MAKE CHANGE - a gathering about future cities, games, film, maker culture,  technical, open and social innovation.
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Jasmine Idun Lyman
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Playcentric Industries, Story architects think&DO Collaboratory,, and Creative Producer at Reboot stories.

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Check out previous events

Collaboratory labs & game jams
We run labs, ninja play/build/work-shops, pop-up makerspaces at events like TEDx, FSCONS, ConFusion, Science Festivals etc, various game jams and more, check them out here

No More Sweden game jam 2014

DIY days Gothenburg and Global Game Jam 2014
Talk by game artists Lynn Hughes and Heather Kelley

Cronenberg workshop by DIY days founder Lance Weiler

Jammers in Collaboratory

DIY days Gothenburg 2013
with speakers Lance Weiler, Nick Fortugno, Nadia EL-Imam, lab curator Jörgen van der Sloot, singer Ida Long and awesome exhibitors and performers can be seen here

GAMERella Montreal 2014
click image for video 

2015 is about CHANGE

January 23-25 I dare you to level up and take action. Join us for a couple of days of awesomeness and mind parkour at the film- & games village in Gothenburg.

No matter if you choose to join the game, film, maker or innovation track, together we can make change, in our industry, in our city, on our planet.

To get free access to the main venue, including GoKinema, Learn Do Share, Collaboratory maker space, Gothgames and Electrodome you need to register before midnight! 

(After Dec 31 there is a small GoKinema fee).


22-27 January Gothenburg Film Studios yearly event GoKinema
2015 will be the 5 year anniversary, congrats and super thanks to Gothenburg Film Studios for being our biggest supporter!!!!

23-25 January Playcentric Industries invite you to a gathering for and by some of the regions most awesome change makers, as well as national and international guests. 

Festival for electronic, interactive & transmedia art. The call for artists is open until January 20, apply now!

GAMERella Global Game Jam 
2 awesome game jams for diversity in game culture, register for free at
The jams are held
 at Collaboratory, across the yard from the main film studio venue, so make sure to register for GoKinema too if you want to have access to both spaces.
Workshops will be offered before the jam, no previous game design skills needed, safe and supportive environment, and here you can also find a team to collaborate with at the jam.
Sweden is honored with a visit by the awesome GAMERellas Gina Haraszti and Jessica Blanchet, and Yves Bordeleau who will also be a mentor at the jams. More mentors will be announced further on and we are looking for sponsors and volunteers to make the jams even more cosy, contact me if you want to be part of the team, provide food for the jammers, bring some technology for us to use and test etc.
Big thanks to TAG at Concordia University in Montreal for supporting this event!

Gothgames and panel
Casual gathering for game makers, by game makers. Panel with invited guests who will share their experiences with running a studio.
Open talk sessions where we share our experiences, failures and challenges, how is it like to run a studio, what about the crunch periods, what and who do you want to see at the game festivals 2015, why is a board game with blinking touch sensors awesome, why is there no game institute like the film institute, whats up with gbg, who wants to share a ride to Malmö, Copenhagen etc??? You decide the themes. There is no big company, any funds or so behind this, so there will be no fancy snacks, wine etc provided, it will be what we make it. But we are an awesome community in an awesome space, so if you want to sponsor anything let me know and I can fix it.

Social innovation & maker track
Learn Do Share, social innovation and global network. This year we will work around the theme Future cities and youth powered change. A focus is also on participatory city planning, STEAM education, collaborative economy and maker culture. Stay tuned as we build the program together in the coming weeks, you can be part of the planning and also bring your own projects. Program will be updated at

Collaboratory, an innovation lab and art studio that happened to show a solution to Gothenburg’s 2 biggest problems, unemployment and segregation, through openness, trust and maker culture. Members will run a process led lab with themes like participatory design, academics and youth unemployment, CSR and ASR, leading up to the main event where we, in collaboration with the Learn Do Share community, will work around building hubs for youth powered change. We are also honored with a visit by the makers of Beta the game, Errol King and Patrice King, as well as team members from Reboot Stories, the NYC based organisation behind Learn Do Share, previously known as DIY days. 

Reboot Stories has partnered with the UN, the World Economic Forum, Columbia University, and others to design and run global cross-generational learning platforms. In 2012, Reboot Stories was awarded the prestigious Tribeca New Media Fund award. Mashable recently named Reboot Stories “one of the top five social good/educational startups to watch.”

Collaboratory is setting up a maker space in the film studio where you can try out various tech and maker gear. And there will be a gathering and open talk about how to run a maker space in for example a library, school or like. Are you running a maker space? come and share your experiences! Are you a maker that wants to exhibit your works? Send an email with a description of what you want to bring.
Big thanks to Reboot Stories, Beta, VGR and GR culture departments, ABF Medialab and specially the volunteers and Collaboratory members who support and run this.

Remember that you are welcome to add things to the program, the events are made for and with you. We have 2 more open design meetings at Collaboratory before the event, January 9 at 3pm, and January 15 at 5pm. Everyone interested can just show up. 
All links and continuous updates are available here
We need more sponsors/volunteers/collaborators! contact

Have a great New Year and see you soon!!!