How Can The Ache Of Loneliness, Lead You To LOVE? (Preview Call)

Aloha Beautiful People!

I remembered the moments of loneliness that I experienced.  Sometimes, the aches felt unbearable and fogged my mind that love was inaccessible.  Fortunately, I experienced this occasionally and remained hopeful about love.  

I know many relationship ready men and women who encounter loneliness on regular basis.  On the outside, they may appear "fine", successful, and accomplished.  Yet, there's a silent shame that they carry due thier "single" status.

Are you tired and becoming frustrated that LOVE is not happening for you, right now? Are you entertaining the idea of possibly "settling", because, it seems better than remaining "single" ?  Or feel like "throwing in the towel" of  the optimistic expectations about love?  Whatever it is for you, don't allow loneliness to defeat you.  Begin to focus on the POSSIBILITES, rather than your perceived limitations.  

This call is for you if…
- If you ready and willing to step out of your comfort zone to begin taking steps to your love goal(s).
- You are ready to hear a refreshed approach regarding love & relationships.
-  You are willing to learn to create more momentum in your love life.
-  You want to become more empowered  and increase your possibilities that TRUE LOVE is possible for YOU!

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Date: May 16, 2015 … Time: 3pm (EST); 12pm (PST); and 9am (HST)

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