March 8, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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The first week of the third month of 2018 attacked Northeastern and Northwestern states like the proverbial lion.
Meanwhile, our area got lamb-basted by sunny blue skies with cumulus accents, a few showers and a couple of pretty good downpours. Nights are still chilly, but days are mild.
If you gathered firewood this winter for atmosphere and non-political entertainment – not for actual heat – you’re estimating whether enough remains to conquer a post-sundown chill, or if soon it’ll be too warm to strike a match.
If you don’t have a fireplace, you probably have a hot tub. In that case, we’re jealous. Cozy, but jealous.
If you roll out of bed by six in the morning, in the weeks ahead you’ll be dressing in the dark. But if you’re a fan of barbequing after work, you will welcome daylight saving time. 
Either way, this coming Sunday,  
And remember, the vernal equinox occurs on March 20th in your time zone.
The sun is setting on the Red Sails Inn iconic sunset mural.
Red Sails is history. Ketch Grill & Tapas is coming.

The iconic red (and blue) sails are back at Benchmark Welding, the company that installed them.
And when the walls of Ketch go up, the sunset mural will disappear.
If you want to snap a memory, do it soon.
Apparently, the debut of Point Loma’s Ketch is linked with the opening of Portside Pier at the Embarcadero across the Bay. Anthony’s is history. Soon Ketch and other dining options will appear along the waterfront.

Regulatory hoops delayed that gigantic project. So our Ketch – scheduled to open last summer – is also still over the horizon
But hungry we are!! 
Sorry. That’s just our stomach speaking.  
A fading sunset can sustain us only for so long. Eventually, we need shrimp Louie! 
Please Ketch! 

Hey! Who’s scraping our cliffs?
Once upon a time, we bought a home in La Playa, using our heart not our head. We walked in, saw the view and said, “We’ll take it.”
When we turned away from the bay, we discovered the house needed lots of work. We spent lots of money. It begged for more. We moved.
For the people of San Diego, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is like that La Playa project.
You can’t miss the multi-million dollar westward view, unchanged over centuries.
But some of us don’t notice the park itself or choose not to see the changes, the decay.
Foot and paw traffic, alien vegetation, bicycles, urban runoff – it is no longer “natural”. It is endangered.
Drainage from above erodes the hillside and pollutes the ocean.
Work is underway to restore the park to the way it was before people. 
Whether enough is being done, or the best plan is in place, is open to debate.
Here is a link to a recent Beacon article on the Park. If you have not read it, please do.

Here is a link to our Fall 2017 printed PLA newsletter. It contains an article written by Dan Dennison.
Dan is a San Diego native and member of the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Committee. He has developed master planned communities in four states. Dan also serves on the Ocean Beach Planning Board and the Board of the Point Loma Association.
Dan's comments are based on his professional expertise and are not the official position of any group.
PLA’s goal is to provide information and various viewpoints on important community issues.
They want to do what with this?
This is one of the unique buildings appearing in Open House San Diego the weekend of March 24th & 25th.
Below is the listing on the Architectural Walking Tour website.
Is there a change ahead for the Chapel?
Many people are praying no. Details.

The Mayor says he’s working on a proposal to regulate short-term rentals. It could go to the City Council next month. Lori Weisberg has more
Whoa! Wha?
Can’t miss ‘em. 
Must have seen ‘em!  
What do you think of ‘em?
Why are we writing this way??
The generic name is "dockless" bicycle, which distinguishes these rides from those of Discover Bike (formerly DecoBike) that are taken from and returned to stationary bike racks.
         Ebers Street, OB                           Canon at Evergreen, PL
On the Point, at this moment, dockless bikes come in two main flavors: lime (LimeBike) and lemon (ofo) . Mobike will be here soon. Perhaps it is already. (orange)
Ubiquitous Bikes would be a good name for a company. 
All the venders ask and answer the question, “Need a bike for a bit?” “There’s an app for that.”
The sudden appearance of this bicycle fruit salad is a direct result of a legal ruling by our City Attorney.
The bikes touched down in large flocks.
Now many have dispersed to locations all around the Peninsula.
Here’s a gaggle of green ones on Shelter Island.
What we’re most interested in is, whaddya think?
Some folks – on social media – have issues. 
If you have a strong opinion, let us know!

If not. Stay cool. Dance like nobody’s watchin’, and enjoy our beautiful weather. Good day for a bike ride. Even the clouds are decorative today.
Oh.  These are coming next.
They’re already rolling downtown.
Where Am I?
Dr. Seuss Tree
Where is it?
As always, the answer follows the news.
It’s not just for kids and tourists!

When was the last time you saw a whale up close and personal?
Did you know their closest living relatives are hippos? But we digress.
Gray whales are headed north now. You might also spot a Humpback.
The whales travel 10-thousand miles round trip each year, wintering in the lagoons of Mexico and summer feeding in the Arctic. (They make good time – no road construction.)
PLA business member, H&M Landing launches morning trips most every day through April 15th.
Boats are less crowded these weeks – perfect for us locals.
So hop on board!

Click the cap for answers to every question you might have.
PLA Directors
This week we feature more Point Loma Association Board Members. These two have given bounteous hours of service over many years to multiple community organizations. Each leads, follows and accomplishes much, with little fanfare and no expectation of praise or recognition.
That’s exactly why we want to tell them how much we recognize and value their contributions.
               Dave Martin                                               Lynn Silva  

Click the photos to learn more.
Gardens of Roses, Memories, Hope
You may have heard this story. We cannot hear it too often.
Ed’s Triangle
Ed’s Triangle, Pork Chops, Celeste Gardens, Poe Triangle, Canon Trail – we PLA people often speak a language of our own. You have seen these places and many others that we maintain. But let us explain.
Ed’s Triangle is Number One on the Mean Green Team hit parade – the list of places tended on a rotating schedule each week.
Number One does not indicate importance. It’s mostly a geographical designation. But Ed’s is close to the top in popularity and near and dear to our hearts. Inspired by the late Ed Streicher, PLA members worked hard to turn a wild unkempt space into something wonderful.
The beauty calms us as we creep up the road toward Mission Bay or wait for the light to change at West Point Loma Blvd. on the ride back home.
Hire the Homeless?
Part Two
In our January 11th Newsletter we highlighted programs underway in many cities across the country that provide paying work opportunities for homeless citizens. Denver and Albuquerque transport workers to and from sites where they clean, prune and beautify public areas.
At that time we asked if such a program might work here. We learned that, with funding assistance from Councilmember Lorie Zapf, the Pacific Beach Street Guardians are running such a program in that community.
We asked Mayor Kevin Faulconer, County Supervisor Ron Roberts, Assemblymember Todd Gloria and Representative Scott Peters if a collaboration of city, county, state and federal agencies could provide the framework and resources to implement a hire-the-homeless program in San Diego.
Responses ranged from lukewarm, to “no”, to talking around the question. To find out who said, “no”, check out our earlier newsletter.
It was a pleasant surprise last week when Mayor Faulconer stepped to the podium to announce a new local program called Wheels for Change.

Click the Mayor’s finger to read the rest of the story.
After you read, see if you agree that, it is not the man at the podium, nor any of our county, state or federal elected officials making this program happen. It is a donation from Dr. Carolyn Barber and implementation by Bob McElroy at Alpha Project.
Good on them.
This summer the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association celebrates 40 years of “promoting and supporting local business and economic vitality in the Ocean Beach community.”
From Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off, to Farmers Market, to Oktoberfest, Restaurant Walk and the OBMA Awards, they also bring lots of fun!
And they play well with others, including the OB Town Council and the Point Loma Association.
Next month, OBTC and OBMA will take part in our
Peninsula Community Conversation

You’ll also hear from members of all three of our local planning boards – Peninsula, Ocean Beach and Midway.
Bumper to Bumper

Howcome traffic on Rosecrans – especially during commute hours – has gotten so much worse recently?
Lots of people are asking. The answer is probably complex.

Catalina pipeline construction frightens many away from that thoroughfare onto Rosecrans. 
Construction on Rosecrans itself, narrowing at the Nimitz intersection, may contribute to crawling cars and looky-loos.
Some people blame the Navy. Personnel at the Sub Base below the hill and SpaWar atop certainly contribute to congestion. As assignments and projects fluctuate, so does the impact.
The Commander of Naval Base Point Loma, Captain Brien Dickson – shown here with his wife Melody at our PLA Gems & Jewels dinner party last fall – is addressing the issue.
As a resident of Point Loma, Captain Dickson is well aware of the situation. On his behalf, the Base Public Affairs Officer addressed the issue. Here is a portion of the message:
“Naval Base Point Loma shares the community's concerns with the volume of traffic that flows through our neighborhood onto Naval Base Point Loma.  We…are pursuing changes that should help alleviate the situation. 

Naval Base Point Loma supports transportation incentive programs that include carpooling for our employees. This program is offered to everyone, but it cannot be forced on the employee.  We encourage employees to use the iCommute program.  However, there is a limitation to the program’s geographic availability to our Sailors and civilian personnel in addition to the varying work hours required to support the NBPL mission. 
Recently, the possible increase in cars may be based on gaining a new submarine (ANNAPOLIS) and the maintenance project to support work on the submarine KEY WEST. We estimate that an in port submarine represents approximately 80-90 cars/day.  The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard temporary work force represents the rest of the estimated growth.  KEY WEST's crew does not impact traffic since they are 100% housed on base. 
There should be additional improvement within six to seven months, when the KEY WEST project winds down, Catalina construction ends, and new bus routes activate."

City Councilmember Lorie Zapf is working closely with Navy Base Point Loma on implementing additional bus services to NBPL, SPAWAR and other government work sites south of Rosecrans.
Here is additional information from her office:
Councilmember Zapf has asked traffic engineering to adjust the traffic lights at Talbot, Shelter Island, and Canon Street along Rosecrans to help mitigate the traffic. This will be implemented over the next couple weeks as they fine tune timing patterns.
Long term, she is working with City Staff on installing additional “smart” traffic lights at these locations to assist with better traffic flow and communication between the traffic lights. These would be the same lights that we installed at 12 intersections along Rosecrans last year which have reduced travel times by up to 25% and stops up to 50%.

In assessing responsibility for traffic congestion, we should also look straight into our own rearview mirror. 

“The single drop of rain never feels responsible for the flood.”
Taco (And Vino) Tuesdays return!
It’s true.  In honor of Vern Equinox, starting March 20th, and continuing on the third Tuesday of each month, this popular pairing pops up again at the Wine Pub, 2907 Shelter Island Drive.
(Yes. We know you know where it is, but some people might not.)
PLA business member Sandy Hanshaw does many creative things at her Wine Pub and Coffee Hub next door.
There’s a pasta making class on March 18th. The Pub's pasta pro Melissa Stoltz teaches on the first and third Sunday each month. Details.
Have you travelled with the Pub people to Valle de Guadalupe for a wine and food excursion? They’re headed south again this month. BUT…that trip is sold out.
Next one is May 19th. Better sign up soon. 
Next time you see Sandy, give her a big “Thank you!” for supporting PLA and many other organizations.
The City’s 75-year overhaul of the bridge is underway. Completion is expected in November.
Meanwhile, community volunteers have gathered estimates for adding a graceful bridge railing and six acorn lamp posts at community expense. The volunteers are dealing with the City on this project.
Optimism, patience and persistence are other key elements.
What’s up with Taiji
…you may be asking.
Taiji is still at home in North County with sculptor, Jeffery Laudenslager.
PLA volunteers, who have worked for about two years to bring the kinetic artwork to our community, hoped it would have arrived months ago. 

Installation is still tangled in red tape.
Without getting too deep into the weeds – or in this case, the sticks of fire next to the Taiji site on Nimitz median (sticks pruned back some time ago in anticipation, that soon will need thinning again) – we are working with the City of San Diego’s Development Services Department.
Everyone at the City is friendly and eternally helpful. But they keep requesting additional details about how this 100 pound sculpture will be secured to the existing 18” deep 5’ 8” diameter cement footing.
Assisting us is a terrific Point Loma contractor, experienced in these procedures.
We have submitted the original, approved construction plan from four years ago, when the Nimitz work was completed – everything but adding artwork to the spot circled below.
We have submitted revisions and additions to this small area of the plans.

We submitted further drawings of exactly how the sculpture will be installed…
We have made multiple trips to City offices and exchanged many emails. Here is a sample:
(From us) Here are the drawings showing the specifications for attaching the sculpture to a base plate and the base plate to the existing cement pad. Are they sufficient?
(City reply) I will see if these will help with the Structural reviewer, if they do though, they will need to be added to the set; formalized with the same title block and border as the remainder of the set.
(Us) “Added to the set,” seems simple enough, although we assume that means tracking down all (3?) plan sets in whatever department they now reside? But what about this part: formalized with the same title block and border as the remainder of the set.
How do we make that happen? Do you have a template?
(City) We have enough to submit but the Sr. Reviewer has indicated that a request for the signature and seal of a licensed design professional may be required.
And on it goes. We will tell you more as soon as there is any.
Finger of Light Mystery
The developer of Pacific Gate luxury condominiums has responded to our question!!
The 41 Story building at Pacific Highway at Broadway has a lighted edge, clearly visible from many locations on the Peninsula and all the ships at sea.
The light thrust into the skyline in mid-January. But over the past two months it’s been off as much as on.
Here is their official response to our plea that they explain the mystery of the inconsistency. Fourteen words: 
“During construction lights are being tested and there is not requirements enforced on use.”

We think this would be cool…
Play Ball! 
Anyone know if this is still redeemable?
Did you get one of these?
If so, check out the cover feature on PLA Board member JT Barr and his family!
JT chairs our Future Projects Committee, and some great ideas are brewing!
He was also a key organizer of our PLA Saturday morning clean up at Silver Gate Elementary School in February.

Thirty volunteers pulled weeds, pruned and picked up trash, filling 40 bags.
Sarah Falvo, one of the day’s volunteers, submitted a story about the effort to Anne Herrin’s Point Loma Connections Facebook page. That inspired a $100 donation from Anne to the Point Loma Association. Thank you everyone! 
En Concordia
This evening March 8th
This year, for the first time, Point Loma is included. Details.
From the Thursday Club…
San Diego’s Largest Rummage Sale Since 1927

Saturday, March 10th, Balboa Park
Click the jazz hands above for an amazing video of the event!
Where Am I?
Up front we will acknowledge that it may be a “guy thing”, but frequently we open our eyes and discover something that we’ve noticed many times before but never really “seen”.
These hombres, for example…
We revealed their location last month. So on with today’s puzzle.
When we noticed this tree, at the corner of Catalina and West Point Loma Blvd., we did what we often do, we dropped a note saying, “Please tell us more.”

What a delightful surprise to find that, the person who responded was a longtime PLA member – with 20 years on the Mean Green team, a former PLA Board member, Beautification Committee Chair and current Committee Treasurer – Jodie Bruhn!
Really? This is your house? We had no idea. How fantastic!
Jodie confirms that they, too, call their unique hybrid the Dr. Seuss Tree. (Shhh! Audrey Geisel will expect royalties.)
Jodie explains, “100 years ago this property was an olive orchard. There were eight trees when we arrived, but most succumbed to the xyela fungus. Gradually we removed the dead trees but could not bear to part with the lovely one in the center of the front yard.  Instead, I covered the limbs with bromeliads and succulents.
Rich Mayes, a landscape artist, helped us. He spent many hours wrapping the limbs with sphagnum moss and attaching over 100 plants. It’s been two years now, and most plants are still growing. It is a venture with a happy ending, and we are proud to share it with our Point Loma neighbors!”
To quote the Lorax…
As one might expect, the rest of Jodie’s yard looks super too. We suspect there is a certain standard that Green team Members maintain.
At our house, however, we are just thrilled when most the weeds are green. (No photos. Please.)
Archived we are!

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