February 22, 2018
Point Loma Community News & Events
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On Plum Street
Perfect Tree for Late February
Mimicking Snows of Winter…Heralding Flowers of Spring
The Future of Recycling
Saturday morning, February 17, State Assemblymember Todd Gloria hosted a Community Coffee, something he does frequently in neighborhoods around the 78th District.
This time he served brew in Point Loma at, appropriately, The Assembly.
The event drew a crowd. Many people wanted to talk about the commercial recycling center located next to Stumps Market and mandated by the State’s Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act of 1987.
The center is next to a residential neighborhood, and adjacent to Point Loma High School. Because it serves a large area – including Ocean Beach – it draws lots of collectors looking to turn in bags of cans and bottles for cash.
Some of the patrons live in the neighborhood. Others may be homeless. Some could be entrepreneur scavengers cherry-picking profitable items from blue bins set out for city curb collection.
Most folks are harmless. Some, perhaps, are dangerous. Many are, according to nearby residents, undesirable. As is the noise.
Close the center. Move the center. Police the center. There was much discussion, many suggestions and one conclusion: the issue is too complex to solve over coffee on a Saturday morning.

Assemblymember Gloria believes the 1987 law needs revising.
Among many bills being offered this session, he assured constituents, will be one addressing recycling centers.

Stay tuned.
Where Am I?
Another clue, a wider view just ahead.
The answer at the end.
Sign of the Times

Even if you don’t see a sign, you know that, travelling in or out of the Peninsula these days, you’ll be stopping way more than normal. 
Unless this is the new normal. Don’t you hate that phrase?
It never denotes anything good.

Rosecrans is especially congested during commute hours. Some extra vehicles may be drivers avoiding Catalina construction, aka the Emergency Pipeline Replacement.
It’s a frequent topic on social media. This post from Nextdoor quotes our Councilmember’s take on the situation.
It’s not just the Midway area!
Dangerous Intersections on the Peninsula
Posted on NextDoor by Don Sevrens
Compliments to Margaret Virissimo for many hours of work and to Brad Herrin, both of the Peninsula Community Planning Board's Transportation Committee. They did a social media outreach to the community seeking opinions about dangerous intersections on the peninsula.
More than 500 people responded and a list of five dangerous intersections on the peninsula was sent to the city for analysis and possible corrective measures. The Traffic Department has experts and protocol on doing its analyses. The Department depends upon us to be its eyes and ears.
There will not be universal agreement on the list, just as we will never agree on the best movie of all time or the greatest baseball player ever. If this stimulates discussion, review and calmer driving at the intersections, great! May what happened at Catalina and Canon in the early-morning darkness never be repeated.
The list along with details and description by the planning board's Traffic Committee is available at
The most dangerous five:
1.       Catalina northbound at Canon
2.       Chatsworth at Hyacinth and Clove, near Plumosa Park
3.       Nimitz eastbound at Evergreen (the sharp turn)
4.       Both ends of the one-block Emerson stretch between Rosecrans and Scott
5.       The triangle formed by Point Loma High School, Point Loma Community Church and the Point Loma branch library (Chatsworth, Poinsettia and Voltaire)
And the problem is citywide.
Part 150 Wants You!
Last month we told you about the FAA’s plan to conduct a Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study in the neighborhoods near San Diego International Airport.
As part of the process, the County Regional Airport Authority is recruiting people from our area to serve on a Citizen Advisory Committee. Interested?
Hiking the Canon Trail
You may hike it or zip past it in your car, but we hope you notice that the path and greenery along the Canon Street curve are quite naturally beautiful.
Nature delivers the beauty. PLA keeps it neat and litter free.
We hope you
(slow down and) enjoy!
When a Truck Becomes a Billboard
Sorry. We can’t beautify everything on Canon Street.
Did You Know Bill Cleator?
Remember his international incident
35 years ago this week?
Bill Cleator Park is 15+ acres on Nimitz Blvd. at Famosa, next to the Peninsula Family YMCA. There's a playground and there are two ballfields used by Peninsula Little League.
At the park this weekend is a celebration of 60 years of Little League on the Point. Some of the original players will return for opening day ceremonies this Saturday, the 24th, at 9:00am. Details.
The park is named for William Edward Cleator, Sr., who most everyone called, “Bill”. Bill was a politician, serving six years on the City Council. He was also a Navy veteran, industrialist and co-founder of Cleator Custom Office Furniture.
Bill represented District 2 on Council in the late 1970’s and early ‘80s. He was acting mayor for five months when Pete Wilson became a senator. Bill ran for mayor a couple times but lost. He is remembered for enticing cruise ships to visit San Diego.
However, around the world, Bill Cleator is remembered for his brief brush with British royalty. It happened on February 26th, 1983, as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited San Diego. It was a dreary, drizzly, day. The Royals felt right at home, and followed their planned agenda.
(Like many visitors who don’t realize we sometimes do get rain this month.)
As acting Mayor, Bill accompanied the Queen on a harbor tour. 

Trying to be helpful, his honor guided her saying, “This way, Your Majesty,” lightly touching the queen’s back.
Yee-gads! People were appalled.
When Bill Cleator passed away, ten years later at age 65, the Associated Press noted his passing with this opening line:
“William "Bill" Cleator Sr., perhaps best known as the mayor who scandalized Britons by lightly touching Queen Elizabeth II during her visit here, died yesterday.”
At the time, the Queen herself seemed unfazed by the international faux pas. Some said they saw her frown. But how could one tell?
Measured by today’s scandal scale, it’s pure pish posh. But the breach of protocol became a thing of legend. A few years ago, a news story asked, “Was LeBron James wrong to put his arm around Kate Middleton? A Brief guide.” And the article mentions dear, dear Bill.
Even the Voice of San Diego, which one might expect to take a higher road, included Bill Cleator in a 2013 column by Randy Dotinga titled, Hall of Dishonor: SD’s Eight Most Scandalous Mayors. Really?
Here’s an excerpt:
“The British media described the gesture as an insult — a commoner daring to touch royalty — and said the gentle brush caused a look of annoyance to cross the queen’s face,” the AP reported upon Cleator’s death. “‘Get Your Hands Off Our Queen,’ a headline in one British tabloid screamed. Television stations replayed the incident in slow motion.”
Fortunately all copies of that video appear to be lost, not that we Googled it.
But we did discover some terrific Channel Ten TV news coverage of the Queen’s visit.
How young our veteran reporters were back then! Click the TV to turn it on.
Club Joins Association
Point Loma Rotary International Club 931 is now officially a member of the Point Loma Association!
How’d that happen? Glad you asked.
This year, Rotary International’s main theme is Making a Difference. Specifically, that pertains to “protecting the environment and curbing climate change,” which the International President deems “essential to Rotary’s goal of sustainable service.”
Club 931’s discussion turned to how to make an impact locally and – rather than creating parallel efforts – past Club President Jim Piburn suggested teaming up with PLA whose core mission includes livability and sustainability projects.
So we welcome them on board! This pairing fits perfectly with one of our goals – and that of many other Peninsula organizations – to work together, to share ideas, concerns, resources and commitment to making our community the best it can be for generations to come.
PLA Chairman, Clark Anthony Burlingame, accepts big check, from Jim Piburn. (Jim is also Treasurer for our annual PLA Dinner Party.)
Congratulations to new PLA Gold “Business” member, Point Loma Rotary!
Rotary Comedy Night is Friday March 16th at Portuguese Hall. Be there!
Additional New Business Partners 
Click their logos to learn more…
Jenica McClure at Edward Jones Investments on Shelter Island, a new Gold level PLA member!
New PLA Silver Business Members:
Suzi O’Brien at EcoLux Interiors
Julie Myers at Point Loma Clinic
Kona Kai Resort & Spa
Kona Kai is the place for our
Point Loma Association Annual Dinner.
Save the date…
Do you own a business on the Peninsula?
Are you a PLA member?
Is your competitor?
We try to always mail you a reminder when your membership is due for renewal. We really try to not send you an overdue notice when you have recently paid.
We are not perfect at either one. But hey! We’re all volunteers. Stuff happens. And for that, we apologize.
If you ever wonder about your membership status, shoot us an email. We’ll check the roster and give you the scoop.
And we appreciate you.
Closer to Completion

Engine 22’s new home is looking good! It’s finishing nicely and definitely filling out.
Seems to grow every day. Perhaps it’s an optical illusion, but passing by we always look up and wonder aloud, “Are you sure that’s only thirty feet tall?”
We assume the people across the street are wondering too. They’ve lost a bunch of their view. It’s not just the height, it’s the width and depth.
The old firehouse was sadly cramped, but sweetly quaint.
The new one is more like…a college fieldhouse?
But if it provides improved operations, additional services, rapid response…and if it saves a life, we will celebrate the change.
And if we need “quaint”, we’ll just drive further down the road…
Beauty is Where You Find It.
We usually walk to and from the Canon Street Post Office looking at our shoes or fishing for our mailbox key.
But one day we looked up to discover…
Sure. The planter could use a touch up, but nature is doing its best to brighten our days. Eyes wide open and peripheral vision can provide a serendipity moment!
Where Am I?
The Wider View
As always...the answer after the news.
That looks terrific!
Will you do mine, too?
Occasionally people on the Point request we decorate a utility box in their neighborhood.
We appreciate suggestions. Keep ‘em coming
You should know our procedure.
Each year, PLA decorates a few utility boxes. Our committee selects them, and we cover the cost of the artists and materials. We use special paint and expensive UV protectant. Soon we will consider boxes for our upcoming year, which begins July 1st.
So send us suggestions.

If you want a box decorated that is not among our choices, you can request we find an artist, and you and your neighbors can cover the costs.
The City does not require permits for utility box paining, so you could do it yourself.
Before you choose that option, click here and notice that the artistic bar is set quite high.
PLA also can help paint out graffiti if you contact us.
Barnes Tennis Center is a PLA Bronze member. They partner with our Mean Green Team to maintain areas at the end of Sea World Drive and I-8 that are a gateway to the Peninsula.
Last Friday our team worked to clean up brush along the youth tennis center fence, an area that attracts unauthorized residents when vegetation flourishes.
Armed with hand saws, battery saws, loppers and muscle, more than two dozen PLA volunteers cleaned up. Take notice next time you accelerate onto I-8 eastbound.

Apparently this sign fell off the fence and got covered by mulch and trash.
If you are not familiar with the amazing opportunities and programs provided for youngsters by the Barnes Tennis Center, check out the story in this newsletter last fall.
Green Team Leadeth
We All Weedeth
A Saturday Cleanup
At Silver Gate Elementary
30 Volunteers
40 Bags of Weeds & Clippings

Enjoy the pictures!
Garden Award

On a recent cool, cloudy day that promised rain but never delivered, PLA's Patti Adams  presented our latest Garden Award to Barbara Reedhead at her lovely home on Dumas street in Loma Portal.
Barbara and her husband Bill have lived in the home for thirty years, and began the landscape makeover about a dozen years ago.
Barbara says, while visiting her daughter in Seattle, she noticed beautiful rock walls terracing sloping yards and decided to try it here. Several landscapers said it would not work in her yard, but she found one who said, “Why not?!” And there you have it.
The yard features an amazing array of vegetation. February is not the peak time for most plants, but everything here looks healthy and happy. We’ll cruise by in late spring or summer and check it out again.

One thing stays the same shade of green year ‘round. That’s the grass inlay on the driveway. (It’s not real.)
Through a side gate is a backyard that’s also an award winner. It’s been recognized and showcased by other organizations.
PLA salutes people who beautify spaces everyone can enjoy from street view.
If you’d like to nominate someone, please do.
Click the flower!
Now You See It
Now You Don’t
We featured downtown’s giant finger of light in our February 8th newsletter. But why it pierces the skyline some nights and fails to appear others is still a mystery. It is…the fickle finger of light.
The bright building is Pacific Gate, a 41 story luxury condo complex from Bosa Development. We left two phone messages and even wrote a very polite letter to Cheryl Eimer, Bosa Marketing Manager, but have received no response.
If you can solve the mystery, do tell!
Contact us. We reply.

No light last night. Perhaps tonight?
PLA Directors
This week we profile two PLA Directors with many years of volunteer service to the Peninsula Community.
         Matt Kalla                                          Robert Jackson

Click on their photos to learn more about them!
Several items show it can happen.
Here’s one about cleaning up our neighborhoods.
This is about hiding wires.
This is a Commuter Survey.
How do you get from point A to Point B?
The City wants to know as they work to create a cleaner environment for future generations.
participate, click the graphic below.
Here is a photo we took last July of the curb along Nimitz Blvd. just south of Rosecrans.
Here’s a photo we took this week. Nothing has changed.
The weeds need a City whack job.
Neighborhood Watch
There is a new push to formalize how we watch out for one another. Click the eye to learn more.
Check out The Beacon to learn a lot more.
Can we talk?
Traditionally, the Point Loma Association holds a Town Hall Forum annually.
In recent years across the U.S., some local Town Hall Forums have lacked civility. PLA never faced such problems, but we have decided that “Community Conversation” better conveys the spirit of our annual springtime event.
Our Peninsula Community Conversation, on Tuesday evening, April 17th, will bring together leaders of Peninsula, Ocean Beach and Midway planning boards, OB Town Council, OBMA and the Point Loma Association to talk about things that affect all of us.
We hope you will join us! Ask questions, offer suggestions, hear what’s being done, learn which organization covers what issues, and how they share information and work together to maintain and improve our quality of life.
Further details will come in the weeks ahead.
Please put us on your calendar for Tuesday, April 17th.  

Open House San Diego Returns March 24-25th.

The citywide architecture and design event offers behind-the-scene tours of eighty of San Diego’s best-known and never-before-seen buildings.
This year, view some structures on our Peninsula, including PLNU…
It’s happening in our neighborhood!
March 2nd & 3rd at Portuguese Hall.
Where Am I?
Yes!  You are correct!
It’s the famous domed home on Sterne Street. It’s certainly not a secret. But unless you read about it or saw it on TV, half a dozen years ago, you might have missed the excitement.

Hal Brody built the energy efficient structure. It’s what he does. And the shape? It’s not geodesic. It’s a CIMTRA dome – Cylindrically Improved True Radius.
The interior is beautiful and as unique as the exterior.
Neighbors balked when it first took shape. But Hal says they’ve come around over time. (We didn’t ask.)

To learn more about the place, knock (click) on the front door.
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