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Edition 16-2020

  Big story

A tough week for algorithms


Algorithms have been in the press for all the wrong reasons — racial bias, mostly. Instagram’s CEO said they need to change their algorithms to stop mistreatment of black users. After, TikTok explained how their recommender algorithm works.

Researchers may use racist algorithms

Some AI researchers called out a scientific paper introducing a face recognition system that can apparently detect if you’re a criminal. Dubbing it the #TechToPrisonPipeline, the group criticized it for being inherently racist.

Uber and Lyft too

According to a recent study it seems Uber and Lyft offer more expensive fares for trips to non-white and low-income neighbourhoods. The research said this may be down to “social bias”.

It’s not all bad though

So says this piece on how AI can actually help protect disadvantaged people. Algorithm bias is a real thing — but its prominence depends on the people behind the algorithm, on their vigilance and responsibility.

Read here how we avoid bias in our AI advisor, crystal.

Quick stories

  • Macs are getting their own chips - Apple’s doing away with the Intel ones (BBC)

  • Visa reveal AI tool to tackle identity fraud - The solution will help stop people getting their information stolen online (TechRepublic)

  • Microsoft buy cybersecurity startup, CyberX - It’ll give them extra tech to monitor alarms, cameras, phones and more (CNBC)

  • You can fact check images now - Google brought its Fact Check label to its image results to crack down on misinformation (CNET)

A bright idea

Who runs the world? Data, apparently

An English mathematician said in 2006 that “data is the new oil” and that “it cannot really be used unrefined”. It couldn’t be more true right now.

Look at the US Presidential elections. The political fight is entirely digital, with data being used as the defining weapon. TikTok tricked the Trump campaign into thinking it got “the biggest data haul and rally signup of all time”. Meanwhile, it’s a war between apps—Team Joe vs Trump 2020—and the data they collect from and target voters with.

Data can be the defining weapon in business too. Do you know how to refine your data and extract value from it?

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