February 8, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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A Village Valentine Party 
Last night, A. L. Jacobs and Sons Jewelers on Rosecrans hosted a Point Loma Association party!
The theme…Mix Mingle and Connect.
Guests enjoyed sparkling baubles, bubbly beverages and – thanks to the Elegant Truffle – decadent deserts.
Chris Jacobs offered pre-valentine savings of 20% to 50% off selected items. Plus 10% of the proceeds go to PLA!

And there were door prizes!

Thanks also to Matt Kala Insurance, Sand and Sea Realty and Brown Marketing Strategies for making the event a big success! More events on the calendar soon! Keep watch for the dates.

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and….Huh?

Peninsula residents on the west side of our loma enjoy golden sunsets, gnarly waves and razor sharp horizons. But at night, it’s pretty much just dark.

Loma residents on the eastern slope see fiery sunrises, graceful sailboats, dusk-bathed skyscrapers and twinkling city lights.

Recently, among twinkling lights and the Emerald Plaza’s soothing green hexagons there arose a shaft of bright white light more than 40 stories tall. Visible from many areas of Point Loma, once seen, it cannot be unseen. It dominates the cityscape, a giant lightsaber thrust into space. 
Is it awesome? Is it beautiful? Is it art?
Is it a big bright, “look-at-me, look-at-me” finger in the sky?
You decide. 

Bosa development is giving us the finger of light.
It’s the edge of their new Pacific Gate Condo building on Pacific Highway at Broadway. Two bedrooms priced from $1.4 million; three bedrooms begin at $2.9 million.
(Housing crisis? What housing crisis?)
Pacific Gate is 41 stories high. Not the tallest building downtown. That will be another Bosa development across the street, rising to 45 stories.
Also striking at Pacific Gate (which we truly hope will never become the name of a political scandal) is a 25 foot tall sculpture by artist Jaume Plensa.
It is still under construction.
Now…the mystery.
As quickly as the finger of light poked us in mid-January, it vanished last Friday.

Why? We have no idea. (Was it keeping the sculpture awake at night?)
Earlier this week, we left two messages for the PR department at Bosa asking what happened. They have not returned our calls.
If you can shed light on the mystery, do tell!

Meantime, we will have to table our nifty idea to make the light a more practical landmark…

Inspired by our neighbors in
Baker, California.
Dolphin Dive
As reported previously, this…
Is being replaced by this…
And when that happens, this shall disappear…
Click the Palm Reader sign above to see into the future!
Where Am I?
Where have you seen this on the Point Loma Peninsula?
A clue coming up, and the answer at the end of this email.
PLA Directors
This week the spotlight is on…
            Dan Dennison                                     Robin Roger
Click their photos to learn more about them!
What can Brown do for you?
(UPS no longer uses that slogan, so we appropriated it.)

On a recent blustery morning in Ocean Beach...
PLA Board member and promotion person extraordinaire, Shannon Brown, made an outstanding presentation at the 2018 Annual OBMA Marketing Meeting. Read all about it here.
The Point Loma Association is truly fortunate to have Shannon and her team assisting us in getting out the word on our special events, Like this one…
PCPB Elections
Five of the fifteen seats on the Peninsula Community Planning Board are available this spring. The election is March 15th. Deadline for candidate filing is March 1st.
Here are the candidate eligibility requirements.
Here is additional information.
Annapolis Comes to San Diego
PLA and more than two dozen business on the Peninsula frequently welcome home returning submariners from Squadron Eleven.
This week, the banners you see are welcoming – to their new home – the crew of the USS Annapolis.

The Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine arrived in San Diego on Monday, after transferring from Groton, Connecticut.
Thanks to USMM Eric Roberts for helping place the banners. And a big thanks to all our PLA Business members and others for joining this salute to our Navy neighbors.
For the 160 sailors and officers aboard the Annapolis, it must be heart-warming to see such community support upon arrival.
Plus, hey! Heart-warming?! They’re moving to San Diego!!
The temperature in Groton this morning was 27 degrees!
Mean Green Team
A quick summary of recent stops on their 2018  world tour…
January 12th
A corner at West Point Loma and Nimitz – a new corner.
The Team works frequently at the “pork chop” shaped spaces on either side of Nimitz. This time they tackled the “third corner” (not the restaurant). 

This is the northeast corner next to the townhouses and Barnes Tennis Center. Untouched for a time, it yielded some surprises!
In addition to tough palm pruning, wrangling the usual vegetation and trash, our workers discovered construction debris, perhaps accidentally dropped by someone on the way to the dump? 

Fortunately, the PLA MGT works well with city crews who hauled off the heavy stuff soon after our call for help. 
Mean...Green…Ram Tough!
January 19th
Dewey Elementary School…trimming, weeding, picking up litter, cleaning up graffiti. You know, a typical Friday morning.

Albert and Pete tame an unruly ficus.
January 26
West side of Nimitz Blvd…debris left by street people grows faster than the vegetation. We handle it all.
Pete, Bruce, Julie, Michelle, Stan and Rex after a job well done.

More graffiti.
Sometimes we eliminate it before you see it!
Members Make it Happen
Special thanks this week to two of our Platinum Business partners…
We count on you to keep the Point Loma Association strong and vital. Our members are our heart and soul!
Can No Longer Tender Cash
at Tender Greens
True or false?
Businesses in this country must accept cash as payment for goods and services.
Answer: FALSE
All United States money is a valid and legal offer of payment for debts when tendered to a creditor. There is, however, no Federal statute mandating that a private business, a person, or an organization must accept currency or coins as payment for goods or services. (Think airline cocktails.)
If you doubt us, check with the Federal Reserve System. "The Fed" will tell you.
(We believe they’re still open.)

Do you remember when Point Loma Seafood accepted only cash or checks – no credit cards?
(Conveniently they had an ATM fastened to the building.)

Tender Greens is now flipping that. Don’t peel off greens to buy your roughage. Plastic only!
Their new motto is, "We’re going cashless. Plus nobody knows how to make change anymore anyway."

For details, choose the salad. 
Where Am I?
A Clue

The project looks impressive!

Construction is coming along nicely.
But it’s only half done!
Boats won’t be hitting the water from Shelter Island until summertime. The Port of San Diego’s work to improve the launch ramp has hit a few snags – specifically, underground debris, concrete and stuff. (That was a surprise?)

So instead of the targeted March opening, we’ll be facing these signs a bit longer. Sad.
The Beacon shines more light on the subject.
Rosecrans Repairs
A message from Naval Base Point Loma:
“It has come to our attention that parts of Rosecrans Street that were recently resurfaced by the Navy are now damaged. Those areas of Rosecrans Street will be repaired.
There was a meeting…with the City of San Diego and our construction contractor to inspect the road conditions. They determined that the repairs can be covered under the warranty.  However, construction activities will have to wait until seasonal temperatures are conducive.  So it'll be about 4 months (Spring 2018) before the repairs can occur, but they will be done.” Pass it on. That is all.

In 1987 California passed the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act. It mandates recycling centers for cans and bottles be located within a “convenience zone” nearby each full line grocery store.
Some of those centers are in residential neighborhoods, including the one at Stumps Marketplace on Voltaire.
Thirty years have passed since the Litter Reduction Act.
Today, nearly every residence has its own recycling center. 

We live with the convenience of tossing recyclables into blue cans on our property.
Yet we still live with the “inconvenience” of people roaming neighborhoods, cherry-picking aluminum from our bins and dragging drippy bags to the commercial center in exchange for cash. That upsets nearby residents.
It is time to bring State regulations into the 21st century.
PLA is in touch with Assemblymember Todd Gloria who shares our concerns. He is working with CalRecycle and other legislative offices to address convenience zones and additional issues in a way that may not require new legislation. The Assemblymember says the state’s budget process may be able to accomplish our goals.
If you want to add your voice to those encouraging a solution, click here. If you have another opinion you’d like to share, let us know.
The Full
Super Blue Blood Moon

That’s not a title you see every day. In fact, 1866 was the last time this celestial trifecta occurred:
  • Blue moon (2nd full moon in a calendar month)
  • Super moon (close to earth, appearing huuuge)
  • Blood moon (lunar eclipse at its peak) 
Everything aligned again just over a week ago on January 31, and lots of amateur photographers rolled out very early to capture it for posterity, Instagram, Twitter or whatever.
The sky was clear, but city lights dominated the darkness. And since the “blood moon” is actually the moment when earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, it appeared (surprise) really faint.
Yeah. That’s how it looked to our senior staff photographer.
(But he always complains that if he had a new camera he could take better pictures. We think he’s just not that good. He also wants a telephoto lens. But we tell him, you only have to cover Point Loma. It’s right here.)
He did get one pretty cool photo. See if you can spot the moon resting on the Star of India’s rigging.
(He should have used a telephoto lens.)
Fortunately, some folks – professional and amateur – took really cool photos.
The Union-Tribune has samples.
If all this talk of blue moons has a certain song stuck in your head, which version are you hearing?
The ballad by Mel Tormé?
Or the one that starts out
PLA Welcomes
Two New Bronze Level Business Members

P H Design Associates
Customized Apparel and Accessories
Location, Location, Location
1110 Rosecrans St #100
San Diego, CA 92106
We are rooting for…
A New Nati’s?

A few months back, we were told that legendary Nati’s Restaurant in Ocean Beach was being sold, would be remodeled, and reopen as...

...ta-dah, New Nati’s. 
But we didn’t get that in writing. Well, actually we did, last December in a press release quoting one of the selling owners saying, "It is our understanding that the business will close for about a month for some much-needed renovation and updating.
Thereafter the refreshed Nati’s will reopen with the original staff and serve the consistent, Sinaloan Style Mexican food that has made it a local’s favorite for the past nearly 60 years.”
But a press release is not legally binding.
And the new year brought
new news

Pie crust is replacing crispy tortillas.
Gaining a pie shop is fine.
But, losing Nati’s hurts.
Auto Scrubber’s Been Scrubbed!
Last year, Chevron purchased the Auto Scrubber property on Midway Drive at Rosecrans with plans to expand their gas station and convenience store. We’re not sure of the status of their project– initial application was rejected last summer – 
but after several years of dilapidated buildings, giant weeds and frequent graffiti, the lot is looking better.
Hope construction begins soon!

But we hope it will not include Chevron’s original proposal to sell liquor at their store.

Also of note in the area, a new community development plan for the Midway District could increase the population by six fold!

NBC7 Reporter (and 2017 PLA Town Hall Panelist) Lynn Walsh has that story.
Fun Facts
About a Founding Father
At age 43, Louis Rose came to California from Texas. In 1850 he purchased land. He laid out Roseville, built a hotel, a general store and a wharf. Rose envisioned Roseville becoming the heart of the city. Alonzo Horton had a different vision.
“Horton’s Addition”, or “New Town” won out, and Roseville grew more slowly.

Louis Rose also owned a hotel and saloon in Old Town.

In 1852, he bought a butcher shop and sold fresh beef, pork, mutton, veal, poultry and vegetables to steamships traveling down the coast toward Panama Canal. His pitch was, fresher food at lower prices than San Francisco!
If the Elegant Truffle had been here then, they could have competed with Ghirardelli.

In an area to the north, known now as Rose Canyon, Louis built a ranch and a tannery. It provided meat for the butcher shop, and hides that he turned into saddles, shoes, belts and harnesses, His products sold for much less than leather items imported from far away. Take that, Gucci!
Not everything he did paid off. Mr. Rose lost a bundle at copper mining, and people turned up their noses when he offered them bedroom mattresses stuffed with ocean kelp.
What's your sleep number? What's that smell?!

Louis Rose was a fascinating fellow. If you’d like to learn more about him – and there is much more to learn – we highly recommend Donald Harrison's book, Louis Rose, San Diego’s First Jewish Settler and Entrepreneur.
We have paraphrased from it extensively in this post.

Read the book to learn why Louis is scowling in this photograph. (It has nothing to do with kelp or copper.)
Louis Rose Point is lovely feature of Liberty Station beside the water in NTC Park.
There is a monument.
Louis Rose passed away 130 years ago this month, February 12th, 1888.
He was buried in cemetery on land he had donated to the Jewish community. 
But the cemetery was neglected and the land sold. The bodies of Louis Rose, his wife and infant daughter (and other early Jewish settlers) were moved to the Home of Peace Cemetery at Mount Hope.
Good move. Or they would have spent eternity beneath Doctors Hospital/Sharp Cabrillo. That plot on Kenyon Street is now home to EF International Language Campus.
Point Loma Nazarene University’s 2018 Writer’s Symposium by the Sea kicks off on Monday, February 19 with an incredible roster of authors including Deepak Chopra, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Pulitzer Prize winner, Jane Smiley.
The Writer’s Symposium is an annual event founded by Dr. Dean Nelson and brings lively, evocative conversations to PLNU from some of the world’s best authors.
As an audience member, you will be able to be immersed in the interview between Dr. Nelson and the authors as they share stories about their lives, work, and the passion that drives them. There will be a Q&A after the interview, offering audience members the chance to interact with the authors.
La Playa Books will be present in the lobby of the Jane Smiley event on February 20th, offering Jane Smiley’s books for purchase. Don’t be shy about coming by, saying hey, and picking up your favorite of Smiley’s books!
Additionally, we are offering the chance to win two tickets to meet Jan Smiley at a private VIP reception and admittance to her Writer's Symposium interview. To enter the drawing, simply stop by La Playa Books and make a purchase between January 30th and February 15th . Your name will be entered in to the raffle and the drawing will take place on February 15th.
In addition to the author interviews, the Symposium offers specialized workshops taught by published writers to help build your skillset and offer insight in to the writing process. This is an incredible opportunity to interact with world-class authors and go deeper in to your love of writing. You are invited to join us and take part in this wonderful event!
For more information visit the Writer’s Symposium website.
Where Am I?
The Answer
These pictures and many others are part of a mural painted by Bolivian-born artist Jorge Imana.
It is titled, San Diego from 1769 to 1969.
David Fleet commissioned the artwork.
We are still hoping to learn more about this beautiful masterpiece.
See the Jorge Imana mural on the side of Zino Bongiovanni’s building, across the parking lot from U.S. Bank on Chatsworth.
Pause to enoy it next time you pick up a pizza at The Venetian.
Dispelling Rumors
The PLA electronic newsletter is not being purchased by a biotech billionaire, nor being acquired by Broadcom. And we are not sending a correspondent to PyeonChang (even though he begged).
Archived we are!

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