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January 2016
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 EFRJ News for Members


If you are a member of the EFRJ, during the past months you received the following (e-)mails from us:

Forum 15 project: as a member, we asked your input to contribute to the development of the future strategy of the EFRJ. Don't forget to complete this online survey: the results will be presented during the next EFRJ Annual General Meeting (Leiden, 22 June 2016).
Membership Directory and EFRJ Newsletter: as a member, you should have received an email including the EFRJ Membership Directory and a regular mail with the latest item of the EFRJ Newsletter. If you didn't yet, please contact us.
ALTERNATIVE project on RJ in intercultural settings

Just before the Christmas holidays, the ALTERNATIVE team published the e-book of the practitioners' manual written during this project (if you don't have yet an e-book reader, you may download this free programme). The e-book and .pdf of this manual will be available soon on the ALTERNATIVE Films Online Platform, where you can find all films published during this project, including the latest short film produced on the ALTERNATIVE conference (Leuven 16-18 November 2015).

 EFRJ Events: see you in 2016!

Brussels, 26 January: final seminar of the project Restorative Justice in Cases of Domestic Violence. More info here.
Leiden, 22 June: Annual General Meeting of the EFRJ, including new Board elections.
Leiden, 22-24 June:  9th international conference of the EFRJ entitled ‘Realising Restorative Justice: Human Rights and Personal Realities’. More info available soon here.
Barcelona & Brussels, dates tbc: three events organised by the Criminal Justice Platform Europe. More info available soon!
Istanbul, 5-7 September: inter-regional seminar 'The East meeting the West:  Ideas on the development of Restorative Justice'. Register before 31 March!
Seminar on RJ and Domestic Violence
The project 'RJ in cases of Domestic Violence' will have its final seminar in Brussels on 26 January! The seminar will be an occasion to share good practices and experiences to raise awareness about the use of RJ in cases of domestic violence, focusing on the protecion needs of all parties involved. As a partner in this project, the EFRJ team hopes to see you soon there! Registration is still open!  
Seminar on the implementation of the Victims Directive

The final seminar of the IVOR project on the implementation of victim-oriented reforms in Europe will take place in Lisbon on 14 January 2016. The focus is the recent transposition of the Victims Directive, in particular how this influences the actual experience of victims and which good practices are used across all Member States. In the afternoon, one of the debates will be about RJ, chaired by our colleagues from KU Leuven.

Seminar on RJ and religion
A research seminar on RJ and Religious and Moral Counseling in Prisons will take place in Leuven on 12 February (12-16 hr). The question is in what way religious and moral counseling in prisons can be called ‘restorative’. This seminar wants to bring together people with different backgrounds, such as criminologists, theologians, philosophers, practitioners. For more info, please contact our colleague Pieter De Witte from KU Leuven.
Short courses on restorative practices
A series of 'Restorative Practices Short Courses' will be delivered by Ulster University, starting from February 2016. These courses are designed to develop practitioners’ confidence and competence in applying restorative practices in the contexts in which they practice. If enough participants are interested, these courses can be delivered at other venues. Contact the EFRJ Board member Tim Chapman for further info.  
Seminar on 'the promise of RJ'
The seminar 'Justice that brings out the good' is organised in Rotterdam on 21 January (15-18 hr) on behalf of the retirement of Mr. Dr. John Blad, professor in criminal law and dedicated academic in using RJ for making the necessary changes in the criminal justice system. The seminar will be followed by a reception. Register here before 15 January.   
Trainings on restorative practices
The International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP) is organising a series of events across Europe (The Netherlands, Ireland, UK) starting from March 2016. Some are skills trainings, others are trainings of trainers, others are webinars on restorative practices. Find here all events, including the IIRP conferences in Costa Rica and the US.  
Publications on Restorative Juvenile Justice
  The European research on Restorative Juvenile Justice is complete. The three volumes are available on the European Council for Juvenile Justice. These include a research report on practices in the 28 Member States, a European model of RJ for children and adolescents, and a toolkit to be used by practitioners for implementing this European model. Our EFRJ board member Tim Chapman, chair of the Forum 15 project, led the research for writing the last two volumes on the development and implementation of an European RJ model for children and youngsters. 
Book on RJ and Italian armed fighters and their victims
The book ‘Il libro dell’incontro. Vittime e responsabili della lotta armata a confronto’ (The Book of the Encounter. Victims and former armed fighters face/facing each other) edited by Bertagna, Ceretti and Mazzucato has been published (il Saggiatore, 2015). The book is about a seven-years long RJ process with a group of former Italian terrorists and armed fighters from the 1970s-80s and their victims. The process has been confidential until all parties agreed to share their experiences in this book and in public events. For now, the book is available in Italian only.
Special issue on RJ in the 'Social Work Review'
  The 'Social Work Review' aims at sharing innovative ideas, good practices and research in the field of social work. In the latest special issue of 2015, several articles are dedicated to RJ. Among others, an article has been published by two researchers of the project 'Accessibility and Initiation of RJ', coordinated by the EFRJ in 2012-2014. Find here the abstracts of this latest issue. You can purchase the hard copy here and the electronic copy here
Inspiring project & Inspiring films!
The ALTERNATIVE project produced a series of films on the use of RJ in intercultural settings! This ALTERNATIVE Films Online Platform has been launched during the summer time already, but new material has been published lately, such as edited interviews, e-books and more! In addition, our Hungarian partners, the Foresee Research Group, produced a short film as a memory of the inspiring ALTERNATIVE conference held in Leuven on 16-18 November 2015! Watch it here!  
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