January 25, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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January 25th
Twenty years ago, January 25th was a Sunday. Not just any Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday.
Of course San Diego was not playing in the Super Bowl, but the Super Bowl was playing in San Diego.
Super Bowl XXXII
Broncos beat the Packers by a score of XXXI to XXIV.
Other than scenery, San Diego was best represented by future Hall of Famer Terrell Davis, from Lincoln High.
Lest we forget, San Diego did play in Super Bowl XXIV. But you don’t hear much about that 49-26 drubbing by the 49ers.
Until about a year ago many fans held out hope the San Diego Chargers might make a return to “the big game.” Now, heaven and earth (and the Chargers) would have to move for that to happen.
But in the spirit of the season let us remind you…
(Deep-voice announcer) This e-blast is copyright by PLA Productions for the private use of our audience. Any other use of this e-blast and any pictures, descriptions or accounts of the game without the PLA’s consent is prohibited. 
I’m sorry. Did we say PLA? We meant NFL.
But does any of that verbiage mean anything?
Find out by clicking on this totally unauthorized football photo.
And if you want to feel nostalgic or just annoy your spouse or coworkers, turn up the volume on your computer speakers and click here.
Welcome, partners!

PLA is happy to announce several new business members.
Joining us at the Silver level is Jimmy's Famous American Tavern on Harbor Drive.
Great atmosphere. Super food. Happy voices.

Wrap your chops around a burger, if you can.
(Caution! It might get messy.)
While you’re there, thank the folks at Jimmy’s for becoming part of PLA. We bet we’ll be gathering for a PLA social event at Jimmy’s real soon! 
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    
Also coming on board at the Silver level is new member Sand and Sea Realty.
PLA Board member Sarah Kelty (our Social Chair) works with Anna Marie Barnard at Sand and Sea.
Sand and Sea is a women-owned real estate brokerage with three decades of service to sellers and buyers. If you’re “in the market” selling or buying, consider Sand and Sea, and contact Anna Marie.
*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    
Here’s a sweet new member…The Elegant Truffle!
The Elegant Truffle on Scott Street is owned by Jennifer Marie Muratore.

Jen is an artisan chocolatier creating Belgium truffles and other goodies from her family recipes.
PLA member Cathy Pilkington is sponsoring the Elegant Truffle Bronze membership. We thank her immensely!
Cathy’s generosity makes it possible for you to sample goodies from The Elegant Truffle at our Valentine-themed PLA social mixer. 
Details on that event
are coming up right now…
Mean Green Team
Gotta Keep a Sense of Humor
Friday mornings on the job, out and about the Peninsula, the Green Team gets noticed. Honks, waves, “thank yous” are always welcome.
Recently they have overheard people explaining who they are to puzzled companions.
Oh! Those are prisoners on a work detail.”
“I think they’re people from the old folks home.”
Really? You know, we’re right here. We can hear you. We’re not deaf, nor that old.
Fortunately, some people know about the PLA Mean Green Team and all they do for our community. One of those people is City Councilmember Lorie Zapf. Tonight she will recognize our Mean Greeners with a special award at A Salute to the Second District. Here are the details.
The Man, The Myth, The Legend…
Now a mysterious story, reported “live” by PLA Green Team field reporter Becky Wieder…
On Tuesday, January 16, the Rose Team met at Liberty Station to spread mulch in our rose garden. With muscle and extra help from Pete Buerger and three park and rec folks, we got the work done in short order. 
As we finished up, we wanted a photo to mark the occasion. An older gentleman happened by walking his dog, and we asked if he would mind taking our picture. Some of us were thinking to ourselves that he bore a striking resemblance to David Crosby of Crosby, Stills and Nash. We asked him what his dog’s name was and he said “Crosby”. Although we didn’t say anything, we are sure that David Crosby took this photo of our fearless team. 
Hmmm. What do you think? Could be. Why not?
To paraphrase David, everybody’s “got to be somewhere.”
Where Am I?
You know you’ve seen it, but where? A clue is coming up.
The answer and full story at the end of this email.
What is the Point Loma Association? What do you do?
Lots of things. More than you know!
Our Directors get together once a month. Please join us!
Seven-thirty in the morning might seem early, but the coffee is hot and the view from the Bali Hai is gorgeous.
The people are pretty terrific, too – wonderfully welcoming in a just-waking-up kind of way.
Ask questions or just sit and listen. Learn about PLA and hear updates from cops, the City, County, State and Federal reps. Get the latest Peninsula news, days before you read it here.
Details: PLA Board Meeting, second Wednesday of each month, 7:30 am upstairs at Bali Hai on Shelter Island.
Next gathering is February 7th.

The greeter…more awake than the rest of us.
He seldom speaks. So if you hear him say, “Good morning,” you’re still dreaming.
Our Directors
Recently we’ve introduced you to several new Point Loma Association Board members. Today we spotlight two who have served for many years and, according to our bylaws, must be termed out in June.
           Kelly Mitchell                                            Ted Kay
At the urging of San Diego City Councilmember Lorie Zapf and those of us living near enough to the airport to wave at flight crews arriving and departing, the FAA is announcing…another study. Bet you never saw that coming.
This one is called, a Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update. Officials usually shorten that to simply, Part 150. However they cannot seem to shorten the duration of the study to fewer than 18 to 24 months.
We wish we had some exciting news to report today about kinder, gentler, softer sounds, but not yet. Just more study time.
The Beacon and the La Jolla Light each have stories outlining the details of the study. Your enthusiasm may hinge on whether you live within or outside the 65-plus decibel level limit. How loud is 65 decibels? Here. Somebody demonstrates. (If you’re a cat person, watch to the end.)
Here’s additional information on Part 150 from the FAA. San Diego apparently has never had a Part 150. McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad has.
As you know, we here at PLA are a fairly optimistic  group  of people. (Sorry. Plane overhead.) So we hope good news will amble down the runway.
Here is an encouraging item. Southwest Airlines President Gary Kelly says the recently-passed federal tax overhaul saves his company a bundle. That gives him the “opportunity to renew our fleet faster.” Retiring some of the older aircraft for quieter, more fuel efficient airplanes would be, “a significant benefit,” according to Mr. Kelly.
Cool! Nearly 38% of the planes filling our skies and ears are painted yellow, red and blue. Let’s hope Southwest jumps at this “opportunity” without conducting a lengthy study.
Where Am I?
A Clue
La Punta de la Loma
When you’re the new kid in town, what better way to establish yourself as part of the neighborhood than to link to its history? Any new addition to a village appears magnanimous when it tips its hat to what came before.
Bellamar, a new, prominent presence in our Point Loma Village, is being classy by marking the significance of its historic location with a plaque. Residents and guests will discover they are sipping wine and enjoying the view at the intersection where the first American home was built in Point Loma and the site of the Roseville Hotel in 1869.
Years ago the spot was marked with a plaque probably attached to this big eucalyptus tree.
In the 1930’s a time capsule was added. Here is State Senator Leroy Wright with Cabrillo Elementary students.
Recognize any of the kids? They don’t look especially happy. But then again, it was the ‘30s.
As often happens with time capsules, in time people forgot about this one, so rather than preserving history, it got lost to it.
Other things "marked" the site over the years…
And soon, we are promised, a new plaque will proclaim this special location on La Playa Trail.
Let’s celebrate, along with La Playa Trail Association, as soon as the plaque appears!

We will learn more about Louis Rose next month, the 130th anniversary of his passing, including why his "eternal" resting place was not.  
Won't find this in PL
We’re not going to ask you to guess where this photo was taken.
One of our senior PLA correspondents was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, earlier this week. It was about 9 degrees with fluffy falling snow…

…and other stuff you don’t see in San Diego.
Like the famous elk antler arches on each corner of the town square.
No elk were harmed! They shed their antlers each spring.
Boy Scouts collect them, Rotarians assemble them, and you can learn more here.
Also, check out their fabulous town square webcam.
Sights & sounds!
If you go to Jackson Hole, ya gotta stop here.
Saddle up to the bar if your straddle is wide enough and your back is strong enough. 
Shift your moods with the music.
Tap your boots.
Sip a longneck.

Shoot the breeze. Shoot some pool.
Downstairs, at the aptly-named Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse, you could sidle up to a $66 ala carte ribeye with optional $12 dollop of blue cheese butter.
Don’t. Trust us. Don’t.
Instead, grab a burger or wings from the bar menu, and – if you’re a real cowboy – eat with your hat on.
Public Safety
Our PLA Committee on Public Safety continues to explore ways to work with government officials and other community groups to protect Peninsula residents, guests and property.
In recent weeks we have met with City, County and State representatives to share concerns and seek solutions.

Just yesterday, PLA members gathered at Supervisor Ron Roberts' office. Committee Chair Julie Borcher reports,

The County has a $6 billion annual budget and of that, $2 billion is for health and human services.  The County’s belief is that outreach is the number one priority in reaching the homeless in order to get them into the services they need.  To that end, they are staffing every Homeless Outreach Team with a County social worker and also working in coordination with the Regional Task Force on the Homeless.  This RTFH has developed a strategic plan to effectively end homelessness in San Diego County."  Here is a link with more information.  
And here's something we hear often from SDPD – if you see illegal activity, it’s expedient to report it by email to one of our Community Relations Officers:
David Surwilo
Ricardo Pinon
Remember. In the eyes of the cops, unless a crime is reported, it did not happen.
Kudos to the PD’s Quality of Life Team for successfully discouraging loitering at major intersections in the Midway District.
It has made a big difference. THANK YOU! 
Withering Pines
Some trees look dead in the winter but spring back to life in the…spring. Pine trees are evergreens and should be, you know, ever green.
In recent years, a lot of our Peninsula pines have turned brown.
Pine bark beetles are getting the blame. But according to Ron Matranga, Master Arborist for Atlas Tree Service, they are simply opportunists. Lack of rainfall set the process in motion.
It is my opinion that the extended drought of the early 2010’s has led to stress to pine trees in landscaped areas.  PBB is typically a secondary issue that exploits a stressed host. All pines are susceptible, but most of our PBB problems are currently with Monterey and Torrey pine, with Aleppo, Canary Island, and Italian stone pines also seeing attacks.”

Once you have a tree that looks like this, there’s not much you can do but watch it die.
However, if you have a healthy tree, you might consider a proactive treatment – injections of an insecticide. In the fall of 2016, Atlas treated more than 200 trees at Torrey Pines Golf Course. Early action is the best hope.
Once a PBB problem is identified in a tree, the vascular tissue is usually so far compromised that any injection treatment into the tree will not be effective.”
If you have a healthy pine and your neighbor’s is fading, getting rid of the deadwood is important.
“If there is any possibility that there are active beetles either in the tree or over-wintering in the tree, then tree removal (or in some cases large limb removal) may be key to minimizing or preventing the spread of the insect.”
The University of California has a lot more information.  
And if you want to consult a local pro, we suggest contacting PLA Business Member, Atlas Tree Service.
Know anything about this new column of light across the bay?
Our annual Point Loma Association Dinner party is a highlight of the Peninsula social season – has been for generations.
Last year’s Gems and Jewels celebration at the Kona Kai ballroom was a smash!
Guests enjoyed a wonderful evening!
And a bunch of us had a good time making it happen. It’s true!
This is where we met to plan the event.
Sure, there’s lots of work, a million details, a bit of tap-dancing and smoke and mirrors to pull it off, but we have a great crew, and the results are definitely worth the effort.
Plus it’s a big part of keeping the PLA going!

This year’s dinner is Tuesday, October 16th, again at the Kona Kai. We’re making plans now. 
What would you like? Give us your ideas. Join our dinner committee! Click here to get in touch.
As with everything we do, You Are The Point!
Where Am I?
The Answer
Actually, Homer is where you’ll find this bovine. Homer Street in Loma Portal. We don’t know its name.
In fact, upon further review, the call on the field is reversed!    This heifer is…
Here’s what we do know. This full-size statue first grazed in San Diego in 2009, as part of CowParade. The event was one of many around the country, inspired by a very successful philanthropic cow-art project in Chicago in 1999.
Locally, the plan was to display 200 cows around town and auction them off to benefit charities. But as you may recall, 2009 followed 2008, a year when buying hamburger was tough enough for some of us, much less bidding on a whole inedible, non-milkable cow.
Instead of 200 cows, there were 50. Instead of parading them around town, they were all displayed in La Jolla, where their motto is, “We know art when we see it!”
One top bidder at the cow auction lived in Point Loma on Chatsworth Blvd. Some years later, the owner left our warm, welcoming village to live in posh La Jolla.
Society welcomed him, but his cow? No way. (La Jolla…new motto: “Don’t have a cow, man!”)
So “Not Homer” ended up at a yard garage pasture sale, and for a few pennies on the dollar, a gentleman farmer living on Homer Street gave him...a Home.
We have only a few photos of the Loma Portal heifer. But here are many more colorful cows all over everywhere.
This has gone on way too long. You may have guessed our motto…
Archived we are!

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