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August 2019

Administratively Speaking...
A Note from the Executive Director
"Hospital Hospitality House is such a wonderful place for families to stay while loved ones are in need of medical care. Thank you for providing a room here. I stayed while my husband was in Cardiac ICU recovering from heart surgery.

Sincere thanks,
Karen J. and Samuel and Carolyn F."

I wanted to share this note with all of our readers. It was sent, with the letter from me, below, to our room sponsors.

"Dear Room Sponsor-

As you know, your generous gift to our capital campaign, designated a guest room in your honor, at our Burdick Street House.

One of our recent guests wrote a grateful note to each of you. This guest, Karen, jotted down the names on all eight of the plaques outside the guest rooms and wrote a "thank you." You will find her note—to YOU—enclosed. As she was writing the letters, another guest (Sam and Carolyn) asked if they could sign the notes, as well.

Those of us lucky enough to work here, are blessed with gratitude from our guests frequently. We know we are providing a critical service in a time of need. However, this is an opportunity I couldn't pass up—guests, sharing their gratitude, directly with YOU—the people who made this all possible.

If you ever wonder if you make a difference...please refer to this note. YOU made a difference in these people's lives and their patient!

Thank you!

In Hospitality,
Judy Markusse Paget
Executive Director"

Every donor, every day—YOU make a difference! Thank you!
2018 Year-in-Review
This is available on our website or here.
If you or your employer participates in the United Way campaign, you can designate all or part of your donation to the Hospital Hospitality House (HHH).

For the United Way of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region Donor Form: (1) In the "Designate support for a specific service area" box, check Kalamazoo County and indicate the dollar amount or the percentage of your total gift you would like donated to the HHH and (2) Write "Hospital Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan, 828 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo, MI 49001" in the blank space at the bottom of the box. The HHH account number is 82446.

For other United Way organizations, ask your representative for instructions.
Around the House
Notes from Our Guests
We make it easier for families to support their loved one receiving medical care by providing a homelike, comforting place to stay.
Put your Shopping $$$ to work for HHH
Do you shop? HA! Everyone buys something at some time!
Here are two pain free ways to support the Hospital Hospitality House and NOT add anything to your shopping bill:

1.) When you shop at Harding's Marketplace (all locations in the greater Kalamazoo area), a percentage of your expenditures will come to the HHH if you are registered. Follow this link and choose Hospital Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan as your chosen charity:

When you are at Harding's, all you need to do is enter your phone number on the credit card scanner before the cashier finishes scanning your purchases.

2.) IF you shop at Amazon, please go to and register your charity as "Hospital Hospitality House of Southwest Michigan". This will be in the "account" area of the dashboard. You will need to type our full name in. Then, every time you make a purchase through AmazonSmile, a percentage of your purchase will come to HHH.

"AmazonSmile" will take you to the same "Amazon" you have always known. It is simply a different door to enter Amazon is their "charity door". ALL products are the same as the regular Amazon.

Thank you!  And happy shopping!
In Memory of Ken Klok
The Hospital Hospitality House lost a dear friend on June 12, 2019, when Ken Klok died. Ken is a key reason we are able to serve guests from a beautiful new home on Henson Ave. He was instrumental in getting the Home Builders Association to choose the HHH as their community project. Ken dedicated many hours to the HHH AND to other charities in town.

As the Henson House was being built, you could often find Ken on site, even on the weekends. He would personally go to the site to clean up and "check on things".

Ken was serious about his commitment to volunteerism, but still found time for humor. Ken genuinely cared about the people he was helping at the HHH. He learned about people we served and would ask about them.

Ken's legacy will live on in the beautiful building on Henson Ave. His family made a huge impact on the HHH when they asked for memorial gifts to come to the HHH. Ken would be delighted to know many people made very generous gifts in his memory.

Thank you, Ken, and the Klok family. We couldn't have done it without you!
Upcoming News & Events
Summer Appeal
The HHH Summer Appeal is currently underway. Follow this link to make your gift!
We Went Out to the Ball Game
We had a great time at the Kalamazoo Growlers game on July 27! We were able to raise a little money for the House through a ticket promotion and cheer the Growlers to victory. Thank you to all who supported the event!
Dr. Paula Schreimer and Dr. David Schreimer (left) and our ED Judy Markusse Paget and family members (right) enjoy the game with other friends of HHH.
Spotlighting Our Donors

Hospital Hospitality House was the beneficiary of the Guys Who Give organization recently. Cody Livingston, Director of the Kalamazoo County chapter, presented individual contributions of the 100 plus members totaling $10,000 on May 30. Guys Who Give is a group of Kalamazoo area men who desire to inspire and make a meaningful impact in the greater Kalamazoo area.

Thank you, Guys!
The House was also recently awarded a $5,000 grant from the Eaton Charitable Fund. The check was presented to HHH Board Member Cynda Greenman by Laurie Andrus and Beverly Glasser of the Eaton Community Support Committee in Galesburg. Each year local offices may submit a grant request for organizations that they feel improve the quality of life in the communities in which they operate. We truly appreciate Eaton's on-going support.
And, our sincerest thanks to the following donors who made gifts of support during the second quarter of 2019:
Judy Adams
Alpha Delta Kappa Michigan-Chi

Mark & Marla Atkinson
Ann & Mark Austin
Shashu Baraka
Chiquita Elmore Barbee
Gail Barker in memory of Melba J.

Harry & Carolyn Barney in memory of
   Rebia Caletri

Battle Creek Community Foundation
Allen & Frances Baunoch
Everett Beemer
Cindi Benedict
Chris & Kelly Bodell
Borgess Spiritual Care
Borgess Trauma Services
Jerry & Judy Bradstrom
Whitney A. Brown
Andrew & Emmy Bryant
Marilyn Burgess
Laura & Robert Burr in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Mark & Erin Bussema in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

David Byers
Kandy Campbell in memory of Sandra 

Darlene Clark
Karol Clason
Lezli & Tom Comes
Congregational United Church of Christ
Dennis & Jeanne Conley in memory of
   Sandra Hoffman-Russell

Evelyn & Don Connelly
Sandy Conners
Consumers Concrete in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Roslyn Cooper in memory of Sandra

Diane Crawford
Mary Crites
Christine & James Cupper
Dawn Daniels
Janet Deal-Koestner
Bonita Desoto
Donald DeWolf in memory of Kenneth

Emily Dood
Douglas & Son, Inc. in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Larry & Anna Dunlap
Lois Earl
Eaton Corporation
Sandra & Matthew Ehrat
Dawn & Terry Emig in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

EPI Marketing Services
Jeff & Pam Everts in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Carl & Tim Field
Gerri Fleetwood in memory of Sandra

Joseph Fleishaker
Kaley Florey
Jean Forrest

John & Peggy Forrest in memory of
   Scott A. Maxwell

Debra Foss-Squibb
Marilyn & Robert G. Geil
Karen Gibbs
Lauren Gibbs
Betty & James Glynn
Raelene & Jasper Gray
Jim & Cynda Greenman
Leslie & Rob Guennewig in memory of
   Scott A. Maxville

Colette & Tom Gushurst
Guys Who Give:
               William Barber
               Charles Barnes
               Roger Behnke
               Marcus Berlin
               Steven Brundige
               Scotty Burkett
               Alex & Paul Cahill, Two Moms
                    and a Mop

               Charles Clancy
               Devin Clemence
               Tom Comes
               Jack Dastoli
               Martin Dodge
               Michael Doyle  
               James Heath
               Jud Hoff
               Thomas Hoopes
               Mark Jackson
               Kevin Jawahir
               Luke Johnson
               Cody Livingston
               James Livingston
               Dan Martin, Kzoom Video 

               Kevin McCarthy
               Dan McGlinn
               Kevin McMullen
               Brian Methner
               Ken Miller
               Stephen Mucci
               Timothy Nendorf
               Chad Omo
               Bruce Reder
               Juan Salinas
               Jose Santamaria
               Nick Schmidt
               John Schuemann
               Donald Solesbee
               Jeffrey Swenarton
               John Thomas
               Scott Tindall
               Ross Trantham
               Blake Upston, Upston
                    Chiropractic Wellness

               Collin Winfrey
               Bryan Zocher
Lisa Haffner
Elizabeth Hamilton
Lorraine Hanna
Sharon & Robert Hansen in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Bradford Hill
Robert & Kim Hinkle in memory of
   Barbara Kichler & Marcele Hinkle

Clarise Hodges
Allan Hoffman
Becky Hosner
Brenda Hunt

Sandy Idema
Jacob Jean & LeighAnn Kowalski in
   memory of Scott A. Maxville

Allison Job
Karen Johnson
Kevin & Tracey Jones in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Mark & Toni Jones
Beulah Jordan
Kalamazoo Academy of Medicine

Kalamazoo Area Women’s Club
Kristy Kaptein & Matthew Miller in
   memory of Kenneth Klok

Diane Keizer
Jackie Kinsman
John & Mary Klok in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Kathy Kontowsky in memory of Bob

Paul Krawczak
Jeanette Kritzberg
Sandra Kuentzel
Lorie Leak
Gail Lehnus
Sandy Luchies
Sandra Mangold
David Mann
Elizabeth Upjohn Mason
Maria Martinez
Brandy McCarley
Richard & Katherine McElvain
Clara & William McKindley
Bernie & Cindy Mein in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Carolyn Middleton
Gary & Mary Millard
Delano & Clara Naylor
Lisa Nickell
Susan Novess
Don & Sheila O’Connell
OIK Industries, Inc. in memory of 
   Kenneth Klok

Laura Olson
Margaret & Edward Onofray
Kristi Ostling
Paul & Judy Markusse Paget in honor
   of Katie Gilbert

Don & Debbie Painter
Don & Ann Parfet in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Carolyn Parker in memory of Kenneth

Douglas & Carol Patridge
June Piriczky
Kay Polzin
Michelle Rasmussen
Lisa Roberts
Kelli Roe
James & Donna Ryan
Colette Schultz
Ron & Peggy Shepard
Joyce & Timothy Shiery
Donald Shoup
Joseph Shoup
Rodney Simpson
Elwyn Smith
Judith Sours
Roselle & Terry Stout
Ashley Stump & Roman Vargas
Sunshine Circle Gull Lake United
   Methodist Church

Third Christian Reformed Church
Barbara Thomas in memory of Sandra

Rosa & Ruben Urrutia
VanderSalm’s Flower Shop
Linda Vonseggern
Sally Warner
Cheryl Warren
Westminster Presbyterian Church
David Williams
Richele & Kevin Williams
Stephanie Williamson
Denise Wilt
Karoleen & Tom Wood in memory of
   Kenneth Klok

Larry & Cathy Young in memory of
   Sandra Hoffman-Russell


Ways you can help!

  1. Donate online OR send a check payable to HHH. 
  2. Consider adopting an item from our Wish List and providing it on a one-time or regular/on-going basis.
  3. Organize and prepare a meal at one of the Houses.
  4. Help us tell our story; invite Judy to speak at your organization’s next meeting.
  5. “Like” our Facebook page and share our posts with friends and family.
Judy Markusse Paget
Executive Director

Andrew Bryant
Administrative Assistant

Contact the House at
269.341.7811 or Email Us
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