This is a very important email outlining the proposed improvements to the constitution and the processes that will be followed to ensure everyone is offered a fair opportunity to provide their feedback and vote on the proposed improvements.
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Notice of Proposed Resolutions
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Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Members

After 18 months of reviewing the current constitution, addressing legal compliance issues and reviewing feedback from members on the proposed improvements, the CRSC has now finalised the special resolutions that will be discussed at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 9 August 2015.

In light of the two emails sent to members with over four weeks for members to provide feedback, we believe we have now received and addressed all membership feedback. The 2014/2015 Management Committee (MC) is committed to delivering the USMAA membership with an improved constitution and a positive experience at the upcoming AGM. This is only possible with your help so please help us deliver a smooth, efficient and positive AGM this year.

We have attached the following documents for your consideration.

1) Notice of AGM, Elections and Special Resolutions to be discussed at the AGM
Please click this link to view the official notice of AGM, elections and the documents outlining the special resolutions.

2) Eligibility Criteria to Hold Office in USMAA

3) Nomination form - USMAA Management Committee

4) Nomination Form - USMAA Sub Committee

5) CRSC Report
 This document outlines the reasons why the CRSC was formed, its terms of reference, objectives and the tasks carried out.
Please click here to access the CRSC Report.
6) Proposed Special Resolutions in Respect of the Amendments to the USMAA Constitution as Recommended by the CRSC
This document outlines the proposed Special Resolutions that will be voted on and as well as a detailed rationale for each resolution. All feedback provided by members has been reviewed by the CRSC and incorporated into this document where it is legally enforceable and compatible with the rest of the constitution. Where the CRSC has not incorporated membership feedback, an explanation will be provided at the AGM by the CRSC. The document also extracts each provision as it exists in the current constitution and the improved version placed directly beneath for an easy and effective comparison.
Please click here to access the Rationale for Changes document. 

7) The Relevant Rules pertaining to Voting Eligibility and Amendment of the Constitution
This document outlines the relevant sections from the current constitution as they will apply to the AGM procedures this year.

Proceedings on the Day

Sunday, 9 August 2015: AGM and Voting on the Improved Constitution
Limited discussion and voting on the Special Resolutions will take place at the AGM. The purpose of the extensive, open and fair consultation/feedback process over three weeks was to ensure that the discussions can be conducted in a timely manner at the AGM.

We kindly request your cooperation to give all attendees the opportunity to vote on all of the proposed special resolutions. Minor changes can be noted at the AGM and addressed by the CRSC after the AGM for the purposes of further amendment if required. However, new resolutions or amended resolutions cannot be proposed or voted on at the AGM.

There will be very limited time available for discussions at the AGM and any members who speak from the audience will only be offered 3 minutes to make their point after which the chairperson will move on to another member or to a vote. This is to ensure that all aspects concerning the proposed improvements to the constitution are considered by the members within the allocated time frame. 

We look forward to a positive AGM.

Wassalaam and warm regards
USMAA Management Committee.
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