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801 Union
Next work days at 801 Union: February 12, 13 and 14. 
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First off, my apologies for being late with this newsletter. Kurt sent me his note 4 weeks back and I'm only getting to this now.... There a lot of content below, so please take the time to read it. Also, now is the time to pay your alumni dues. Click the link above to pay with PayPal which is super quick and easy. 
Dale Koetke '86

December 29, 2015

Sigma Tau Gamma Alumni Brothers,                                                         
The year 2015 draws quietly to a close, while marking the end of the second year of efforts to rehabilitate the fraternity property at 801 Union in preparation for the re-establishment of Beta Lambda Chapter.  More remains to be done, but not so much as when we first began.  A big Thank You goes out to all who have helped in any way… providing labor, materials, dues payment and donations.  All we ask is “keep those checks and letters coming”.

There is good news to share: Tom Witt and the short term plan committee have identified and confirmed a group of eight student tenants for the 2016-2017 school year that will begin to provide cash flow that will sustain our ownership and control of the property and building.  The eight are Greeks from a single fraternity, who will all be seniors next fall.  They will occupy four sleeping rooms on the main level and have access and use of the lower level.  The chapter room will remain our “office” and meeting space for Sig Tau Alumni and OD Inc.  We will also retain shared use of the common areas and property, for Alumni gatherings like homecoming.

Work remains to be done:  Many small but necessary tasks remain to be completed on both the main and lower levels.  We have set a target date for completing these of June 26th and have set a calendar of monthly work dates to accomplish these.  We are asking for as much help as we can muster in order to continue the use of volunteer labor so as to keep costs down.  In addition we plan to move forward with the work on the upper level so that rental income can be added for that expanded space… adding six more sleeping rooms.

The planned work dates are: 

  1. February 12, 13 & 14
  2. March 11, 12 &13
  3. April 15, 16 &17*
  4. May 20, 21 & 22
  5. June 24, 25 & 26

(*) denotes OD Inc. quarterly meeting dates.
Please plan on joining us on one or more of these dates as you are able.  Your help will be greatly appreciated and is necessary for the success of the project.

Looking Further ahead:  Our long term committee has begun the planning for the return and support of re-colonization of Beta Lambda Chapter and examination of what changes and/or property improvements will be needed for the ongoing success of the chapter.  Our new neighbors’, the six sororities, construction project is progressing toward a mid-April completion and fall 2016 occupancy.  We invite all Sig Tau Alumni to plan on joining us at homecoming, September 23, 24* & 25, 2016, to see how our neighborhood has changed!  Of course spouse and family are always welcome as well.

We have passed the half way point of the exclusion period imposed upon our undergraduate chapter.  We now must begin to turn our attention and efforts toward supporting the process of recolonization and the return of Beta Lambda Chapter to Valparaiso University.  While we wait for the University and the National Fraternity to come to terms with just how and when the return can begin, there is much our Alumni can accomplish that may speed and support the process.  Demonstration of active Alumni interest, involvement and financial support is a role every Alumni Brother can perform to insure we reach a successful conclusion.  Planning a visit to a workday or homecoming is a great way to show that support is genuine and ready for return.  The additional advantage is the chance to see how both the property and university has changed since the last you knew of them!  See you at 801 in 2016!    

Kurt Ulbricht ’71, President Omicron Delta Inc.

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