the Food program. To volunteer, contact Alan (503.566.4159) 

Thursday, July 9—Sunday, July 12

  • 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

  • 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

Master Recycler Pay Back Hours

Don't forget to report your pay back hours to Bailey so you too can receive your Master Recycler Certificate!
Report Your Hours

June Green Calendar

Summer is here so now's a fabulous time to check the calendar for green event goodness. Email Jessica or give her a call at 503.365.3180 to add your event to the calendar. And be sure to add the Green Community Calendar to your google calendar as well!


And the Survey Says...

Wait, you haven't taken the survey yet? So here's your chance.To best serve Master Recyclers such as yourself, I'd like to know something super simple. What device do you use to read this newsletter? These results will help shape the accessible and appearance of the newsletter, so please, take a second and click on your device of choice below. 

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Salem Sleeping Bag Project

Green Award Recycler of the Year 2015 recipient, Dana Canning came on Waste Matters on the Air to talk about the Salem Sleeping Bag Project. Dana and her crew of volunteers are using upcycled fabrics, plastic bags, and bedding to create sleeping mats and bags free of charge for the homeless. Listen now to learn more about this project! 

To hear from more waste prevention specialists in the community, tune into KMUZ (88.5, 100.7 Salem/Keizer, stream online at, or on the TuneIn radio app) the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 1pm. Or check out our archives to listen at your convenience!



Take the Save the Food Challenge

You’re a go-getter. We like that! We love that you want to take action to Save the Food. Take the Save the Food Challenge to see how much food you really waste. We’ll provide an easy to use tool kit and you’ll start by saving the preventable food waste and measuring it for five weeks. For the first week you’ll simply save any preventable food and measure. Weeks 2-5 you’ll make changes and keep measuring. Then at the end of the challenge you’ll report back to us so we can track results and reduce food waste county-wide. We’ll raffle off prizes and gift certificates for Save the Food Challenge participants, and you’ll become a Save the Food agent of change!
Take the Challenge
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