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This month's newsletter covers Blood Sugar Part 2, the release of Blacken Your Eyes, some upcoming shows I'm having this month, and more!!!
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                          BLOOD SUGAR PART 2                          

After months of preparation & self promotion, Blood Sugar Part #2 finally happened!! Like Blood Sugar Part #1, Blood Sugar Part #2 felt like another great experiment in methods of displaying/selling my art & a good showcase of this years' artistic achievements and stuff!

For a show being held while Greenwood Ave. is shut down & plenty of other artists are selling outside, and in a place that you might expect to be an illegal gambling joint or some other sort of sketchiness, this show did surprisingly well! There was a great turn out of walk in traffic due to some rather obnoxious signs that I placed outside, and I managed to sell an original painting in addition to a few of my brand new Foamboard art prints & other art goodness, too!

This show was the first show where I had to do the marketing all on my own without any help from my mentor Ryan Henry Ward, and I think it went fantastic in that regard, with the giant turnout that it had.

Thank you so much to everybody that came & I hope to see you all at future shows!!!

Buy A Print of Sea Munster

The original of "Sea Munster" was sold to local artist, Eli Wolff

A video of the creation of the painting "How I lost him". Some footage which was taken with my iphone, which I lost, so :P I've been working on this painting on-and-off since November, and just finally finished it, so yay!
The 1st part of the Blacken Your Eyes instructional video contains the story the games conception, what's in the box & how to set it up. The point of the game & how to play will be detailed in the next part.
Blacken your eyes is now finally complete!!! The game that I've been working on tirelessely for over half a year is now finished, and ready to be purchased. I'm working on a video that explains what it is & how to play it, and am working on principal shooting for the second part right now. 
Part 2 is gonna' be really crazy & fun, and equal parts entertaining & instructional & I think it's gonna turn out great.

You can read more about Blacken Your Eyes & order a copy here.

What is it?

Blacken your eyes is a board game that revolves around collecting Body Parts & not dying. Each player draws a goal card at the beginning of the game, this goal card telling the player what they have to do in order to win the game. Goals vary from collecting all of a certain characters body parts, stealing other character's body parts, killing all the other characters, or nothing in particular. 
You can also play a version of the game where whoever builds a complete body first wins. 
I tried making this pretty open ended.
(I even wrote a version of the rules where you can play capture the flag. That's not published yet, though.)
 How many people can play?        
Blacken Your Eyes can currently only be played with up to four characters. However, if interest in the game increases, I'll release expansion packs with boards that allow for more players, more characters, more game cards & a ton of other stuff.
The game is more fun with more people, so I'd suggest playing with 4 or more. 2  is tedious.
I tried making this game really open ended, and released something for players who can't wait for expansion packs to come out or think they have good ideas for the game.

The Blacken Your Eyes homekit contains the stuff you'd need to redo pretty much everything in the game. You get a blank character sheet, sheet of blank body parts/ character standies, the back of a sheet of goal cards, the back of a sheet of game cards/hp tokens & a blank game board. That's fucking it. 
If you're artsy, you can go ahead, draw up your own board & standies & body parts and write up your own game cards & goal cards & all of that.
Owning an original copy of the game helps with understanding the Homekit more.
If you love your copy of Blacken Your Eyes & really wanna' add your own twist to the gameplay or just do your own shit or something, then the homekit is for you!!
Link to download:

                      Upcoming Shows                   
I'll be squatting at Exterminator City Part 4 on Saturday, August 22nd, vending at the Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday, August 29th, and hanging art at the other coast cafe' in November.
Peep the site for addresses, times & more.
I hope you enjoyed this month's first newsletter. Thank you to everybody who signed up for this & I love you all so much. Your support of me & my art is extremely appreciated, and it's just super awesome. Thank you so much, I hope to see you guys soon! :D
-Andrew Schons
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