November 30, 2017
Point Loma Community News & Events
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The Seasonal Dance
If you are among those compelled to keep your home decorated appropriately each season, this is the whiplash time of year.
Décor jumps from summer casual to autumn cozy in a flash, even as extreme daytime temperatures clash.
Halloween dovetails nicely into Thanksgiving. 
Turkeys replace goblins…pumpkins lose most of their personality.  Witches regress and Pilgrims progress.
But before the last slice of pie disappears all those “giving” accoutrements must be stashed away for the season of “getting.” (Throw a coat and scarf on a Pilgrim, and you have a caroler!)

It can be a lot of work!
Some folks must be really organized. They have plenty of storage and rotate the seasonal decorations like Costco and Walmart.
Others of us do the best we can with limited space and stepladders. Logistics can be daunting.

We could use “professional” help.
Usually, it’s nearby.
Keeping up with the rapidly changing calendar is like trying to spend quality time with every guest at your holiday party. It’s a wonderful whirlwind that can sap satisfaction.
Through it all, we hope to breathe deeply, savor special moments with people we love, survive the ride and do it all again next year.
After all, who knows how many seasons are left on our calendar?
How’s the weather?
Did you entertain out of town guests here in San Diego on Thanksgiving? 
Did you Skype, Facetime or – if you are of a certain age – talk “long distance” with relatives in colder climates…and gloat?
“Hey. Sunny and 83 degrees here today. We’re at the beach. How’s the weather where you are?”
If so, here’s good news. Mild places, like Point Loma, apparently grow people with better personalities than colder climes do.
If that’s true, those “better beings” among us (natives) probably wouldn’t be smug about our weather.

But for those of us who spent our formative years elsewhere, here is
some ammunition for touting our little slice of paradise.
And if you want the complete scoop, click on the study:
More and Less
In recent weeks, along the busy intersections in the Midway District, have you noticed…

more of this,

and less of this?
SDPD Western Division’s Quality of Life Team is working overtime – literally – to make the area safer for motorists and pedestrians.

We see the improvement and applaud their efforts.

The recent increase in police compensation should help San Diego retain officers and attract more recruits. But training and other factors slow the process of putting more cops on the beat.

In the next few days (target is December 1st) a new tent shelter is set to open behind the Goodwill Store on Sports Arena Boulevard. It will house 200 homeless men and women veterans and be run by Veterans Village of San Diego. It is not an emergency shelter, rather a transition facility working to move people from the street to permanent housing.
We hope that when the shelter is operating it will not negatively affect the progress SDPD has made in discouraging panhandlers in the area.
Some local elected officials and representatives for law enforcement lament the passage of Proposition 47 in 2014.
It reclassified some previous felonies – considered nonviolent – to misdemeanors. Some people complain it inhibits getting criminals off the streets and negatively impacts our neighborhoods.

In response, a group called the California Public Safety Partnership is proposing an initiative that may appear on the ballot in November of next year.
PLA is not endorsing the proposal, but we are encouraging everyone to learn more about it.
Ballotpedia has the details.
Short Term Vacation Rentals
San Diego’s coastal communities (and many others up and down the state) have been in housing turmoil for more than two years. Short Term Vacation Rentals are causing consternation for impacted neighbors (noise, trash, extra vehicles) and impacted neighborhoods (displaced residents, lost business, dwindling school attendance, decreased community involvement).
The San Diego City Council is trying to craft appropriate regulations to curtail absentee landlords running mini-hotels in residential neighborhoods, but also to protect homeowners who rely on renting part of their property to cover their mortgage.
There are multiple, competing proposed solutions to regulate the explosion of STVR. The Council is scheduled to debate and vote on a plan Tuesday, December 12th at Golden Hall, downtown.

The session begins at 10 am. But if you’re going, better pack a lunch. Maybe dinner, too. And take your Kindle.

Here’s a link to more information.
Where Am I?
Got an easy one for you this time, mostly because a lot of our staff took vacation the whole week of Thanksgiving!
Something about wanting to spend more time with their families – which is usually a euphemism for, “I got fired.”
Not the case! Their jobs are safe. We’d be lost without them. Couldn’t do this alone!

So here's the picture.
Yeah. I know we’re being super stingy. But if we showed you any more, it wouldn’t be a game. It would be a gimme.
We’ll reveal the answer, as usual, at the end of this email.
Last month in noting our Garden Award we bobbled a name.
Char and Don Clark own the home at Catalina &Talbot. They are pictured here with PLA Past-Chair, Patti Adams.
Mean Green Heroes
Last evening, the Wine Pub on Rosecrans honored the Point Loma Association's Mean Green Team for being unsung heroes who make the Peninsula a better place to live.

Owner, Sandy Hanshaw, celebrated the Pub’s eighth anniversary by recognizing people who, “have an infectious dedication to improving the lives of others in our local community.”
The Green Team was well-represented, as you can see.
They live to work…they love to party!
Congratulations to our PLA heroes as well as the other honorees of the evening: Theresa Renfro owner of En Concordia (a PLA Silver Business Member) and the Doors of Change an OB-based organization helping homeless youth.
Liberty Station Holidays
Liberty Station kicked off the holiday season Wednesday night with their traditional tree lighting. This year, it’s an 88-foot Norfolk Pine, and we’re sure it looks fabulous, all lit up like it must have been last evening. We had another commitment and missed that photo op. (See the previous post.)
We can show you how the Navy Recruit Postcard mural has been boxed and wrapped for the holidays.
And we can report that – as of noon yesterday – ice was forming at the Rady Children’s Hospital Ice Rink in anticipation of the first skaters' arrival.
As you may know, there was also much anticipation back on November 16th, the date the rink was scheduled to open. Then there was a glitch. A rather major one, apparently. Opening was delayed.

That's unfortunate, because proceeds from the rink go to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Children's Hospital missed a few weeks of fund raising, so if you have a chance – and sturdy ankles – take a few extra spins between now and January to help make up the lost revenue.
PLA Welcomes
Marie Huff as a Gold Business Member
Speaking of
PLA Gold-level Business Members
Blue Ocean Window Cleaning has a deal for you!
Just in time to impress your holiday guests with sparkling clean windows, Blue Ocean will knock 10% off the regular price if you live in Point Loma and book and complete the cleaning by December 15, 2017.

This time of year the sun shines into our houses at such low angles that a dusty window looks dirty and a dirty window looks pathetic.
So get ‘em cleaned by the friendly professionals at Blue Ocean, and if you mention you saw this special deal in our PLA Newsletter, they’ll take 10% off!
But they’ll still do a 100% great job!
Click the logo below to take advantage of this holiday special.
If you know of an upcoming community event, send us the information and we’ll post it in our e-newsletter.
If you are a PLA Business Member and you have something special going on, let us know, and we’ll promote it.
If you own a business that is not a PLA member, but would like to advertise in our twice-monthly newsletter, get in touch. Let’s talk!
Tree Hugger
Here’s something a bit unusual.

It seems that a ficus tree has fallen in love with a palm.

This affair is playing out in Liberty Station along the walkway beside the bay.
It looks to be serious – at least for the ficus.

We’re not professional tree psychologists, but from a distance (and also up close) the relationship appears to be a bit stifling for the palm.
But it’s really none of our business.
Maybe it’s a match made in heaven.

Then there’s this poor tree.
Someone built a house around it and apparently killed it in the process. But it’s in Mission Hills, not Point Loma. So it is really none of our business.
Luxury in Point Loma Heights
This may be news to you unless you take shortcuts across the Peninsula on lesser-traveled roads. If you do, heading north of Nimitz to the Midway District (Vons, Genie, Home Depot, IHOP) you might loop around Worden to Leland.
If so, you must have driven by this hundreds of times and wondered aloud, “What’s up? It’s a pretty big deal. Seems they’ve been working on it forever.
Here’s the scoop. The original apartments in the 2900 block of Worden were built in 1958, the year the microchip was invented and Elvis got drafted.
Now it was due for a makeover, and the owners, American Asset Trust, decided to go big, transforming a sock hop into an EDM club.
Loma 21 at Loma Palisades.

Twenty one luxury apartments in a gate-guarded community with a view. 
Though it seems construction began years ago, it actually started on January 1st 2017. Completion is targeted for the first of January, 2018.
The units have 2 bedrooms & 1.5 baths.
Rents start at $2,999. They report about half are leased.
Take a virtual tour by clicking on the refrigerator in this photo…
Loud Colors!
A Follow-up
Last time we wrote to you, we explained why most everyone on the Peninsula is now hearing Colors from Naval Base Point Loma at 8am and sunset each day.
Many of us have heard the sounds in the distance for years. Last month, the brass decided to feed the audio through their Giant Voice emergency speaker system.
Now, many of us feel obligated to stand at attention, doff our ball caps and pretend to sing along each morning when they play the Star Spangled Banner.
Be honest . When the anthem finishes, do you yell, “Play ball!” like we do?
In announcing the first broadcasts, which were scheduled for October 30th and 31st, the Navy said, “If all goes well, this will be continuing daily and nightly.”
Over the past month, we have tried numerous times to get further comment from the command on how it’s going – especially the feedback from the community – with no response. That is unusual. PLA has a really good relationship with our Navy neighbors. We will continue to ask.
In the meantime, we are reading public comments on social media and have had a few directed our way. So far they have been courteous and mixed. Some people swell with patriotism upon hearing Colors. Others complain it’s too much like “living on base.”
How do you feel? Here is a link to the story on our website where you can post a comment. Please be civil, and remember, you must leave your name if you want us to share your thoughts.
Thank you.
Dotting the i’s & Crossing the t’s
AKA dotting the tees and crossing the eyes
That we have not given you an update recently on the PLA art donation to the City of San Diego does not mean that nothing is happening. Much is. But slowly.

We have reviewed and signed the City’s Deed of Gift – dozens of pages of agreement, exhibits and attachments. Yesterday we met with Development Services. City Engineering will weigh in. Traffic control during installation needs to be addressed. Permits must be issued – and paid for.

When we began this process in 2014, as part of the Nimitz median beautification project, we had no idea it was so complicated to give a gift of art to the community. Ahh, to be young(er) and naive.
But, as Billy Joel would say/sing, we’re "keepin’ the faith!" 
Artist Jeffery Laudenslager has installed his art in many other places – galleries, gardens, exhibitions and private collections – all over the world.

Search his name in Google Images and you’ll see! Actually, we’ve done it for you.
Click here.
Soon we hope to unveil his beautifull sculpture, Taiji, at the entryway to the Point. We will keep you informed.

For now, click this photo to enjoy a video of Taiji sunning itself on a beach in North County.
Point Loma Pop Warner Football 
Looking to repeat!
The Pee Wee level players from the Peninsula were last year’s National Champions, and they’re off again to the big tournament which begins this weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Coached by Pete Balistreri, the players are amazing, looking better than some high school – and maybe college – teams.
They razzle-dazzle with sophisticated plays that often completely confound their opponents.
PLA congratulates the Pee Wee Pointers!
Click here to see if you can figure out when/if our team will be on TV.
Symposium by the Sea
Last May our Point Loma Association Annual Town Hall Forum featured a panel of local newscasters and investigative reporters. The topic: Journalism 2017 – The Best of Times…The Worst of Times.
One of our featured speakers – our “mystery guest” for the evening – was Dr. Dean Nelson, founder and director of the journalism program at Point Loma Nazarene University.
He added global perspective and an academic assessment to the state of news reporting and consuming in these unsettling times.
Dr. Nelson has written for major publications and authored or co-authored more than a dozen books.

Each year at PLNU he hosts the Writer’s Symposium by the Sea.

We thought that, with Dr. Nelson and well-known, respected journalists, we had assembled a top notch panel for our Forum. Indeed, each person was outstanding, and the evening was informative and entertaining.
But in learning about the presenters Dean Nelson has lined up for his 2018 Writer’s Symposium, we are in awe.
The first event is February 19th. Click here for more details.
This Saturday, December 2nd on Newport Avenue from Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.
Lighting of the OB Tree starts the parade at 5:05 pm, OB Time.
Where Am I?
We didn’t give you much to work with in our tease. But anything more would have been way too easy.
Here’s the whole picture.
It's not exotic or exciting. But we’ve always thought this parking garage on Sports Arena Boulevard near Midway is definitely above average as such structures go.
It looks huge. Wonder how many cars it holds.
Must admit, we have not parked there since our kids outgrew Chuck E. Cheese.  
I think we still have some tickets and tokens.
I wonder what they’re worth
on ebay.
Archived we are!

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