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October 2016
Sawmilling South Africa News
Good day to all sawmillers, it's now the end of October, so we're well and truly in the home stretch for 2016. I'm sure you will all agree that 2016 has certainly been a better year for us sawmillers and we hope that this translates into a more “festive” season for you all.

But before we get into all that, we still have a little business to attend to.
Please don’t forget that starting on Monday the 14th November in Limpopo will be the SSA “Information Sessions”. These will continue through the week and we will be accompanied by Dr Peter Stohr who will be making a presentation on the financial benefits of diligent kiln management at a sawmill. Dr Stohr will be backed up by the usual culprits Roy Southey and Mandy Allpass. 

We will be visiting the regions on the following schedule:
  • Monday 14 Nov (Limpopo)                - Stevens Lumber (starting 10:30 to 13:30)
  • Tuesday 15 Nov (Mpumalanga)       - Densa Sawmill (starting at 10:00 to 13:00)
  • Wednesday 16 Nov (KZN)                 - MPP Dalton (starting at 10:00 to 13:00)
  • Thursday 17 Nov (E/Cape)                - Manderson Hotel Stutt (starting 10:00 to 13:00)
  • Friday 18 Nov (S/Cape)                      - MTO George Sawmill (Starting 10:00 to 13:00)
These session will be aimed at sawmill management but should also appeal to financial managers, so we hope as many of you as possible will attend. All are welcome and it's certainly not only for SSA members, so please feel free to invite your neighbors.
The past month also saw the holding of the SASDEA annual conference. This annual gathering of sawdoctors saw a near record attendance of 47 sawdoctors and people associated with the sector. This was most encouraging and especially as Mrs Dianne Randal was present to explain to the delegates the good news that sawdoctoring will soon be receiving the recognition it deserves in that it will be registered as a bona fide trade in SA. All this thanks to the sterling work being done by the FP&M Seta and SSA.
News form the market place is that structural lumber is moving well and that mills are happy with the state of affairs, so lets keep pushing and remember to keep cutting straight and drying flat.
Till next month.

Roy Southey
Executive Director: Sawmilling South Africa
Feature article
Wood-Mizer TITAN – proven performance
Cants processed via a Wood-Mizer TITAN T-MR160 circular multirip.

Wood-Mizer Holdings’ acquisition of Multisaw’s wideband sawmill equipment range, now known as Wood-Mizer TITAN, underscores how this development will allow current and future customers to unlock even further value from the Wood-Mizer TITAN range.
The 2015 commissioning of a Wood-Mizer Titan wideband sawmilling line at integrated wattle extract, sugar and timber business grouping UCL (Pty) Ltd’s Glenside-based Midlands Pine Products sawmill, is bang on target with the initial and future objectives that UCL set for the mill.
How the mill has performed to date and going forward is tallied below.
Following Wood-Mizer’s recent acquisition of Multisaw’s wideband sawmill equipment range that will now be known as Wood-Mizer TITAN, current and future Wood-Mizer TITAN customers can expect a range of additional benefits to kick into gear that are set to unlock even further value from the already proven range.
The synergies from Wood-Mizer and Multisaw’s combined know-how in the narrow and wide band saw arenas, will result in a new generation of sawmilling solutions that is set to revolutionise the global sawmilling industry. 
Plans are also far advanced to offer TITAN wideband products and services to Wood-Mizer’s global customer base through the company’s international network of representatives.
This will give Wood-Mizer TITAN owners the assurance of Wood-Mizer approved customer service and after sale support.
After-sales service support including radically up-scaled spare part inventories and new supply and technical support team networks in existing and emerging markets are set to decrease downtime and ramp up productivity.
Timeframes for commissioning new installations, the maintenance of existing lines together with the technical training of mill personnel will also benefit from the added capacity that is now available globally.
This in tandem with the proven performance of the Wood-Mizer TITAN range as detailed below, provides compelling reason for partnering with Wood-Mizer going forward.
Midlands Pine Products – Blueprint for sawmilling efficiency
Feed speed and output delivered by the latest wideband sawmilling technology that can supply and exceed the sawmills current and future sawn timber throughput requirement without exceeding budget, was the basic requirement that UCL had when it initiated the upgrade at its Midlands Pine Products sawn timber production site.
The phased upgrade that started end-2015, is expected to be completed by early 2017.
Stage one which went live in late 2015 saw a complete Multisaw wideband sawmilling line slotting into place with several new and customised features. The new line in tandem with Midlands’ existing frame saw lines will give the mill the projected throughput numbers that it aimed for once Stage Two is also operational.
Stage 2 which is already far advanced will see the installation and commissioning of an additional Wood-Mizer TITAN T-AE optimising edger on the frame saw end of the mill that will replace a manual edging operation.
Throughput and recovery, which is already at a high level, is set to increase significantly with the addition of the additional optimising edger on the frame saw line.  
The already commissioned Multisaw line includes primary and secondary breakdown phases with material transfer and waste systems linking the line together and transferring the end-spec material to the green chain and the waste to chipping.
The sawn timber production process starts with debarked logs that are accurately loaded and placed and then orientated into the final cutting position by the heavy duty automated log infeed and outfeed systems that forms part of the Wood-Mizer TITAN T6-TBLT Twin Vertical 6 inch (152 mm) wideband primary breakdown unit that produces equal open face cants.
The 60m/min, high capacity and robustly constructed 6 inch, 2 x 45 kW twin achieves equal open face cutting using a fast and accurate log loading system coupled with pressurised hold-down rollers and a spiky chain feed system in tandem with servo-enabled size adjustment systems that allows for on-the-fly size changes.
The outfeed end of the 6 inch twin includes a new cant positioning and sideboard removal system. Pressurised side rollers on either side of the cant accurately position and guides the cant out of the twin and also allows for controlled sideboard discharge.  The cant that exists the unit is now transferred down the line to a Wood-Mizer TITAN T-MR160 double arbor, circular multirip. An automatic discharge unit kicks the cant onto a face-up position before it enters the multirip.
The heavily constructed and powerful 2 x 75 kW motor multirip is capable of making multiple high tolerance cuts in a single pass. The multirip at Midlands was customised up from 45 to 75 kW to accommodate a larger range of log diameters and cant sizes that can readily adjust to varying log supplies.
Board without wane exiting the multirip are transferred to the green chain with sideboards from the 6 inch twin and multirip staged for secondary breakdown.
Midlands’ secondary breakdown unit comes in the shape of Wood-Mizer TITAN T6-R/TR Twin Head 6 inch, 2 x 45 kW wideband resaw.
The 6 inch twin offers ultra-fast size changes through a servo enabled head lift size change system.
Again a new feature, the servo control ensures accurate and quick size changes that require as little as 0.3 seconds to change size for each sideboard passing through. This results in optimal recovery that unlocks extra product and reduces waste. The new head lift system also preserves blade life with the blade now focussing on cutting instead of also changing the cutting height. The twin head configuration also makes it possible to make two cuts into each sideboard with only one pass.
The wane boards that exit the resaw phase is then transferred down and across via an unscrambler to a Wood-Mizer TITAN T-AE automated optimising edger. The steep angle unscrambler ensures single board sorting with the dog chain improving traction
The optimising edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision and low waste edging of boards. The automated edging process is automated and starts with an initial scan and analysis of the wane board profile entering the unit to determine which cut width will unlock optimal recovery. Cut decisions are based on volume recovery and product value.
The board is then aligned and fed through the unit. Feed speed through the unit is pinned at 140 m/min. 
UCL (Pty) Limited’s objective with the refurbishment was to deliver a mill that uses the latest wide band sawmilling technology to achieve maximum feed speed and throughput capacity together with optimal recovery with capacity to increase this into the future.
The phased project is well on track to deliver on this objective with the recent agreement between Wood-Mizer and Multisaw now adding further momentum to this process.
Wood-Mizer TITAN – Tough – Efficient – No Compromise
Sideboards pass through a Wood-Mizer TITAN T6-R/TR Twin Head 6 Inch (152 mm) wideband resaw.
The Wood-Mizer TITAN T6-TBLT Twin Vertical 6 Inch (152 mm) wideband primary breakdown unit at Midlands Pine Products.
Wane boards from the resaw transferred down and across via an unscrambler to a Wood-Mizer TITAN T-AE automated optimising edger.
The entire edging process is automated with an initial scan of the wane board entering the unit determining which cut width will produce optimal recovery.

The soon-to-be-commissioned second Wood-Mizer TITAN T-AE optimising
edger on the frame saw side of Midlands Pine Products mill.
Contact: Wood-Mizer Africa
National News
India South Africa Trade Lane Presents Growth Opportunities
India continues to shine as one of the largest containerised trade markets in the global Export-Import bank, registering significant growth of 11% in the first half of the year, and reveals that extensive opportunities exist for South African – India trade going forward.
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Solid backing for timber at CITES
World governments currently meeting in Johannesburg have strongly backed the introduction of stronger measures to protect commercially traded timber species. Delegates to the 17th Conference to the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora (CITES CoP17) voted to list the entire... read more
ITTO and TRAFFIC sign memorandum of understanding
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between ITTO, the International Tropical Timber Organization, & TRAFFIC to pursue shared objectives in the areas of the conservation, sustainable management & use of tropical forest resources, the fight against illegal wildlife trade & other forest-related crime. read more
Safety overhead, the importance of roof maintenance
Although the importance of a roof structure as a component of a building & its functioning cannot be overstated, it's possibly one of the most neglected parts of a building. While some roof systems call for less intense maintenance than others, all roofing systems should be checked periodically & maintained accordingly. The Institute for Timber Construction SA (ITC-SA) weighs in. read more
First Cut: A cut above the rest for 60 years - and a laser-sharp vision for the future
First Cut, a leading SA manufacturer & distributor of capital equipment, cutting consumables & precision measuring tools to a broad range of industry sectors turned 60 this year. 60 years that represent a dynamic journey of courage & endeavour, openness & transparency, innovation & unmatched service. read more
Kinkelder saw blades: Cutting at its best
Elquip Solutions seeks out the latest industrial technology to supply to the South African market. As an established local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment, the company aims to provide quality at all times to its customers. read more
International News
Furniture that destroys forests: crackdown on 'rampant' trade in rosewood.
Cites summit moves to protect the world’s most trafficked wild product by placing all 300 species of the tree under trade restrictions. Governments have launched a crackdown on the rampant billion-dollar trade in rosewood timber that is plundering forests across the planet to feed a booming luxury furniture market in China.
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Canadian’s brace for US Softwood duties
Hefty U.S. duties could be slapped on Canadian timber exports to the US by early 2017 after a one-year standstill period expired in the long-running softwood lumber dispute between Canada & its biggest trading partner. read more
NZ timber industry upbeat despite challenges
Challenges facing the NZ timber industry are real & significant but the industry is generally in a good demand cycle & sentiment is positive says New Zealand Timber Industry Federation (NZTIF) president, John McVicar. The NZTIF has just held its two-day conference where delegates were feeling relatively positive, largely due to a....
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Update on China’s imports
China’s sawnwood imports totalled 15.61 million cubic metres valued at $3.82 billion in the first half of 2016, down 2% and 17% respectively over the same period of 2015. The average landed price for imported sawnwood was US$245 per cubic metre, a year-on-year drop of 17%.
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New design guide for mid-rise timber buildings
Architecture, engineering & construction industry stakeholders are invited to access a new design guide for mid-rise timber buildings, released in response to recent changes to the National Construction Code. The NCC changes enable construction of timber buildings up to 8 storeys without the need for expensive ‘alternative solutions’... read more
Wood fuel plan to cut plane CO2 a 'pipe dream'
Plans to cut airline CO2 using greener jet fuels made from waste wood have been dismissed as a "pipe dream" by environmentalists. Several high octane waste-based biofuels are being tested by airlines as a way of curbing CO2. UN officials are set to endorse these fuels as a key part of global plans to stabilise aviation emissions by 2020. read more
Higher profitability for Russian sawmilling companies
Sawlog costs have fallen faster than lumber prices in Russia the past 2 years resulting in higher profitability for the sawmilling sector. The sharp depreciation of the Russian Rouble has resulted in substantially lower sawlog costs for the sawmilling industry in Eastern Russia during 2015 and 2016.
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Copycat Chinese held to account
A family-run engineering business in north-eastern Victoria found its successful portable sawmill — exported to more than 100 countries worldwide — was featured on a Chinese website. But it was not their machine, but a near exact imitation. read more
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