March 23, 2017 Point Loma Community News & Events
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Short-term Rentals

That’s a hot topic!!

San Diego is among the top home-sharing destinations for websites like Airbnb, through which some 5 million visitors booked temporary lodging last year.  

Who wouldn’t want a place by the beach for cheap?!
But who would want to live next door to a revolving door, mini-hotel, that sometimes welcomes rowdy guests into quiet residential neighborhoods?
The City of San Diego has struggled with the issue for years, as the number of people sharing their homes has soared – up 50+% from 2015 to 2016!
Tomorrow, Friday March 24th, the Council’s Smart Growth and Land Use Committee is holding a hearing on the issue. It begins at 10am at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, 404 Euclid Avenue, San Diego.

The meeting is open to the public.

Wabaska Earns Its Stripes

Wabaska Drive got a facelift. A complete makeover!
The wide patchwork of bumpy road was ground down, dug up, smoothed out and resurfaced.
However, when that work was complete Wabaska became a wide open, wild-west expanse of blacktop. Drive wherever. And watch out!
Then thin, white markings appeared here and there. Mysterious designs penciled in, pointing toward…who knew what?
Now the sketches have been filled in. The dots are connected. Wabaska Drive has been redefined.
And to those using the .2 mile shortcut between Voltaire and Nimitz, the message is clear. Slow down and enjoy the ride.

The four vehicle lanes are now just two. There is diagonal parking on the east side of the road, parallel parking on the west, and dedicated bike lanes between the parked cars and the curb.
The redesign should make this mostly-residential street more pleasant for drivers and safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. In fact Wabaska is now part of the national Safe Routes to School programs.
One woman watching the striping expressed concern. “The traffic lanes are too narrow. There’s no center line? What’s gonna happen when drivers come barreling around the corner from Tennyson and Nimitz?!”
That’s the point, really. Drivers! Stop barreling!
Other features might be added to Wabaska to make the roadway calmer and more pleasant for people on wheels and those watching them roll by.
Slow down. Share the road. Enjoy the ride.

Adaptive Traffic Control

Traffic lights are becoming intuitive. A dozen of them – located along Rosecrans, from Nimitz Blvd. to Sports Arena Blvd. – are memorizing traffic patterns, talking to each other and adjusting timing to move the greatest amount of vehicles most efficiently.
They do their best work during commute hours.

To learn more, click here…and smile for the camera.

Nimitz Art Project

Six artists submitted proposals to create a unique work of art for display on the Nimitz Boulevard median just south of the intersection with West Point Loma Boulevard.
The generosity of Dorothea Laub is providing this gift to our community.
PLA is displaying the proposals. People are voting.

Over the past several months, two artists have emerged as favorites: Michael Szabo and Jeffry Laudenslager.

Each has submitted multiple designs for consideration.

Will this one be chosen?

Or, maybe this one?
Or, perhaps one of these.
Which would you choose? It’s time to decide.
If you would like to weigh in on the selection, come to our final showing, Tuesday March 28th, at 7:00 pm at the Dick Laub NTC Command Center, 2640 Historic Decatur Road at Liberty Station.

And for a closer look at the artists’ visions, click here for more photos and videos. Yes! Some art moves with the breeze. 

Keepin’ it local…

Our PLA Business Members make a large contribution to the work we do. We salute them! We thank them! And we encourage you to do the same.

One example is Theresa Renfro’s En Concordia in the Village.

Actually, make that en concordia.
“In harmony”
It’s pretty low key and down to earth. Literally. You’ll see.

"Down in the Point Loma Village where the Jacarandas grow en concordia is very happy to reside at the bottom of the hill, where land becomes bay, on the old La Playa Trail, a few paces from Ballast Point. We welcome your dog and we have books and a chair for your children and we always want to talk plants and goat’s milk soap."  
(en concordia website)
As you cruise by en concordia, at 1021 Rosecrans, take a look at the new mural on their front wall? Classy!
In fact, don’t just drive by. Park. Get a closer look. Go inside. Pick up a tool, a bag of fertilizer, or a hostess gift.

And thank Theresa for supporting the Point Loma Association.

Mean Green Team Captured!

Every Friday, the PLA Green Team is on the job.

Sometimes they work at very visible sites, like Ed’s Triangle at the end of I-8.
Last Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, they donned their appropriate green vests and tended to things around their home base – the Shed on Soto Street. It’s off the beaten path, but still needs weeding, pruning and TLC.
This ...                                                            Became this ...
They also sorted recyclables, collected at the other 15+ locations we maintain around the Point.
As the months go by, more and more Mean Green effort is spent on cleaning up after transients and erasing graffiti.
They can’t be everywhere. So we count on you to monitor your neighborhood. When you spot a problem let us know at
And if you’d like to join the team, we’d love to have you. No experience necessary.
After the work, there are libations and conversations! 

It’s fun group with a purpose. What could be better?!

From Naval Base Point Loma
Miramar Pipeline

Please be advised that construction activities relating to the street resurfacing and paving of the Miramar Pipeline project areas near La Playa are expected to begin in late March 2017 and will be completed in late May. Street segments that were previously trenched as part of the project will be resurfaced. Resurfacing will restore street pavement, and depending on the specific location, may include grinding, paving, slurry sealing, and striping, and varies from a single lane to a full street width resurfacing. Street segments will be resurfaced by either the Navy or the City of San Diego, as follows.
The Navy will resurface:
  • Rosecrans Street, from Naval Base Point Loma to Talbot Street
  • Talbot Street, from Rosecrans Street to Scott Street 
  • Scott Street, from Talbot Street to North Harbor Drive
The City of San Diego will resurface:
  • Scott Street, from North Harbor Drive to Keats Street 
  • Keats Street, from Scott Street to Rosecrans Street 
  • Rosecrans Street, from Keats Street to Lytton Street 
  • Rosecrans Street, from Kurtz Street to Jefferson Street
For inquiries regarding the City's plans for resurfacing, please contact City of San Diego staff member, Jessica Tse at (858) 495-4733.
Construction activities are expected to occur Monday through Friday, during daytime construction hours, and there may be nighttime work hours as well, to be determined by the City of San Diego. Street lanes will be closed, but two-way traffic will be maintained. Street parking will be temporarily removed during construction hours, and areas will be clearly marked with signs.
The construction schedule is subject to change without notice. 

Community Events

A reminder from our friends at the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association
Tree Advocacy Class
Saturday, March 25, 10 am – noon
Ocean Beach Recreation Center
4726 Santa Monica Ave.
This class will provide tools for citizens to protect trees and plant more trees.
Get answers to basic questions:
  • Where are the trees?
  • Who takes care of them?
  • What can citizens do?
Come at 9:30 for coffee and bagels (and bring your favorite mug)!
It’s free! Register here.
Presented by Tree San Diego, Ocean Beach Green Center and Save Peninsula Trees
Because it is so sad to see good trees go bad.

Nightlife Golf in Point Loma

This Friday Night

Unusual, a little pricey, but you might want to check it out… 

Free Tax Assistance

If you earn $54,000 or less, you may qualify for free tax preparation services through the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

If you earn $64,000 or less, you may qualify to file your taxes online for free.

Click here to find a VITA site close to you.

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