December 14, 2017
Point Loma Community News & Events
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Sign of the Times
Two PLA elves – Skipper & Sparky – work overtime to give our Point Loma signs a splash of holiday decoration. This is the sign on Harbor Drive. The other one, at Sea World Drive and Nimitz, is more dangerous to photograph – especially at dusk.
That sign needs constant elf TLC due to vandalism. Anything electrical – including our battery-operated irrigation timer – is frequently torn apart by power-seeking people apparently wanting to…plug in a hair dryer? Charge their cell phone? Power up a George Foreman?
Someone recently opened a junction box and installed a wall switch! What’s next? Clap on clap off?
It’s futile to try to protect outlets, junction boxes, conduit, our utility budget. What does seem to work is adding a few extra 110v outlets so folks can tap in without ripping apart.
We’re not sure if that is seasonal goodwill or unreasonable enabling. We try to not overthink it.
We are extremely grateful our two Santa’s helpers – Bob 
Sherman, Skipper” and David Zedaker. Sparky

Skipper is a Green Team volunteer who watches over our signs year 'round and strings & retrieves the holiday lights.


Here's the Skipper in days of yore*.
Sparky, owner of PLA business partner Zed Electric, makes sure the juice keeps flowing.

If you’re wondering why the Harbor Drive sign is still lit only by the right floodlight, it’s because this sucker is dead.
David says the underground wiring is shot. That sounds serious.

If Mr. Zedaker billed us for everything he did, we’d need a GoFundMe account dedicated solely to electrical maintenance.


The PLA Board thanks all of our elves. We are an all-elf organization, you know.

December 7, 2017

The 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor was a Santa Ana wind-whipped day across much of Southern California.


Fires in Ventura, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties burned out of control. North of Oceanside, the Lilac fire, west of the 15 Freeway in Bonsall, burned many structures and sent 10 thousand residents from their homes.


Devil winds washing over Point Loma Peninsula pruned plenty of palm trees, unleashing dried fronds like unguided missiles.

When the fury subsided there was plenty to clean up. But by any measurement, we fared better than many other communities.
Walk the Block
At sunset last evening people gathered at Sushi Lounge on Rosecrans for a Point Loma Association moveable social.
Making new introductions, greeting old friends, exchanging holiday wishes & business cards, enjoying happy hour libations and delicious appetizers – the party got underway.
Tech Outfitters/Point Loma Coffee next door passed out locally roasted brews and discount coupons for unique gadgets and electronics service. We also drew for prizes!
Then, lit by festive glow sticks, the movable social “walked the block(s)” through Point Loma Village admiring brightly lit trees and arriving at Shanghai Bun Chinese Tapas bar for a night cap and more visiting and laughter.
Later, a few folks strolled to The Pearl where there's never a shortage of fun. 
For a wonderful midweek party we sincerely thank our PLA Business member-hosts and others who brought us together: Brown Marketing Strategies, Matt Kalla Insurance and Sand & Sea Realty.
More social gatherings are coming in 2018!

These events are perfect for PLA members and friends to get together, network and enjoy life on the Peninsula. They offer opportunities for Association Business Members to showcase their establishments and attract new clientele.

If you’re interested in participating, let us know…
online, by email, on Facebook or Instagramor contact our Social Chair Sara Kelty directly.
Where Am I?
This is one of those things you may see frequently or never, depending on where your Peninsula travels take you. It is in plain sight – not hiding. It’s been around a few years. Not as long as the lighthouse. But not much has.
As usual, we’ll reveal the answer – and some things you do not know about it – at the end of this email.
Cool Lights & Hot Chocolate
From Thanksgiving to the New Year, for more than three decades, homes along Garrison Street in Fleetridge have blazed with holiday lights probably visible from the International Space Station.
But they’re best enjoyed close up.
Park and stroll to discover all the enchanted scenes – bold or subtle.

Even the San Diego Padres pitched in to decorate this year.
If you’ve not yet walked the walk, this Saturday evening, the 16th, would be a perfect time. It’s the 18th annual hot chocolate fundraiser. Learn more about the event and the history by clicking on the copter…
This Sunday, the 17th, is the second presentation of the 46th Annual San Diego Bay Parade of Lights! This year’s theme is, “Arrrgh. A Pirate’s Christmas!”

If you are a patient person with angelic kids, join the throng (many thousand strong), for the amazing parade.
Shelter Island is a great place for early viewing when the boats shove off at 5pm.
Then harbor Island, Embarcadero, Seaport Village and Caesar Chavez Park, and by six o’clock the first boats pass the ferry landing at Coronado.
Allow plenty of time before and after the event to keep cool and carry on.
The First Christmas
(after college)
Summoned home for Christmas, Mary and Joe found no room at the inn. Plus, it was way too expensive. So the young couple and about a dozen of their friends – shepherds, wise crackers, and we’re sure some of them were probably angels – booked a place by the beach using Airbnb.
Stop us if you’ve heard this before. Yeah. We thought so.
The story dates, not to biblical times, but enough years back that we might assume short-term rentals like theirs would be controlled for neighborhood preservation and community cohesiveness.
But no.
And following Tuesday’s marathon City Council session we are no closer to new rental regulations than we were three years ago when the debate began.
Listening to speakers on all sides of the issue of Home Share and Short Term Residential Occupancy is bewildering.
Passions run high. Expert opinions and fuzzy statistics, support opposing conclusions.
For a while on Tuesday, agreement seemed so close. Debate was civil. Compromises were reached. Details were achievable. But solutions slipped away.
Council members seemed to run out of gas. Everyone was exhausted. No wonder. Too bad.
The Point Loma Association Board of Directors is very disappointed.

Had the City Council adopted a policy, it still would have taken a year for implementation in our coastal communities.

This time, our representatives did not kick the can down the road, they kicked the bucket.
The wild west lives on.
Go Green Team, Go!

As usual, the Mean Greeners are everywhere.
Another generous PLA donation sent the team to Berit and Tom Durler’s for some light landscaping maintenance on the first of the month.
Team members say the Durler home is so beautiful and the landscaping so meticulous that there is little for them to do but enjoy the surroundings and their hosts’ hospitality.
Thank you Tom and Berit for your continued support of PLA!
A week later, the gang worked at Ed’s Triangle. Next time you drive by, check out new “telephone pole” bumpers around the perimeter to discourage drivers from mowing down irrigation pipes.

Graffiti clean up is a continuing crusade.

After an hour’s hard labor, this is about as good as it can be.
Come on, people!
Sticks of fire grow tall and are a tricky to prune without risk of skin irritation. So Moy and his professional Total Green Landscaping crew super trimmed all the succulents along the Catalina ramp from Nimitz Blvd.
Just wait. The sticks will soon grow back to full, firey splendor.
And credit goes to Green Team members Karen Davis, Jodie Bruhn, Linda Biefnhoff and Deb Hall for giving haircuts to the five planter boxes at the Point Loma Hervey Library.
December Garden Award
Congratulations to Linda and Dave Easton, our latest PLA Garden Award winners!
PLA’s Patti Adams presented the award to Linda and Dave (and Molly).
Over the past ten years, the Easton’s yard has gone through several transitions. John Millman of Ocean Beach did the initial design and fencing.
Here is a before and after comparison.
The new grass is not “real”, but it’s real good for Molly.

Linda and Dave have lived in the home on Xenophon for eleven years.

Two years ago they turned to Rich Mayes of Rich’s Landscape Visions to bring their vision to life.
There are fascinating shapes, colors and textures.
Some of their favorites are aloe trees – Hercules, Bainesii, and Medusa… spindly trees – Brachychiton Rupestris, also known as Queensland Bottle Tree… and three Grevillea Moonlights.
We’re not sure which is what, but everything is beautiful and there’s usually something blooming.

This is unusual. It’s a succulent garden Rich designed to cover a palm tree stump.
Complementing all the greenery is another popular color of the month.
A tip of Santa’s hat to Dave and Linda Easton for making the season bright!
Point Loma Association members are always on the lookout for future award winners.
When you see someone making a special effort to bring beauty to our world, let us know. Connect with us online, by email, on Facebook or Instagram.

Repaving One of the
Most Dangerous Intersections
in San Diego County


Did that get your attention?


First we’ll tell you about the repaving. That’s a good thing, but it might be inconvenient if you’re a night owl. Then we’ll tell you about the dangerous part, which may keep you awake at night if you’re a pedestrian.


Next week, December 18-22nd, the City will repave Sports Arena Boulevard from Midway to Rosecrans, and Rosecrans from Midway to Kurtz. The work will be done in the wee small hours of the morning (AKA after midnight).
So you may need to walk to In-N-Out Burger.

If you do, be careful!

That intersection, Sports Arena Blvd. at Camino Del Rio West, is the 7th most dangerous for pedestrians.

Many of us on the Peninsula might that guess Midway & Rosecrans is the worst cross-at-your-own-peril location.

But this is Sports Arena/Camino Del Rio on Google Maps.
Just look at all the lanes one needs to navigate without getting picked off by a motorist blinded by the sun or distracted by a tweet!
A recent study tries to quantify pedestrian risk at the scariest locations. Our community is well represented with four intersections among the 25 very dangerous.

Midway at Rosecrans is way down at number 17.

North Harbor Drive at Rosecrans is ranked 20th.

Midway Drive at West Point Loma Blvd. is the number 21 most dangerous in the County.
The local law firm Estey & Bomberger released the survey which is based on CHP data from 2010-2016.
Intersections are ranked by a Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI) which is based on crash volume and severity of injuries.
The most dangerous intersection in the county?
University Ave. at 1st Ave. in Hillcrest.

Click the toy car for all the statistics.
We sincerely hope you are not reading this on your phone while walking.
Utility Box Art

Sometimes PLA artists decorate.

Other times, God does.
Dunk In Starting Tomorrow
The wait is over. Dunkin Donuts  celebrates their grand opening tomorrow morning.
We talked with Greg, one of the owners, who says this location and others in the area are a venture of guys who served in the military together.
He also addressed the rumor that donuts might be joined by 31 Flavors Ice Cream. Not now, but not never. He says they do have room to accommodate both. Perhaps, if enough people mention it, we may be blessed with additional treats with sugar and sprinkles.
We also think they should join the Point Loma Association.
How great would a PLA donut social be?!

Cancel the bounce house.

From San Diego Park & Recreation Department…
“The athletic fields and Preble area are being renovated and will be closed until early January.  Both areas were due for maintenance and to ensure they are safe for play.”
But dust off the skates!
Where Am I?
You will find this...
In the middle of this...
You can see the whole display down the hill on Valeta Street, across from the Correia Middle School athletic field.
Danny Brown lives beneath the sign. He says he was inspired some years ago to wish people a non-denominational Christmas greeting. His first display was, “Happy Holidays” in 4-foot red letters.
Then, four years ago, Peace on Earth went up for the season and then off to storage. The following year he repainted it and put it up again. 
His reasons for leaving it up year ‘round?
1.) People encourage him to.
2.) It’s a lot of work to put up, take down and store.
3.) The world needs the message now more than ever.
Danny says, ”The Earth was originally made with 3/4 inch plywood with 1/4 inch plywood continents and after two years it was sorely in need of an upgrade.”  (That is a really funny sentence, if you don’t know the context.)

Danny chucked the plywood planet (in a black hole?), and his friends at Sejersen DPS came up with the aluminum print photo that’s in the display today.
He says most people appreciate his piece of public art.  “I've gotten nothing but positive reviews on it from people yelling from their cars to Veterans on the street saying how inspirational it was.”
Danny’s neighbor, Carol, reports that people – some from out of state – often pull into the parking lot at the bottom of the hill to take pictures. The display spans Carol's and Danny’s roofs. 
The dove is a nice touch. Danny carved it out of pine and was “truly surprised by the outcome.”
For the 2017 holiday season, we leave you with this wish, from Danny and Carol and all of us at PLA…
Archived we are!

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