WAMSI Bulletin January 2016

From the CEO

Welcome back. Over 2016/17 we’ll be delivering the results and management implications from two of Australia’s biggest research programs, WAMSI’s Dredging Science Node and Kimberley Marine Research Program.  We’ll also continue the drive to implement the State’s Blueprint for Marine Science.  This year we’re teaming up with PTTEP and AIMs’ North West Atlas to make our data and information about the WA coastline more accessible to management, industry and the community.  Our lead story however, is from another partner, the Bureau of Meteorology, which is rolling out new services that will improve our ability to forecast changes in our environment.
- WAMSI CEO Patrick Seares
What's on the horizon for the Bureau of Meteorology as it continues to develop cutting edge capabilities from big data and advances in forecasting technology to provide services for the public, industry and government. (More...)
Halophila ovalis
WAMSI Dredging Science provides new insight into how seagrasses in the Pilbara may recover from sediment disturbance. (More...)
Crown-of-thorns starfish feeding on partially dead coral in the Montebello Islands. (Damian Thomson)
The coral reefs off the coast of Western Australia are facing a higher risk of coral bleaching this year than anywhere else in Australia. (More...)
MARVL3 - Australian shelf temperature data (IMOS)
KMRP Project Summary: Understanding how, where and why people value the Kimberley coastline and marine environment. (More...)
North West Atlas
WAMSI joins forces with North West Atlas to build on its science-based information to support environmental decision making in Western Australia. (More...)
Secondary electron image of sperm (artificially coloured blue) tangled in sediment clumps.
Researchers move a step closer to finding out why suspended sediments from dredging and other events could impact coral fertilisation. (More...)
Indian Ocean map
The fact that so many island groups, states and territories rely on the little understood ways of the Indian Ocean has helped to renew a global drive to find out more. (More...)

WAMSI Research Articles

G. Ricardo, R, Jones, P. Clode, A. Humanes, A. Negri (Dec 2015) Suspended sediments limit coral sperm availability Scientific Reports doi:10.1038/srep18084

R Jones, P. Bessell-Brownea, R. Fishera, W. Klonowskic, M. Slivkoffc (Dec 2015) Assessing the impacts of sediments from dredging on corals Marine Pollution Bulletin doi:10.1016/j.marpolbul.2015.10.049

Schoepf V, Stat M, Falter JL, McCulloch MT (December 2015) Limits to the thermal tolerance of corals adapted to a highly fluctuating, naturally extreme temperature environment. Nature Scientific Reports doi:10.1038/srep17639



Species on the Move International Conference
Hobart, Tasmania
2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting
New Orleans, US
5th International Conference on Biodiversity
Madrid, Spain
Oceanology International 2016
London, UK


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