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Views and News November 20, 2015

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Quote of the week:Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another…Napoleon Hill
The Hubble Foundation. Thank you Hubble Foundation for all that you’ve done for the tower climber family. Go to and learn how to help those families that were tragically changed forever by tower climbing accidents.
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Small Cells and DAS

CommScope got the approval of Verizon to use the ION-E for iDAS!
American Tower brings up the challenges of DAS and small cell installation. That story is here.
ExteNet’s investment in DAS and small cells makes investors very happy!
Interested in DAS testing? RCR did a good story and video on it here.
Crown Castle just won’t stop believing in small cells, so much so they are making more moves to improve their small cell dominance!
What does the Ericsson and Cisco partnership mean to small cells, I have an article here. I have to tell you, unless both sides commit to make this work, it may have problems. My opinion is that if they are all in then it should work but most times one partner will sell the other’s equipment but the other will not give a great price break or support the deal the way they should. I have seen this when other companies partnered. Often it can be one sided. Also, one partner may look at the other as a lead magnet, but then steal the customers or undercut the partner price for the customer. Remember that both sides add margin.
Cox is offering a small cell turnkey service, read more about it here.
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The USA senate pulled the Mobile Now bill from the table because they want more time to look it over. The bill is going to free up 500MHz of spectrum. In case you’re wondering how that will affect you, look at it this way, more spectrum means more deployment which will mean more work for all of us! It the wireless business ecosystem I cherish so much that sends work our way!
The FCC is reaching out to states to stop them from limited broadband builds, and the states are really getting pissed off that they are being bullied, at least that’s how they feel. The FCC feels that some states should not limit broadband deployments.
The FCC will give the broadcasters some more time after the auction.
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Tower News

The new AGL magazine is out!
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Broadband News

Fiber takes a lot of work, but they don’t have wireless in this article.
Nokia says we need more IoT standards.
Need fiber in Georgia? Tower Cloud is putting down 25,000 miles of fiber.
LTE-U Versus Wi-Fi, the debate continues.
Harris County figures out how a public safety LTE system could sustain the costs incurred, in other words, how FirstNet will continue to fund its system after the $7B runs out.
Let’s use Wi-Fi for more than passing data, let’s use it to power devices! More information here.
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Carrier News

Sprint to create regional offices after downsizing. Now it will have 4 regional presidents that will all report to Mr. Claure. I will keep my phone ready in case they try to recruit me for one of those president gigs.
Sprint appears to be in bad shape, they might even have to lease out the network. Is that so bad? Maybe someone else could do a better job. Maybe Softbank is going to just give up.
AT&T seems to think that most M2M communication will be the cellular system. They admit most people start with Wi-Fi then go to Cellular. I don’t understand why it would not be like your smart phone which chooses Wi-Fi first then if the Wi-Fi drops it goes to the carrier’s system.
T-Mobile wants to push Verizon out of the auction or at list limit what those deep pockets can bid on.
Sprint offers a 50% discount on anyone leaving Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile.
Sprint continues to slowly roll out LTE across the country.
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Drone News

Battery life is improving for Drones!
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OEM News

Alcatel-Lucent takes LTE and Wi-Fi to the enterprise.
Want to save on DAS costs, Alcatel-Lucent came up with a low power radio head just for DAS and it saves not only on power but on cooling.
Alcatel-Lucent made it’s CPRI interface very simple for use with DAS systems so that people can use their low power radio head in new DAS systems. What a great idea!
Cisco said that they thought the Nokia takeover of Alcatel-Lucent will fail, but is it because they mean it or are they scared? This article thinks that they are running scared, which is may be why they partnered with Ericsson.
Nokia strikes back at Cisco, the Nokia CEO implies that if his merger is such a bad idea, then why did Cisco and Ericsson do the same thing?
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Learning Links

Interested in Milimeter Wave Active Component characterization? IEEE has a free class.
Learn more about the Smart RAN.
What is LTE?
Define DPoE: DOCSIS Provisioning of EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network)
Interested in 5G? Alcatel-Lucent has a white paper on it.
LTE quick guide as a good tutorial.
LTE Roaming explained
LTE Roaming architecture.
CommScope has free eBooks for you to download! They added on about microwave communications that I think you should check out.
How does Wi-Fi work? or try
Learn about LRM Radio at Tait’s online courses. They have a list of courses here.
Nationwide SAR Initiative training for Law Enforcement
Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing Children
MIMO Tutorial
How MIMO works
Interested in learning more about fiber?
Fluke will give you a handy fiber cleaning pocket guide!
Are you Rope Access certified? Do you know about SPRAT? It is rope access certification for anyone who would be on a tower, in a tree, or scaling a wall.
LTE Tutorial:
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