Despite what you think, Devonport is made for wintery days...

Devonport is, as we well know, a phenomenal summertime destination. Warm, clear waters that rise and fall on white sand beaches, coastal walks and boutique ice cream sellers... In fact many would presume that the locals suffer terribly in the winter; but this Devonport Messenger will prove you wrong.


Winter Wellness with Village Chiropractic

Sometimes it feels like our bodies are telling us to hibernate in winter, and whilst the mind keeps going the rest of us often wants to call it a day for a month or two. Devonport’s Village Chiropractic has been keeping families well for seven and a half years, helping all ages maintain strength and mobility and ensuring our bodies treat us with devotion through the colder months. We ask the team about getting our bodies to treat us well in winter...

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Rise and Grind Sunshine: Surviving winter with Chiasso

There's nothing better than a daily coffee meme to warm the heart on the way to work each winter's morning, other than an actual coffee, of course. For many, coffee is an undisputed daily ritual that helps those of us with weary limbs spring forth into life like a kid with a crush, ready to see what the day brings. In Devonport, we're particularly spoilt when it comes to the daily grind as we boast our very own coffee roastery, Chiasso. This family business has been defusing the daily stress of many for over 20 years and we think this qualifies them for a Knighthood... Sir Chiasso. It has a ring. 

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Warming Hearts & Bodies at ECHO

When it comes to winter, you need to get cosy with the people who deliver the goods that see you staying warm and dapper at all times. For those who shop locally you may have had the pleasure of meeting one of Devonport's most effervescent of business owners, the perpetually joyful Laura of ECHO Designer Boutique and ECHO Designer Living. We asked her how she came to own two of Devonport's retail stores, and what she sells that keeps her customers warm in winter…
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 From the Chef's Kitchen to your Dining Table

Without the barbeque in full swing, cooking in winter can be a drag, and sausages can get wet... It's time to meet the people behind Chef's Table, these guys will see you right. Responding to regular requests for takeaways of their fabulous restaurant meals, Hemingways Devonport started a new meal service, offering busy families a reprieve from cooking whilst still ensuring taste and nutrition are what's being served up each night.  

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Winter Malaise? We'll Fix That

This Tuesday 3 July at 6.30pm Nutritionist Danielle and Holistic Pharmacisit Cheryl will be at the Natural Health Company waiting for your questions, helping you navigate your way to better health: They will leave no stone unturned! Gut health, weight loss, thyroid, sleep, exercise and anything else you would like to know about!
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School Hols - Fun Palace @ The Navy Museum

The Navy Museum is hosting the first Fun Palace in Devonport – Saturday 6 October 10am – 3pm. An international movement, Fun Palaces are about the community coming together to share ideas, skills and culture (for free) and have lots of FUN. To make Fun Palace a success the Navy Museum is keen to connect with people who’d like to share a skill with others i.e. juggling, drumming, knitting, weaving, dancing, singing, shooting hoops etc. etc. To learn more call Jane at the Museum on 446 1824 or
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From the Devonport Business Association and BID Manager, Toni van Tonder
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