It's an email all about social justice that I'm going to use to get a killer grade in a class & hopefully help some folks, too.
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I'm back again! Yay :D

Hey, there, it's your bud Drew & it's been ages since I've posted one of these. If you're new to the newsletter, thank you so much for signing up! If you're an old reader, thanks for sticking with me. College has been chewing up most of my time with some extra classes I've been taking, but I haven't forgotten about you guys so don't worry.

If you're reading this, you've probably had to deal with some sort of health insurance snafu. Whether being unable to pick up some meds or getting flat-out denied coverage, we've all been there. With news of Trump repealing the ACA, lots of people have worried about what the future of healthcare holds. Transgender folks are a very at-risk group, and have had a long history of getting denied care because of their gender identity.  

One of my most recent projects has been making a poster about trans insurance accessibility. This poster's got some info that I think should be equally important for trans people & cisgender people alike (cisgender just means "not transgender"). and I wanted to share that with you. The poster details how to go about getting coverage, how to find a therapist, and how to deal with an insurer if you get denied care. In addition to providing you with 3 different legal resources to deal with getting denied care, there's a giant list of local free resources as well. 

I've made hundreds of these posters & put them up all over Seattle, and I don't think the Internet should be any exception. If you've got a friend who's trans and is still trying to figure out how to get covered, my poster might help them out. I've got a bibliography of all the sources I cited for my poster, as well as a free download of it. Getting healthcare can be very scary, but there's a system to help get it to you, and resources to help when you're down on your luck. 

This has taken the better part of a month researching, interviewing and spell checking, so I hope you find it useful!

Next letter, I got some news on the distribution of my all new not very child-friendly kids book, so stay tuned! I love you forever 

-Andrew Schons

Click to view the full poster!!
Click to view the trans-awareness page!! (Still a work in progress)
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