Late Summer Fest! 

On Friday, September 9th, a group of Eels will travel east to Phono Craftbeer Bar to make cocktails and spin records and enjoy some delicious food. The next night (Saturday, September 10th), PHONO heads south to the Eel to pour beers and play records while we make tacos. It's simple, good fun with friends. If that sounds like your sort of scene, join us!

Who's spinning records this weekend?

Friday (08.09) - DJ Drunkasauraus brings the heat, dropping the needle on dusty sides of the Eel’s heaving collection of vinyl, from roots reggae to folk, rhinestoned country, New Orleans funk, jazz and at least a little Wu-Tang. 19:00 - 22:00..

Saturday (10.09) -  DJ Johannes Fleck and Thomas from Phono trade tracks at the "Late Summer Fest", whatever that is. Surely, there will be a bit of Ipanema Beach mixed in with only the dopest jazzy grooves, so you've got to legalize it, and don't criticize it because I will surely advertise it. 19:00 - 22:00.

Short story: Negroni Week 2022

What about Negroni Week this year? Well, friends, let me tell you about that. Negroni Week has a special place in my heart - from its earliest days here in Germany we've been a proud participant. My friend Sven Brunner, who also keeps up to date on all things cocktail and the global trends, as I do, said why not join Roman at Kofferraum and be the first German bars to participate in this thing - Negroni Week? So, I said, sure. This was way back in like... 2013 or something. I didn't even have a real bar... But long story short, Roman also agreed. So we set out to see what we could do and raised like, some money - a fair bit, let's say. In fact, as I like to tell people, we raised 1% of the global total at that time when this project first started, whatever that was. But the cool thing was we put up a pretty big number in this new thing - Negroni Week; this charity event meant to raise money through drinking. And that's pretty cool. It's not like you have to show up and do something like pick up trash. You drink anyway, and who doesn't like negronis? Well, a lot of people, but we're getting off the point here, whatever it was when I first started writing this, but that's neither here nor there, as they say. HOWEVER, Negroni Week means something different this year. Why? We're not giving the money we raise to save the wales. Nope, not this time, This year we're gonna use the money to pay an Italian touring band called the Uppertones to stop by the Eel and play some music that's free for everyone who wants to come hang out sometime i October. So, in effect, we're raising money for some hard touring Italian boys by drinking negronis. Isn't that cool??? I think so. It's nearly poetic. And that's what we're gonna do. Check out the Uppertones on YouTube and don't miss the show on, we think, Saturday, October 29th! Free the music. Free the vibes. Negroni Week 2022 starts on Monday, September 14th. So, come drink some bittersweet goodness and support art and fellowship through music in super small venues dedicated to good times. Right here at Electric Eel! 

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