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360° video special weekend: get 25% off on select rigs*

Ends on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 12 PM PDT (Tuesday at 3 AM EDT and 9 AM CEST). Limited quantities: act quickly!

The easiest way to record quality 360° videos is to use a 360° mount on which you can install several GoPro cameras.

For 4 days only, you can get a nice discount on the following rigs:  

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360Heros H3Pro6

Our opinion: A good mount that you can use in many situations. This mount is robust and versatile. Parallax errors can appear on close objects as the transitions between the videos are slanted in the middle of the scene.
399€ 299€

360Heros H3Pro7

Our opinion: 7 cameras can be mounted on this mount, instead of 6. This increases the overlap and enhances the stitching. As the cameras are closer to one another, the parallax errors are reduced.
499€ 369€


360Heros H3Pro6N

Our opinion: You don't have the full sphere with this mount, but it's still very interesting as the lenses are oriented horizontally by default, which lowers the parallax errors. A good mount to place on UAVs, drones or helmets.
 399€ 299€

360Heros H3Pro7HD

Our opinion: This mount can hold 7 cameras, but they're all mounted on the horizontal field. As the cameras are closer one to another, the parallax errors are reduced. You don't get the full sphere but you can record using 16:9 ratio (4K, 2.7K...).
499€ 369€

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* This special offer does not include GoPro cameras.

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